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José Illanes


Last update: 07.07.2021

Digital Artist and Spanish Translator

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Languages: English (Native or Bilingual) | Spanish (Native or Bilingual)


Hey there, I'm José from Argentina, I have educated myself into differents kinds of arts suchs as digital art, music, and writing. I want to help you with my creative skills. I might focus introducing the 'visual art ' part of me, but you can ask me any task that I can assist you with. Also I can translate to you whatever type of text you desire to know in spanish language to english. Too bored and busy to translate properly spanish long scripts/essays/informs? You know how to use Google Translator but don't know if you are being accurate with the translation? Just leave it to me! By the way, if you are looking for a spanish translator for your book, I can do that too!
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My art style is anime related characters and japanese culture aesthetic, but I also do Pixel Art and retro videogames related content. Now that  you know my major fount of inspiration, you can request me works you want me to do based on it, or not. I can adapt to the terms of the petition in question, and will try to strive for a satisfactory result.

For music related works and tasks, I play piano and also can compose any kind of modern/clasic (academic) piece, the programs I use for this, are Musescore 3 and FL Studio. For more information mail me:

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Profileimage by Jos Illanes Digital Artist and Spanish Translator from Rivadavia Digital Artist and Spanish Translator