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Luciano Mazzoni


Last update: 13.10.2017

Oracle DBA;Project Manager; Analyst; Teacher

Company: HORAMA
Graduation: System Engineer
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Depends on the time of the project and the if no office hours or guards are requested
Languages: English (Full Professional) | Spanish (Native or Bilingual)




2012 – Present                     Private Consultant                                                                     
                                           San Nicolás – Bs. As.
Private Consultant (Project Management and developing)

  • Oracle Data Base Administrator, 8i, 9i, 10g, 11g, 12c (24X7).
  • DG, RAC, Clusterware, Golden Gate.
  • Oracle Migrations.
  • Oracle Virtual Machines administration.
  • MSSQL & MySQL administration and monitoring.
  • Workshops developer for enterprises.
  • OCA teacher.
  • Project leader working with VS2010.
  • IT recruiter for Argentinian Enterprises.
2010 – 2011                          IBM– Oracle Support                                                                                                            
                                            Rosario – Santa Fe.
Tech Leader and Oracle DBA.
  • Leader of Oracle projects for clients in USA and Canada (Rman backup, CPU Patches and security implementation projects).
  • Oracle Data Base Administrator, 8i, 9i, 10g and 11g (Supported more than 450 oracle databases, on versions between 8i and 11g with on call rotation 24X7).
  • RAC, Cluster and Data Guard.
  • Consultant.
2007 –2011    Universidad Tecnológica Nacional.                             
                     San Nicolás – Buenos Aires
Teacher of computer science.
  • Main teacher of the following classes:
? Data Processing System
? Systems Methodology I
? Systems Methodology II
? Systems Methodology III
? Project Management
? Final Seminar
2007 – 2010                          Grupo Macro – Nuevo Banco Bisel – Systems Management                                                                                                             Rosario – Santa Fe.
Project Management – Teach Leader – DBA.
  • Planning, control and project follow-up of 4 projects (leading a group of 25).
  • Teach leader (Oracle and MS-SQL)
  • Functional analyst (.NET, Java, Delphi, VB.NET).
  • Consultant.
  • 24X7 support for 4 products on Production environment.
  • DBA in all environments (Dev, test, QA and Prod) for each product.
2004 – 2007                          Techint – Systems Management                                                                                                             
                                            San Nicolás – Buenos Aires.
Systems Engineer
  • Project management.
  • Team leader.
  • Industrial engineering.
  • Maintenance of critical systems of production and management (24X7).
  • Data base management: Oracle, MS SQL, Adabas and Access.
  • Network management: Windows 2000, 98, ME, NT, 2003.
  • Managing program and jobs in Mainframe and SAP.
  • Analysis and System design in Visual Basic / VB script / ASP / Fox / ABAP.
  • Migration from Natural and/or Cobol to Visual Basic.
2004 – 2004                          Rosario Informática                                                                                                            
                                            Rosario – Santa Fe.
Systems Analyst.
  • Network administration in Windows NT/ Windows 2000 Server / Windows Millennium / Windows 98/95.
  • Personal Computers and system of networks assembly, repair and maintenance.
  • Analysis and System design.
  • MSSQL and Oracle administration.
  • Visual Basic Programming.
2003 – 2004                          Instituto Superior Gral José de San Martín                                                                                     
                                            Rosario – Santa Fe.
Teacher of computer science.
  • Windows 98/2000/Millenium, data base engines, spreadsheets, drawing tools, word processors (Ms Office and others) for people with or with out previous knowledge (age from 5 to 99 years).
  • Repair of PC, printers, and hardware in general.
  • Advanced Internet.

2003 – 2004                          Instituto de Computación Cambrils                                                                                       
                                            Rosario – Santa Fe.
Teacher of computer science.
  • Windows 98/2000/Millenium, data base engines, spreadsheets, drawing tools, word processors (Ms Office and others) for people with or with out previous knowledge (age from 5 to 99 years).

2002 – 2003                         Inmobiliaria Caputto – Rent and Sale of Real estate
                                           San Lorenzo 821, Rosario, Santa Fe.
Administrative employee
  • Public assistance manager, telephonic receptionist, invoicing and accounting, and different tasks in the business.

1994 - 1995                          Instituto de Computación Senserv Sistemas Integrados           
                                           San Nicolás – Bs. As.
Teacher of computer science.
  • D.O.S. operator, word processors, Lotus 1-2-3, Data Base.
  • Windows 3.11 operator, drawing tools, windows 3.11 utilities.
  • Pascal basics.


Project history

Venancio Diaz. Serve S. A. Representative. Rosario (2000), Santa Fe, Argentina. 0341-4404126 / 0341-156910567
Fernando Amicci. Instituto Superior Gral José de San Martín Manager. Rosario (2000), Santa Fe, Argentina. 0341-4490159 / 0341-155195794
Viviana Diaz. Instituto Cambrils Manager. Rosario (2000), Santa Fe, Argentina. 0341-4404126
Miguel Patti. Informática Argentina Administrator. Rosario (2000), Santa Fe, Argentina. 0341-155446703
Walter Sidler. Engineering in Integrity of Ducts, PROTAN SA. Rosario (2000), Santa Fe, Argentina. 0341-4513036
Julio Brugo. Functional analyst, Systems management, SiderColor. Florencio Varela, Buenos Aires, Argentina. 011-1558768856.
Leonardo J. Vendrell. SAP Technical Analyst, Industrials Systems Ternium-Siderar. San Nicolás (2900), Buenos Aires, Argentina. 03461-438824
Martín R. Fonzo. CCNP (Cisco Certified Networking Professional), Systems management, Swift. Rosario (2000), Santa Fe, Argentina. 0341-155073248
Carina Fabiana Sugasti. PT – Consultant, Systems Analyst , Systems management, Macro-Bisel. Rosario (2000), Santa Fe, Argentina. 0341- 4112719 / 155204050
Carlos Huentecoy. SAP PM Functional Analyst, Team Management, Ternium-Siderar. San Nicolás (2900), Buenos Aires, Argentina. 03461- 438828
Samuel D. Suriano. Project leader, Systems Management, Techint Argentina. 011-1549975906
Manuel Diaz. Consultant MM Retail, SAP Argentina. Capital Federal, Buenos Aires, Argentina. 011-48913299
Federico Estavillo. Systems Engineer, Industrias Juan F. Secco. Rosario, Santa Fe, Argentina. 0341-4094065.
Sergio A. Collavini. Accenture Outsourcing Specialyst. Capital Federal, Argentina 0341 156382464
Diego Belizan. Project Leader, System Management, Accenture Agentina. 011-15-5008-7346
Donna M. Fleck. IBM Service Delivery Manager, IBM, USA. Mobile: (804) 239-7310 email:
Ariel Rivas. RFS & SS Oracle - Baxter Account - Data Management. Integrated Technology Delivery, Server Systems Operations IBM Service Delivery Manager, IBM, Argentina. Mobile: +54 341 5121 732 email:
Marilyn Anielak, PMP®, IBM Certified Executive Project Manager, RFS Program Manager, Baxter Account, IBM Global Services. Tel: 720-395-2796 Tieline 676-2796 email:

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