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Vladimir Seman - Curriculum Vitae - EN
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My SAP Basis Consultant Experience :

- extensive experience with SAP Basis administration including projects , SAP System updates and upgrades ( for example EHP 7 for ERP 6.0  upgrade , SAP BW upgrade from 7.1 to 7.4 ) , SAP System Installation and configuration , homogenous system copies , heterogeneous system copies/migrations , local or remote client copies ,  ABAP+Java system split , database upgrades to 11.2 and 12.1 , database patching and other related activities

- experience with migration of SAP PI ( dual stack ) into java based SAP NW 7.4 AEX or PO Landscape with its basic configuration ( Initial wizard configuration , Local & Central SLD configuration , CTS+ configuration )

- experienced with upgrade of Solution Manager to SAP NW 7.1 SP14  and its configuration ( system preparation , basic configuration , LMDB setting ) . Connecting managed systems and its configuration . Wily Introscope and SMD Agents installation as a part of initial configuration and managed system setup

- experience as one of the main project person for data center migration of customer with around 90 SAP Systems based on Linux/Oracle using  backup/restore procedure or data export/import  method . Responsible for planning and execution of migration itselves. 
- experience with file-system based migrations 

- more than 3 year experience with architecture design of new landscapes for SAP Systems with database managed by Oracle RAC Cluster same as Oracle Single Instance databases. SAP Systems build on physical and virtual machines with linux/unix operating system with high availability scenarios and distributed SAP systems .

- more than 3 year of experience with GRID installation , configuration , GRID / RDBMS upgrades  and maintenance of SAP System running in Oracle RAC Cluster with ASM + ACFS

- several years of experience with SAP/Oracle backup solution via IBM Tivoli Storage Manager software where taking backups on disks and tape 
- experience with FCM (Flash Copy Manager ) backup for huge oracle databases with ASM storage or in Oracle Real Application Cluster  

- experience with installation , upgrades and updates for database DB2 LUW 9.x , 10.x . Intermediate experience in tuning oracle database performance and administration for SAP system . Basis experience with MaxDB database and LiveCache administration.

- Root Cause Analyzes and Performance Analyses of SAP System same as performance tuning for customer jobs  .

- Administration of operating system Unix/AIX , Linux RedHat 6.x , 7.x, Windows

- 2 months experience as a transfer leader for transition project in India where BAU SAP Basis support has been transfer from Europe (Czech Republic) to India IBM Service Delivery Centrum in Chennai . I had responsibility for leading this project on site in India where I was responsible for skill and knowledge transfer and preparation of technical documentation for new team .

My SAP Infrastructure Architect Experience :

- experience with designing and providing architecture infrastructure solution for customer SAP System landscape with around 90 SAP Systems ( BW/BI , ERP , SRM , FSCM , MDG , PO , Gateway , CPS , ADS , EP ) based on Linux operating system and Oracle Databases in Oracle RAC Cluster same as oracle single instances with SAN storage.

- designing and resource sizing of physical server or virtual machine for SAP System Linux/Oracle based on customer requirements and usage of the system

- designing file-system architecture for SAP System related structures as for example transport management system .

- analyzing resource allocation and usage all over the infrastructure and providing optimized solution where possible for stabilization , best practice , cost saving purposes.

- designing high availability scenarios using HACMP cluster solution for AIX machines same as active - active RAC Cluster solution in 4 node cluster and backup / restore solutions for SAP on Oracle Single Instance or Oracle Instance in RAC Cluster with ASM and Linux/AIX using IBM TSM or FCM technology.

- data center migration project
- build of new BW/BI , ERP , PO landscape 
- Oracle GRID and RDBMS upgrade 
I am flexibil and able to work anywhere in or outside the Europe depends on contract condition and lenght of project. 

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