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Digital Content Strategist and Social Media Manager

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Hello there. My name is Jay and I'm a media professional and a passionate car/motorcycle enthusiast based out of Pune, India.

I run a website called, which publishes content related to cars and motorcycles. CarToq averages 3-4 million visitors each month. 

My job functions include digital content strategy, social media management, and a bit of content editing. I've been doing this for nearly a decade now. 

Stay with me as I take you on a quick tour of what a typical working day at CarToq generally looks like. I believe this will be a better indicator of what I'm capable of doing for you. 

My day begins with an idea brainstorming session that involves a bunch of writers and myself. We discuss the latest happenings in the Indian auto industry and editorial content that can fit into our website. I choose a few story angles and allot them to writers.

Throughout the day, I curate interesting stories/happenings with high traffic potential from the car and motorcycle industry of India. Periodically, I hand these stories/ideas to a bunch of writers. Once the story is ready, I publish it on the website. Our website runs on Wordpress, a content delivery platform that I'm very familiar with.  

While picking exciting content that will bring in the big page views is one end of the story, marketing is the other big task. While CarToq gets a good proportion of traffic from Google, our biggest asset is our Facebook page.

In fact, we're India's BIGGEST car-related facebook page, with over 3.6 million fans. I run this page, entirely. Everything you see on this page is published by me/boosted by me, depending on traffic requirements. I also run Facebook ads to boost/route traffic into the main website. 

Do stop by at , and like our page if you like the kind of content we publish. :-) 

Apart from the CarToq Facebook page. I administer a bunch of other (smaller) Facebook pages related to automotive content. I use these pages to funnel traffic/test new content strategies and figure newer ways to engage audiences. While I also have administrator access to other CarToq social media accounts on platforms such as Instagram, Twitter and Youtube, my main focus is Facebook. 

The third most important role for me at CarToq involves putting together paid/sponsored content ideas. Our sales team pitches these ideas at car manfacturers, who pay us to carry this content. Content can be in the form of text articles on the website, social media promotions on Facebook or even videos that we produce for Youtube.

My job is to flesh out content ideas that will actually sell and bring our company money. Also, the ideas I come up with for the sales team to pitch are aimed at giving car companies a great return on investment (typically, marketing/promotional spend). Usually, I produce about two ideas a week depending on which car manufacturer our sales team is meeting. 

Other things I do/have done: Road testing and reviewing automobiles, organizing shoots of cars/motorcycles and covering car events. 

I'd be happy to show you of samples of my work, or simply connect and talk about the ever changing world of content, social media and digital marketing. Do feel free to contact me.

Finally, I'd like to emphasize that the principles of publishing, marketing and ideating content remain the same across sectors. While products and needs may vary, the principles of getting people to engage/connect is what I can implement on virtually any social medium. 

If you've come so far, I thank you for your indulgence. Have a nice day. 

Warm Regards, 


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