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Interim Manager; Project Manager, Business Prozess Manager, Consultant, Quality Manager

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Profileimage by Joachim Hundt Projektleiter; Interim-Manager from Nidda
CV Joachim Hundt
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• Strategy consulting and interim management
• Reorganisation and management of the operative IT operations
• Formation and rightsizing of IT organisations, including implementation of sourcing strategies
• Optimisation of the operative and service processes, e.g. implementation of ITIL, SOA, SLA management
• Project management and controlling, including risk management
• Set-up and management of the project office, including project controlling
• Analysis and optimisation of business and production processes
• Planning of technological IT architectures and infrastructures
• Consolidation and change of location of IT infrastructures, HW, SW and applications
• System selection; configuration and sizing of HW, SW, network
• Conceptual planning and implementation of Service Management in ITIL
(Functional specifications, development and introduction of service management processes, development and execution of tests, modular as well as integrative ones)
• Order and offer management (proof of concept), up to the successful deployment (deployment management)
• Development and coordination of an audit programme as well as the execution of risk and process-oriented audits in all IT areas; creation of audit reports
• Evaluation of the business processes regarding regularity, economy and safety as well as development of recommendations for the management (ISO9000)
• Creation of a comprehensive test management concept; definition and implementation of function and integration tests in the development process; planning, execution and control of operational readiness tests
• Development and negotiation of service level agreements (SLA); establishment of KPI’s in the operational processes; establishment of monitoring procedures
• Development and cost analysis for disaster recovery measures
• Practical experience in order management, rating, billing and provisioning
• Coordination of system decisions, their introduction and the continuous development of billing and CRM systems
• Knowledge of regulatory basic conditions for connection network and subscriber network operators (e.g. TKG)
• Contract management

Operating systems
• OS/2
• BS1000 and 2000
• Centura
• Informix
• mySQL
• Oracle
Programming languages:
• Pascal
• C, C++
• Java

Netzworks/ communications:
• Tivoli
Software products:
• Project management MS-Office, MS-Project, Visio, ARIS
• Billing systems Single.eView, BSCS, Jupiter, Mobile, EPPIX, ARBOR
• CB system, Portal, Tapestry, SAP IS-U/CCS; Geneva, diverse
original developments by customers such as Carmen; AMDOCS
• Customer Relation Mgmt. Sales Logix, SAP-CRM, MSA, Siebel
• Customer Interaction Concerto
• Documents FileNet, Docuware
• Management (DMS)
• System management Peregrine motives, BMC-Petrol, Ars Remedy
• Testing tools WinRunner, LoadRunner, TestDirector

SAP modules:
• SAP R/3
• Planview

• V model

• Landline
• Broadband
• B-VoIP

Deputy Project Manager / Project Office T-Systems Active Billing GmbH & Co. KG, Darmstadt
Jul06 to today SAP - Strategic system movement to AppCom
The challenges for migrating the large application are complex. Five critical points must be mastered by the project team. The first thing required is the transfer of the application and 10 terabytes of data. A transfer on the scale of the Telekom accounts receivable management usually requires 7 days under normal conditions. However, in order to keep the invoicing of downtime to a minimum for Telekom, migration should not exceed 3 days. An expansion of the AppCom platform for high-end customers is required beforehand in order to make it “high-volume capable” for these large applications. The new system must then be integrated into the existing AppCom platform. The new concept includes a change of version of Oracle from 9 at present to V.10 and then to Oracle 10g RAC. It is the first RAC environment of this scale anywhere in Europe. The entire migration process must be a “silent” one for the customer. Furthermore, ActiveBilling wishes to have a new disaster recovery solution and, of course, a high availability solution. This wish is fulfilled by means of a triple Fallback Solution. A mirrored system in two separate partitions in the computing center assures high availability. If one system fails, the other system takes over automatically. Disaster recovery (D/R) and with it the third “emergency system“ is set up in a separate location. If both applications fail, the D/R location also automatically intercepts this emergency.

System environment: SAP ERP, Linux, Oracle 10 g RAC, MS-Project, MS-Office

Project Manager T-Systems Active Billing GmbH & Co. KG, Darmstadt
Mar06 to Jul06 Implementation of proactive Problemmanagement
Within the quality offensive \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\"Q5\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\" applied to develop and in the organization establish it within an per-active problem management measures, which should guarantee, which does not exceed the volume of wrong calculations within years a minimum order of magnitude.
- A clear definition of the tasks and goals of the individual problem management.
- Together with the users SLAs had to be discussed and co-ordinated.
- Process cycles were specified.
- The necessary personnel for the problem management was set up and established in the organization.
- All necessary communication ways between the problem management and the user/customers and the other ITIL ranges furnished or optimizes.
- The clear separation from Incidents and problems by appropriate guidelines makes possible.
- Interfaces to the other kinds of management and IT ranges defines.
- Time framework for solution identification fixes (SLAs: minimum, maximally).
- The escalation stages specify: this results from the SLA definitions.
- Definition of requirements and limits to perform SOX audits

System environment: MS-Project, MS-Office, SOX, ITIL,

Projekt Coordinator / Test management Deutsche Post IT-Solutions / DHL , Bonn
Sep 05 – Dec 05 Test Manager of mySAP CRM incl. Mobile Sales for a international logistic company
Managing and providing test & acceptance of mySAP CRM and in parts also SAP R/3.
Defining the test approach to be used for the dress rehearsal of the implementation activities that will globally unify the logistic management structure and operational platform. Generation of the test preparation for fifferend test phases (Unit-, System-, End-to-End- and UAT-Tests). Coordination of onside UAT tests in Malaysia, the USA, Czechoslovakia and Germany
• Test concept
? Development of test strategies and utilising a risk-based approach
? produce test plans, and develop test cases and test scripts
? UNIT-Test for mySAP CRM 4.0 und MSA (Mobile Sales Application)
? Sytem Test with ERP (FI)
? End-to-End Test
? Preparation and coordination of User Acceptance Test
• Test preparation
? Development of test requirements
? Development of test cases and test scripts in Mercury TestDirector
• Test execution
? Coordination the test execution with testers
? manage the issue log,
? be proactively involved in the resolution of problems
• Test results
? provide metrics throughout the testing process
? presentation of testresults
System environment: mySAP-CRM, SAP MSA, SAP-SD, MS-Project, VISIO, Planview, ITIL

Gouvernance & Control Manager Deutsche BANK AG, Eschborn
Jul 05 – Sep 05 Coordination of international movements to a new data center
Coordination and controlling of critical bank applications into a new data centre
? Project planning, co-ordination and management *
? Perception of Controlling tasks *
? IT co-ordination with various partners *
? Production of concepts, case studies and scenarios as well as emergency conceptions *
? Team line
System environment: MS-Project, VISIO, MS-Office, CMMI

Project Manager Royal Bank of Scotland (Germany, Netherlands)
Feb 05 – Jul 05 Coordination of internatinal projects
Setup and manage a patchwork of different running and starting initiatives with a common coordination and structuring, to drive them as a common international project. Analysis of existing business processes.
? Establishment, implementation and motivation of an effective project team
? Analytical and conceptual development of retention strategies including GAP analysis.
? Creation of problem solution methods, techniques and tools
? Coordination of the entire project processing
? Creation of complete project documentations including fall-back scenarios
? Management of the international units and workflows
? Architecture of business processes according to ITIL (business process analysis) in interaction with the IT
? Creation of a consistent framework
? Development of operative processes and integration into the daily operations
System environment: MS-Project, VISIO, MS-Office, ITIL
Reference: Ian Jackson (Director Products) Phone +49 (0) 2102 15 2330

Project Manager O2 Germany, Munich
Sep 04 – Nov 04 Service Provider Integration
Development and Integration of a Service Provider HelpDesk strategy to support the future SP-Business of a Network Operator.

? Analysis of requirements for customer service strategies (CRM) to implement service providers as customers
? Conceptual consulting and realisation
? Creation of a target concept (service-provider order management) for the simplification of ordering processes in the area service, customer management, SIM and product management
? process Design in Unified Modelling LANGUAGE (UML)
? Conceptual design and creation of rough concepts, specifications and processes for provisioning scenarios
? Cost-/Benefit analysis
? Reporting to executive management
? Acting as interface between departments and IT
? Creation of security concepts in the areas customer service (service provider), order management and payment
System environment: AMDOCS, SAP-HR, CRM, MS-Project, ITIL

Project Manager T-Mobile, Bonn
Apr 04 – Sep 04 international IT-NTSI process management
Business process consulting in the area of service management (optimisation and modelling in the business fields marketing, sales and production). Development of concepts for the realisation of IT projects under application of state-of-the-art process model (V-model, RUP), as well as current modelling standards (UML, ARIS). Consulting and support during analysis, design (OOA/OOD) and acceptance. Participating in decision-making in a project for the extension of service-oriented architecture (SOA).
? Realisation of requirements analysis for new-development, maintenance and enhancement of the existing applications; creation of elaborated concepts
? Collaboration at the business-oriented enhancement of processes and tools for risk control on overall process level (risk indices, risk ability) under consideration of requirements (ITIL)
? Development of measure proposition based on the risk analysis and coordination with the affected areas (fallback-solutions)
? Acting as interface between the departments and IT
? Project planning and creation of specifications
? Documentation of national and international process manuals
? Collaboration at efficiency and efficiency increase of the software development process
? Quality assurance of all related project documents within the project phases
System environment: CARMEN, ARIS, MS-Project, MS-Office, ITIL
Reference: Georg W. Appel
Director Operations Phone +49 (0)228 936 38200

Project Manager T-Mobile, Bonn
Nov 03 – Mar 04 Quality Gate Management
Development of processes and procedures for the transparency and measuring of the application quality, even during the software development process.
? Analysis and support of the requirements for a quality gate concept
? Development and adjustment of criteria catalogues
? Realisation of regular controlling cycles from planning, reporting, analysis of variations, precipitation and monitoring of measures.
? Tracking of the gate systematic
? Methodical further development of the project controlling
System environment: CARMEN, Siebel, MS-Project, MS-Office, ITIL

Senior Quality Manager ICS Ltd. UK
Mar 03 – Sep 03 Software test & acceptance Strategy
Development and implementation of a quality management system (QMS) in the area test & acceptance for QA procedures, which are ensuring the quality of all development process phases, starting with the requirements analysis, different design phases and implementation, up to the acceptance tests.
? Requirements analysis of the QA procedures for a quality management system
? Development of processes according to CMM-I
? Planning and securing of the quality-related work packages within the development projects (internal, external and customer), as well as active planning, implementation and control of project-specific actions
? Planning and tracking of the quality plan (risk management, test concepts, test runs, test contents etc.)
? Coordination between project team and SQA
? Quality reporting and monitoring
? Static monitoring of the operational processes, particularly in terms of overall traceability
? Setup of an institutional quality management
? Installation of new hardware, import of necessary updates, removal of all kind of problems in the IT area
System environment: CARMEN, MS-Project, MS-Office

Senior Project Manager Concerto SoftwareTM GmbH, Frankfurt
Mar 03 – Sep 03 Call Center & Customer Interaction Strategy
Responsible for the design and technical realisation of CRM solution. The task included both the customising of the standard application and integration of the solution into the existing system landscape. Support at creation of the according concepts, conceptual design of technical solutions, realisation of proof-of-concepts up to the creation of the related DP concepts
? Analysis of business processes for the optimisation of organisational sales processes
? Creation of specifications
? Development of Point of Sale (POS) solutions
? Integration of CRM and Customer Interaction systems
? Development of Call Centre solutions through Customer Interaction
? Development of various scoring methods
System environment: ACD, Dialer, IVR, Concerto Unified, Concerto Enterprice, UNISON, Predictive Dialer, Workflow Management, SAP-CRM, Siebel, MS-Project

Senior Project Manager Concerto SoftwareTM GmbH, Frankfurt
Jul 02 – Dec 02 Call Center & Customer Interaction Strategy
Setup of a concept for Customer Interaction management and Call Centre and interaction solutions for the telecommunication area
Activities: Realisation of market monitoring – realisation of benchmark, creation of tenderings, price and condition negotiations, conclusion of contracts and master agreements in cooperation in terms of hardware, software, services and work performance, control of shopping cart implementation for selective IT products for defined periods, including process descriptions, negotiations of SLAs and OLAs

System environment: ACD, Dialer, IVR, Concerto Unified, Concerto Enterprice, UNISON, Predictive Dialer, Workflow Management, SAP-CRM, Siebel, MS-Project

Senior Test Manager MobilCom AG, Büdelsdorf
Jun 01 – Noc 01 Testmanagement for a UMTS Network operator
Setup of a Testmanagementkonzept for a new UMTS-Network operator in Germany. Build up of Test strategy, Test Team and Management of compete test scenarios.
? Planning, coordination and control of quality tests according to DIN EN ISO
? 9001:2000
? Responsibility for the development of quality guidelines
? Definition of measures for the increase of process profitability
? Preparation and realisation of quality interviews with customers and suppliers
? Development and implementation of test procedures at UMTS operator
? Development of test strategies for the acceptance of NO billing, CRM systems and network technology
? Development and realisation of test cases in the areas business and commercial.
? Coordination and realisation of system acceptance tests, regression tests and operational acceptance tests
System environment: ACD, Dialer, IVR, Concerto Unified, Concerto Enterprice, UNISON, Predictive Dialer, Workflow Management, SAP-CRM, Siebel, MS-Project

Divisional Manager (chief executive) Verdi Information Consult, Frankfurt
Oct 00 – Jul 02 chief executive
Tasks: Establishment and management of the areas: Telecommunication and systems management
? Personnel recruitment and responsibility
? Project support and controlling
? Deputyship of Head of branch office
? Responsibility for budget and strategic organisation
? Customer support
? Management of outsourcing partners and service providers
? Service Level Agreements-Management
? Assumption of responsibility for the area: Business Development
Management and Head of Sales of services and products
System environment: Billingsystems: BSCS, Single.eView, Amdocs
BMC-Petrol, Testdirector, Flienet, Dokuware, Peregrine, Motive, BMC-Petrol

Senior Project Manager ARCOR AG & CO, FRANKFURT
may 00 – sep 00 Business Process Management
Analysis of the existing processes within the CC operation and development of optimisation potentials
? Identification of weak points and optimisation potentials
? Further development of processes in the context of CC-related value added chains
? Setup of a continuous process management
? Realisation of analysis in terms of amounts, running times, process costs as well as quality
? Cost/benefit validation of optimisation approaches
? Definition and adjustment of SLAs
? Listing of strategic success potentials
? Presentation of decision specifications
? Integration of strategic and operative controlling
System environment: Tepestry, ORACLE, MS-Office

Senior Project Manager ARCOR AG & CO, FRANKFURT
jul 99 – may 00 Business Process Management
Responsible for conception, planning and execution of a user Acceptance test (UAT) to the introduction of a new Billingsystems and migration of master and transaction data with Paralellproduction. - sicherstellung of the software quality and operableness of constantly changing enterprise-critical applications and interfaces (CRM & Billing) - solely responsible development and organization of test plannings - tuning of the test plans, generation and documentation as well as systematic execution of Testcases - documentation and structuring of errors and circumstances of the application as well as the data bases - development of test environments for UAT and Paralellproduktion - execution and co-ordination of system, operational Acceptance test

System environment: Tepestry, BSCS, ORACLE, MS-Office

Head of Operations ARCOR AG & CO, FRANKFURT
dec 98 – jul 99 Management of IT-Operation for the biggest german Network operator
Assumption of the responsibility for:
Process control - IT infrastructure - Co-ordination of the 1st to 3rd-Level-Support - CHANGE management - Production reporting - License and Contract management - Configuration management - Security management - Escalation management - Validating of computer centre solutions and production concepts - Cost management of production environments - Documentation - Responsible for the observance and the necessary preventive corrections. Beyond that, responsible for the conclusion of order level Agreements (OLA) and service level Agreements (SLA) - Co-ordination and monitoring of internal and external production and Services - Production and co-ordination of computer centre operating and security concepts - Coaching of the new place owner

System environment: BSCS, ORACLE, MS-Office

Project Manager Iridium Satellite LLC, Düsseldorf
jul 98 – nov 98 Business-Trial-Coordinator
? Modelling, definition of business processes
? Conceptual consulting and realisation of business processes
? Development of work instructions
? Creation and realisation of locally manageable test scenarios for the Alpha test series
? Responsible for the realisation and control of the tests in Germany
? Phase II:
? Modelling, definition of test scenarios for the satellite-supported mobile telephone network
? Coordination of test scenarios with the satellite network operator in the USA
? Coordination and responsibility for the realisation of tests in Germany and North-Europe
System environment: BSCS, MS-Project, SAP-FI, Motorola, GSM, GPRS, Mobile Telephone Protocols Access Technologies, Mobile Device(s) Phase I:

Senior Project Manager E-Plus Mobilfunk GmbH & Co. KG, Düsseldorf
aug 97 – jun 98 Billing Implementation Management
Consulting area: technical project lead (customer-sided) for the implementation of a new customer-care & billing system “BSCS 4.2” and migration of the master and variable data
Assumption of project lead for a customer-oriented, strategic and organisational project for the relocation of a customer-care & billing system. Management of an interdisciplinary team of experts of various departments. Responsible for the compliance of contractually agreed schedules, budgets and supply services.
Migration of master data (1 million customers) and variable data

System environment: BSCS, SAP

Senior Business Analyst E-Plus Mobilfunk GmbH & Co. KG, Düsseldorf
aug 97 – jun 98 Business and System process
? Design, development and realisation of complex customer-specific projects in the POS area
? Analysis and specification of complex customer requirements
? Estimation of costs and efforts
? Development, presentation and realisation of adjustment propositions
? Quality assurance / development of test plans
? Customer consulting, also customer training and introduction
? Implementation of new solutions in the customer environment
? Close cooperation and coordination with the sales department
? Realisation of workshops, compliance with standards
? Realisation of system presentations, presentation and argumentation of technological and economical advantages

System environment: Customer Care Systems , POS

Senior Business Analyst Vebacom Service, Cologne
feb 97 – apr 98 Project lead for business process analysis in a Digital-TV area
? Development of business process plans for the digital TV-market
? Set-Top-Boxes
? Order processes
? Sales processes
? Customer management
? Security, interfaces
? Memory controller
? Digital Video Processing
? System Software
? Modelling, definition of business processes
System environment: Viso, BSCS, MS-Office

Project Manager E-Plus Mobilfunk GmbH & Co. KG, Düsseldorf
sep 96 – jan 97 Project lead for business process analysis in a Digital-TV area
Overall consulting in the selection and implementation of a CRM and POS- system.
? Optimisation of strategies, processes and systems for customer support and retention
? Conceptual design and realisation of the integration of SAP CRM system components in the downstream ERP business processes
? Conceptual design and implementation of the interaction between SAP CRM, SCM and
? BI/BW components, as well as the implementation of external databases.
? Conceptual design of data migrations from the legacy system
? Mapping of business processes in IT-related solutions
System environment: Customer Care, CRM, POS

CIO, Interim Chief Information Officer Officer, Vienna(Austria)
sep 96 – jan 97 Build up the IT departmend for the first Austrian Network operator
Responsible for the setup and operation of the entire IT infrastructure of the first Austrian mobile telephone system operator during the start-up phase
? Selection and contract negotiations with the outsourcing partners and external service providers
? Design of the IT organisation and implementation of the pragmatic IT strategies
? Creation of specifications
? Creation of service and operation processes (e.g. ITIL)
? Planning of IT architectures and infrastructures
? Ensuring of IT service functions in the area of data processing for the initial provision of the IT infrastructure and applications
? Ensuring of the IT security
? Controlling and management of the operative IT operation
? Management of the outsourcing partners and service providers
? Service Level Agreements-Management
System environment: BSCS, MS-Office, Novell

Senior Buiseness Analyst E-Plus Service GmbH, Potsdam
apr 95 – sep 96 Analysis of Billing applications and system integrators
? Target / actual analysis of various billing systems
? Identification of weak points and optimisation potentials
? Realisation of analyses in terms of amounts, running times, process costs and quality
? Cost/benefit evaluation
? Presentation of strategic success potentials
? Presentation of decision specifications
? Scoring and ranking of the monitored system and integrators
System environment: BSCS, Jupiter, Mobile, CASS, MS-Office

IT Director Hutchison Mobilfunk GmbH, Münster
Jan 92 – mar 95 Build up a german Service Provider and support English and frensh establishments
As Head of the IT department I was responsible for the smooth setup and operation of information systems at one of the most successful German service provider.
Conceptual design and setup for
? Billing
? Customer Care systems (CRM)
? Materials Management systems (MM)
? Financial accounting systems (FI)
? Successful realisation of internal projects under consideration of operational issues
? Technical and disciplinary management of the collaborators under my supervision
? Structured creation of tendering documents for new network components and selection of suppliers
? My tasks included the user administration, hardware purchase, installation, configuration, monitoring of all server including applications, provision of technical workstations, 1st and 2nd Level Helpdesk, provision of test environments. Project work.

System environment: BSCS, Jupiter, Mobile, CASS, MS-Office

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