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CINESTA - a team of professionals, processing from 30 orders per week, which allows you to save minimum fees. High speed development is provided by a staff of 40 people, each of which is engaged in its tasks, which ensures quality and reduces the likelihood of errors.

synesta multifunctional service that allows you to create animated videos, shoot and create your own style

Advantages of working with the company

Above each order works from 3 people, which allows you to make better products in comparison with versatile performers.

A large volume of orders allows you to keep a competitive price.

Can enter into contracts that have legal force.

A separate command for each project increases the speed of execution.

A personal manager will help control the development at all stages.

Why should you choose our company?
reliability - 10 years on the market.
speed - over each project runs on three people.
quality - the total length of service of our employees is 217 years.
easily traced work at all stages of the project.
Experience in implementing federal projects.
CINESTA - studio production of animated videos. 12.5 hours of animated video were drawn.
prescribe a script, draw storyboards, do music and voice acting in five languages.
we work under the contract.
we realize projects in the spheres:
presentation videos
animated screensavers
3D graphics
animation clips

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