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Gino Lencioni


Last update: 06.09.2022

Logistics and Supply Manager

Company: Vitolen S.A
Graduation: Licenciado en Organizacion Industrial
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Languages: English (Limited professional) | Italian (Limited professional) | Spanish (Full Professional)




My name is Gino Lencioni, I am Argentine with 30 years. I am a very proactive and responsible person in the tasks that I have been carrying out throughout my work experience. I have a degree in Industrial Organization from the prestigious National Technological University. I consider myself an honest, humble and hard-working person. I have great skills to work in a team, to lead projects and to be a flexible person to adapt to different situations, Regarding my work experience, I work as a manager in the administrative and accounting section in an explosives company, in which I perform tasks such as payroll, HR management, bank account management of the company. I am currently serving as Head of the Logistics and Supply Area in a Medium-sized company, with 180 employees. I am in charge of 30 people, among the main tasks that I carry out are: planning and control of the supply of raw materials and supplies, management of controls and indicators of the area, management of the sector's HR. Management participation in strategic decision-making. Regarding my education, in the last 3 years, I am specializing on Industry 4.0, in which I have a diploma, and Digital transformation of companies, I am currently studying a specialization. I am also taking a course on Agile methodology, project management and Scrum methodology Regarding my personality, I consider myself a very sincere person with a strong tendency towards teamwork and maintaining a good relationship with all the people around me. I am a curious person and eager to learn new topics. In addition, I consider myself an orderly and respectful person towards my co-workers. All my life I prioritize interpersonal relationships in order to have a more harmonious environment, in which I remain very convinced of that. Regarding my hobbies, I really like being with family and friends. Currently I am developing in the musical part, another aspect in which I really like. In addition, with a group of friends we are making Craft beer, which is another of my passions. And on the other hand, other of my passions is Traveling, knowing new places and people, and taking advantage of all new experiences for my personal life and work.

Project history

04/2015 - Present
Responsable en Logística y Abastecimiento
Vitolen S .A (50-250 employees)
Pharmaceuticals and medical technology
Gestion de compras nacioanles e internacionales
Gestion de indicadores del sesctor
Planifiacion y control de objetivos del sector
Gastion de almacenes
Participacion en la toma de decisiones estrategica de la empresa

04/2011 - 12/2012
Responsable Administractivo
Foti S.A (10-50 employees)
Gestion de RRHH
Liquidacion de Sueldos
Control de comprabante 
Gestion de cuentas bancarias de la empresa
Toma de Decisiones estrategica

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