Profileimage by Anonymous profile, LimeVPN provides a whopping speed of 10GBPS to the VPN service users, at amazingly low rate.

Last update: 25.04.2017

LimeVPN provides a whopping speed of 10GBPS to the VPN service users, at amazingly low rate.

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LimeVPN, in the quest to become the best VPN provider, has provided a 256-bit encryption mechanism so that the internet users are not disappointed regarding the aspect of data safety and security. The VPN services offered by the company are set up on OpenVPN, PPTP, Softether, SSTP and L2TP protocols that facilitate the ultimate powerful VPN connectivity.  LimeVPN has expanded its services by providing 6000+ IP addresses and provides a distinctive IP once requested by the user. The cost of the dynamic and static IP obviously varies, the static IP being slightly costlier. However, when compared with other VPN service providers, LimeVPN provides VPN services at much faster connectivity and cheaper rates.

Project history

In this ever-evolving techno-savvy era, the advent of any technology brings with it both negatives and positives. In this line, the gaining popularity of the internet has enabled various users all across the world to seamlessly access the internet content and undertake online activities. However, with the data becoming more publicly accessed, the risk of hacking and malware has also increased. This is where the VPN services provided by LimeVPN on its website come in to the picture, with all the measures one can take to secure the data and content downloaded and shared online. For more details click here -

Time and spatial flexibility

LimeVPN has been making wonders in the IT industry by providing a worthwhile and simple solution to the internet users regarding the problems imposed by cyber criminals and hackers. Irrespective of the place they are currently at, people need internet connectivity today. This connectivity is provided to them by the premium VPN services rendered by LimeVPN at astonishingly cheap prices. People can buy VPN services from LimeVPN and can get rid of all the worries regarding the connection interruption and bandwidth limit while accessing their favorite sites from anywhere in the world, irrespective of the fact that whether the website is banned in that particular country or not. For more details click here -


The cheap VPN services provided by LimeVPN help in concealing all the data traffic and guaranteeing that the data transferred is encrypted in the best possible manner. To ensure that while undertaking online activities, the user remains anonymous, the VPN services offered by LimeVPN provides an anonymous IP address by masking the real IP address of the user.  People never like to miss even an episode of their favorite series aired on channels, such as HBO and BBC, as well as browsing their favorite social medial platform, even if they are traveling. This becomes a problem if they are not in the United States or London and so, they then resort to options, like un-trusted and dangerous websites. For more details click here -

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