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Aix Linux Administrator

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  • Graduation: Btech
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  • Languages: English (Native or Bilingual) | Hindi (Limited professional)
  • Last update: 30.08.2015
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Adityakarthik Profile with aix and linux skills

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  • Developed many of the shell scripts that serves daily tasks and automated many of the tasks
  • Share knowledge with junior team members via a formal mentoring relationship, giving technical talks and teaching classes etc.
  • Schedule and run team meetings and technical discussions; general coordination of team development activities and integrating new engineers.
  • Provide primary support and maintenance of OS for all UNIX systems - Problem determination & resolution for the Tivoli raised Incidents on AIX machines; troubleshoot all UNIX OS related issues, ensure minimum downtime & maximum availability.
  • Administer standalone and network installation, file system management, backups, process control, and device management. Responsible for resolving a wide variety of complex system failures, troubleshooting software, hardware, and network problems, and monitoring and addressing peregrine incidents as required.
  • Knowledge on shared storage pools and
  • Oversee and coordinate hardware functions such as hard drive replacements, print server configuration, performance optimization, and research and installation of current patches, where applicable including the installation and support storage peripherals.
  • Performance Problem Determination on the AIX Servers using various utilities like topas, sar, vmstat, iostat etc and give necessary recommendations to apps/db teams.
  • Research security vulnerabilities presented to me from Security
  • Work closely with other departments to co-ordinate production and non-production changes in the environment.
  • Work hand and hand with clients to get their apps updated, patched, and tuned.
  • Performed all vio upgrades
  • Performed all HMC upgrades
  • Firmware upgrades on the complete landscape
  • Cluster builds on the WMS environmentand Builds was done in just 20 minutes of time
  • Migration of lpars to AIX 7.1
  • Active member in SAP DR activities from offshore
  • Excellent knowledge on Incident management,Changemanagement and Problem management
  • Etrust upgrades on the complete landscape
  • VIO upgrades to FP26 in the complete landscape both with alt_rootvg and updateios
  • Knowledge on Basic fine tuning of the memory parameters
  • Re iped all the PCB servers and made the servers available to the network
  • Designed power ha .HAW files to build the clusters
  • Have got good knowledge in Linux as well andconsidered to be L2 Admin in Linux
  • Detailed plan has been provided to the customer for the storage migration task (Oslevel)
  • Capacity planning and fine tuning of necessary os parameters
  • Developed scripts that collects necessary health of all the VIOs and Lpars
  • Provided effective plan to movelpars in the unix specialized processor pools
  • Joined Infosys as Consultant
  • Worked as Associate operations manager at CTS and  have got both technical and managerial skills
  • End to End knowledge in aix and Level2 knowledge in Linux
  • IBM Certified Systems Expert with 8  yearsof extensive experience in administration, maintenance & troubleshooting of servers running IBM AIX 5.x/6.x/7.x.
  • Provided /Suggested the methods for building the Power HA clusters along with the CAA.
  • Performing Associate operations manager role for  Unix Engineers handling about 3000+ UNIX Servers which include IBM AIX (HMCs, VIOs and PSeries Machines)
  • Familiarity with static and dynamic server logical partitioning technologies; Proficient Knowledge on virtualization technology such as VIO. Familiarity with Oracle/WebSphere running on the UNIX Servers. Domain Experience:Retail.
  • Primarily Skills - System P LPAR Configuration & Operations, IBM PowerVM Virtual I/O Server Configuration, AIX Network Installation Manager ,PowerHA
  • Very good knowledge on shared processor pools
  • Excellent  scripting knowledge
  • Excellent communication and trouble shooting skills.
  • L2 level Linux administration skills
  • End to End Delivery Account Management , Transition & Transformation Partner ,
Infrastructure Management & Support ,PMO delivery ,ITIL Process compliance,
Process Improvement Initiatives _ Business Controls & Compliance _ Resource,
Planning & Optimization , Coordination / Liaison with Human Resource Management,
Procurement, Finance, Recruitment , People management ,Customer Business Growth Plans and translating into Services.
Ready to provide remote support and if required ready travel to the cleint location during weekends
Added to technical skills have got very good people management skills