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Last update: 18.02.2022

Facebook & TikTok Advertising

Graduation: Associate of Science (AS), Mechatronics
Hourly-/Daily rates: show
May vary based on project scope & timelines.
Languages: English (Native or Bilingual) | Romanian (Native or Bilingual)



✅ INCREASED RETURN ON AD SPEND + REDUCED WASTE - scale your Facebook & IG, or TikTok Ads in both revenue and profitability through a lean approach that devises A/B testing & rapid validation to ensure you stop making costly mistakes

✅ POSITIONING ART & SCIENCE -create your Story-Driven positioning: a differentiation strategy that relies on changing the narrative, rather than comparisons — carve out your company as a Market of One and thrive no matter how saturated your category!

✅ UNLOCK MORE TIME - 100% responsibility for day-to-day ad ops - you kick back and watch ad performance take off!

✅ GAIN 100% CONFIDENCE IN YOUR ADVERTISING INVESTMENT - with deep tracking & attribution capabilities far superior to native Facebook Pixels and Google Tag Manager it allows us for ground-breaking insights & predictive customer behaviors, Pair with thorough reporting & AAR's ( After Action Reviews ) and you get a clear snapshot of what generates results and how to keep your ROI skyrocketing

✅ FULL DATA OWNERSHIP & PRIVACY BEST PRACTICES - Have peace of mind with data privacy best practices & ownership of customer journey data

✅ TOP RATED | 100% JOB SUCCESS SCORE on other freelancing platforms such as Upwork

✅ Hire someone with proven track record & 100% satisfaction score!

+ YOU PARTNER UP WITH SOMEONE THAT HAS BEEN MENTORED DIRECTLY FOR 6+ MONTHS ON POSITIONING SCIENCE by Marty Marion, ex SVP & International Marketing Director for S&P (Standard & Poors), CEO of a private international ad and strategic planning agency with $40MM+ annualized revenue back in the ’90s, as well as being a principal in several family-owned businesses. As a 40+ year veteran of advertising & marketing strategy, his work includes the likes of 3M, Budweiser, Viagra, GEICO, and more!


? 2X-4X ROAS for 2+ years, on $50,000+/month ( generates $100,000 - $200,000+/ month in sales), month-over-month, after spending more than $1MM+ on Facebook Ads
? 1,451 HOT LEADS @ $2.27/lead for a Real Estate Firm with close to 2,000 properties in its inventory, having a final conversion rate of 4% - which translates into approx. 58 properties under contract @ local market value of approx. $120,000/unit ? 818% ROAS for a Real Estate Development company - turned 285 EUR (US $320) on Facebook Ads into 235,000EUR (US $262,000) worth of sales in under 4 months
? Facebook Advertising for a membership-based coaching business in the health & fitness industry performance: Relevance Score = 10, approx. $0.13 CPC, and $0.66 per Add To Cart More details in case studies attached.

VALUES & PRINCIPLES ( the core of ANY successful partnership )

⚜️ Integrity & Ethics ⚜️ Work ethic & resourcefulness ⚜️ Pursuit of excellence ⚜️ Extreme ownership & responsibility ⚜️ Perpetual learner ⚜️ Empathy ⚜️ Leadership ⚜️ Outstanding communication ⚜️ Decisiveness ⚜️ Open-mindedness

?‍? Google Video Ads Certification (Youtube Ads)
?‍? Facebook Certified A/B Testing
?‍? E-Commerce Marketing Specialist - by Ezra Firestone, Founder @Smart Marketer & Ryan Deiss, CEO @ DigitalMarketer
?‍? Customer Acquisition Specialist - by Molly Pittman, ex-VP @ Digitalmarketer Ryan Deiss, CEO @ DigitalMarketer
?‍? Customer Value Optimization Specialist ( aka Funnel/Flywheel architecture ) - by Richard Lindner, President @ DigitalMarketer & Ryan Deiss, CEO @ DigitalMarketer
?‍? Direct-Response Copywriting Specialist - by Pam Foster, AWAI, Director, Copywriting Training @ DigitalMarketer & Ryan Deiss, CEO @ DigitalMarketer
?‍? Email Marketing Specialist - by Richard Lindner, President @ DigitalMarketer & Ryan Deiss, CEO @ DigitalMarketer
?‍? Hubspot Inbound Certificate
?‍? Lead Like a Boss - by Dr. Todd Dewett, PhD in Management & Organizational behavior, leadership coach ( clients include Microsoft, ExxonMobil, Pepsi, Boeing, GE, and more ) ☛ Ready to take complete control of your social media advertising? Click "Post Job To Invite" or "Invite to Job" to talk now!

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