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Sen. IT Program Manager & z/OS Architect

Company: EU: z/Mente S.L.
Graduation: not provided
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Languages: German (Native or Bilingual) | English (Native or Bilingual) | Spanish (Elementary)




*  Program- & Project Management (PMP & Agile) 
*  Change Management
*  Stakeholder management 
*  Data Centre Geographical Relocation
*  Data Centre Transformation
*  Data Centre Consolidation
*  Infrastructure architecture
*  Data Migration
*  ITIL Service Management
*  Infrastructure Project Management
*  Infrastructure Deployment
*  Staff Leadership
*  Efficiency Enhancements
*  Strategic Thinking
*  Process Reengineering
*  Capacity Planning & Monitoring
*  z/OS(Mainframe) Architecture
*  Product Evaluation
*  Disaster Recovery
*  Business Continuity Planning
*  Systems/Security Management
*  BC Business Case Provision(BEP/ROI)
*  ISO9000 Quality Standards
*  Interpersonal Communication
*  POC Proof of Concept
* MS Project
* CA-Clarity
* All aspects of z/OS systems programming

Project history

  • Sr. Project Manager Nov 2017 – present / Deutsche Bank Delivering full project Live-Cycle for an infrastructure regulatory / incident resolution project, reporting to the programme manager including stakeholder management, RACI; cost management, change management using Clarity and MS-Project. The scope of the project includes TWS service delivery enhancements; government and interface improvements with the outsourced(IBM) operation team; new RBAM introduction and implementation for TWS operations and audit teams; solving and completing Audit issues; introducing a new automatic ticket creation and restart control; introducing manual intervention reduction; measures for quality control and progress documentation; establish methods for traceability, auditability and restart ability.
  • Sr. Mainframe Architect Jan 2016- Oct 2017/ IBM   Delivered infrastructure enhancements; improving methods and procedures for software implementation and distribution from a central maintenance platform engaging SMP/e covering z/OS base, all subsystems and ISV products; delivering project support for Sysplex and System relocation to zCloud in a 2 location concept at IBM including hardware upgrade to z11 and a new LPAR layout for staging processes(test, acceptance, production); implementation of new DS8nnn disc models including a 3 tier solution, full data migration engaging TDMF with in a new 2 location concept and business continuity planning; introducing and implementing a new RBAM concept using holding and functional groups in RACF.
  • Portfolio Data Delivery Lead for Redress Remediation and Regulatory fix  Mar2015-Dec2015 / CO-Operative Bank. Delivered Project Management services reporting to the portfolio manager in an Agile environment, supplying expert awareness for z/OS Mainframe services including data extractions and data enhancements, performed 3rd party and stakeholder management. Supplied process improvements and cost reduction measures. The key tasks did include data extracts from mainframe environments, data modelling and creating meta data for recalculating different types of loans and mortgages in a SAS grid including the feedback to the mainframe.     
  • Sr. IT Project Manager / Lead Developer Sep2013- Feb2014 / Pristine Software USA Provided project management services; harnessed expert awareness encompassing the full Software Development Lifecycle (SDLC) for SVC hook routines in assembler including dynamic activation and deactivation routines for enabling tracing and audit possibilities of different SVC’s.  
  • Sr. IT Architect Apr04 2014 –Nov2014/ IBM Supplied project support for a data centre migration, outsourcing and zCloud project at IBM Belgium; providing third level support for z/OS while delivering z/OS systems programming support, including ISV products. All over task were LPAR relocation and cutover to the IBM premises, full data migration to the IBM site including DFsms settings.
  • Sr. IT Project Manager Jan2013-Sep2013 / Fabacus UK Managed the full lifecycle of an e-commerce enabling project at Fabacus UK, harnessed PMP methodologies while also overseeing product evaluations.
  • Sr. IT Consultant Jan2009-Dec2012 / UBS AG Supplied project support for an infrastructure improvement project, including product evaluations at; introduced System performance enhancements for large (80 LPAR) z/OS systems on z10 and z196 Sysplex/GDPS environments. Introduced Application performance measurements and enhancements utilizing various tools. Provided expertise in capacity planning and performance management. Introduced workload profiling and workload shifting to low occupation times.
  • Sr. IT Consultant Feb2007-May2008 / Euroclear Successfully managed the delivery of solutions to significantly improve the security infrastructure at Euroclear, Belgium; provided data centre infrastructure deployments and upgrades resulting cost reduction and infrastructure enhancements while completing feasibility studies and business cases for projects embracing product replacements. Introduced and provided assembler exits to improve security settings in RACF supporting staging environments. 
  • Sr. IT Security Consultant Oct2005-Dec2006/RBS Enhanced security confidentiality, integrity and performance at RBS, London via the introduction of security management services in support of a mainframe merging project; provided third level security administration concepts, management of issues and assessed technical security to ensure the optimum utilisation of existing security products and processes.
  Project Management and IT Architect Highlights (continued) Senior Project Manager And Management Consultant
C.O.P.S. GmbH, Germany / Owner                                                                      1993-2005
Gained invaluable exposure to all aspects of commercial operations management having created and developed this IT consultancy; frequently awarded for infrastructure project contracts at customer sites in multiple capacities, including Technical Project Manager, Senior Systems Analyst, Management Consultant and Technical Design Lead.
Key achievements
  • Sr. Technical Project Manager / Sr. Systems Analyst / UBS AG Selected for project consolidating and geographically relocating two data centres into one site in Switzerland. Designed the infrastructure environment for new site, installing infrastructure and performing transmission of 10 OS/390 Systems, implementing and consolidating SYSPLEX environments including DR/BCP
  • Sr. Project Manager / Beta Systems Software AG Performed project output management of systems at IZB Bank, BB-Data Berlin, DVG Hannover, and DVS in Berlin. Designed and ran product training courses in English and German for customers
  • Sr. Project Manager / Systems Analyst / Siemens AG Munich Delivered International and transatlantic data centre consolidation and relocation. Installed OS/390 V1.3, OS/390 V2.5,OS/390 V2.8 and Sysplex
  • Sr. Management Consultant / Candle Corporation (Now IBM) Performed in-depth business, technical and marketing analysis. Deployed new consulting packages for performance on z/OS z/series IBM z/990, z/880, SYSPLEX, DFsms, RACF, USS
  • Sr. Technical Design Lead / Fujitsu Services Successfully delivered infrastructure models for test environments including z990 changes. Realigned technical design, significantly improving bid management opportunities
  • Sr. Technical Architect / DPC Data Pioneer Ltd China Following the success of UBS project, selected several times to provide professional consulting services for designs, layout and performance of SYSPLEX, DR/BCP Disaster recovery and business continuity planning. Successfully deployed SYSPLEX layout for ABC Agricultural Bank of Beijing, ABC Agricultural Bank of Shanghai and CCB China Construction Bank
  • Sr. Technical Design Lead / Océ Printing Systems Stabilising and upgrading the system including set up of parallel SYSPLEX environment on z/890. Restructured DFsms, Delivered system configuration for SYSPLEX z/OS performance tuning. Developed processes for analysing SMF data   
  • Sr. Technical Design Lead / GBM (IBM Dubai) Provided professional consulting advice and expertise on system level upgrades and infrastructure requirements for Emirate Airlines
  • Sr. Systems Analyst / German Trade Association Championed requirements for system installation, maintenance and distribution. Performed upgrade from OS/390 2.6 to z/OS 1.3 and installed CICS TM & Netview/SA390
  • Sr. Systems Analyst / Bavarian State Ministry for Nutrition, Agriculture and Forestry Successfully implemented SSL for Telnet including deployment of certificates. Installed OS/390 V2.6 and delivered from SDSF, OPERCMDS, CONSOLE and JESSPOOL to RACF Security
Early Career Summary
  • Senior Systems Consultant and Developer, Candle Corp.(IBM) Munich / Los Angeles, 1992-1993
  • Senior Systems Programmer / Team Leader, BBV German Insurance Comp, 1990-1992
  • Systems Programmer,Vereinte (Allianz), Insurance Comp, 1988-1990
  • Systems Programmer, Siemens AG, 1980-1988

Local Availability

Only available for the countries Spain


  • IT Program Manager s IT Project Manager with more than 12 years of experience
  • International data centre migrations and consolidations; data migration; system consolidation
  • Product migrations and conversions
  • Capacity and performance planning / ERP strategies
  • IT security, compliance and regulatory measures
  • IT Mainframe Architecture; software development and data handling
  • Software and Hardware Migrations and upgrades, fully bespoke software solutions
  • Fully conversant z/OS systems programmer with 35 years of experience, base system, sysplex, RACF/IAM/RBA, DFsms, Assembler und REXX

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