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Armando Suarez

SAP HCM Senior Consultant

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  • Graduation: Systems Engineer
  • Hourly-/Daily rates: 40 $/hour 300 $/day
  • Languages: English (Limited professional) | Spanish (Native or Bilingual)
  • Last update: 07.02.2017

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SAP HCM Senior consultant with 12 years of professional experience in 24 projects / different assignments during which he has worked in consulting HCM SAP module as well as the area of ??ABAP with a strong focus on HCM (payroll functions, times, interfaces and reports ALV). He have international experience in renowned companies where the same business dynamics of each project has a challenging experience with successful results. He have a strong knowledge in Venezuelan labor law, Colombian, Mexican, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, Nicaragua and Peru. Strong skills in order to achieve analysis and interpretation of collective agreements; on the other hand, he was instructor of SAP HCM Academy, where he has trained the staff of several partners and consultants of SAP in Venezuela, this has resulted in specialization in Payroll International and Time Management with performance based best SAP practices, making it capable of implementing payroll in any country, with or without standard localization of SAP; additionally has knowledge and experience in the implementation of all modules of SAP HCM and have and strong knowledge of integration of ESS, MSS, Success Factors and Nakisa with ERP. It is characterized by a proactive, dynamic, always in the constant quest to improve what already exists and work together to make this possible, with a strong achievement motivation and the pursuit of excellence in the goals. It also has a strong analytical and communication skills as well as leadership and ability to work in teams with or without supervision.

Special Skills

  • SAP PY (Payroll)
  • SAP TM (Time management)
  • SAP OM (Organization management)
  • SAP PA (Personnel management)
  • SAP RC (Recruitment personnel)
  • SAP TV (Travel management)
  • SAP PE (Event management)
  • SAP BE (Benefits management)
  • SAP ECM (Enterprise Compensation management)
  • SAP PD (Personnel Development)
  • SAP CP (Cost Planning)
  • CATS (Cross Aplication Time Sheet)
  • ABAP
  • ESS/MSS Integration
  • Success Factors

Arcelor Mittal: / Mexico: SAP HCM Team Leader / PY Consultant
multicountry implantation.
AJE Group: / Perú-Ecuador: SAP HCM Team Leader / PY Consultant
multicountry implantation.
Banco Popular de Puerto Rico:  / Puerto Rico / EEUU: SAP HCM / PT Consultant.
Cerveceria Backus & Johnston S.A.A:/ Lima – Perú: SAP HCM / PT Consultant, PT Team leader, multicountry implantation.
Cerveceria Bavaria:  / Bogota – Colombia: SAP HCM / PT Consultant.
Petroperú:  Lima – Perú: SAP HCM PY Consultant, PY Team Leader, ABAP minor adjusments, PT issues resolution, CM configuration, CP configuration.
Diário El Comercio:  Lima – Perú: SAP HCM PT Consultant, PT configuration, PY issues resolution.
Nicaragua Sugar Estates Limited: Chinandega - Nicaragua: SAP Technical Configuration leader (PA, OM, PD, RC, BE, PT, PE, CM) Modules),  PY Consultant. Concurrent Employee Configuration, ABAP minor adjusments. 
Agripac: Guayaquil – Ecuador: SAP HCM Team leader, OM, PD, PE, CP & PY Consultant, ABAP minor adjusments.
Grupo Ovejita: Caracas: 10 Companies rollout, SAP HCM / PA, PT & PY Consultant, SAP Security analisis and minor adjusments.
Grupo León Jimenes: Santo Domingo - Republica Dominicana: SAP HCM / BN, CM & CP Consultant, ABAP minor adjusments.
Iluminación Helios: Caracas, Venezuela: SAP HCM Team leader, OM, PA, PD, PT & PY Support.
Grupo Savake: Caracas, Venezuela: Practice team leader, OM, PA, PD, PT & PY configuration, SAP Scripts for Payslip, Posting.
Ferretotal:  Caracas, Venezuela: Monetary Reconversion, PA, CM & PY Consultant.
Asamblea Nacional de la República Bolivariana de Venezuela:  Caracas, Venezuela: PA, PT & PY Consultant, SAP Security analisis and minor adjusments, ABAP minor adjusments, SAP Scripts for Payslip.
Empresas Polar: Caracas, Venezuela: SAP HCM / OM, PA, PD, PT & PY configuration & support, SAP Scripts for Time Management.
Pastas Allegri:  Caracas, Venezuela: SAP HCM / OM, PA, PD, PT & PY support.
Serviquim:  / Caracas, Venezuela: SAP HCM / OM, PA, PD, PT & PY support, ABAP minor adjusments, FI minor adjusments.
Mandioca:  Caracas, Venezuela: SAP HCM / OM, PA, PD, PT & PY support.
Kores – Faber Castell:  Caracas, Venezuela: SAP HCM / PT & PY