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Last update: 08.05.2017

IP Data Network Engineer consultant and Architect 11years experienced

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I am a IP Network Solution Architect, more than 11 years of experienced in various verticals like Telecom IP Networking,  System IP Networking, ISP networking and Data Center Networking.

I am experienced in all type of routers and switches like, cisco, juniper, zte, maipu, huawei etc.
my expertise domain is in mpls vpn, ipsec vpn, dmvpn, getvpn, bgp, ospf, eigrp, isis.

I can provide all type of IP Networking solutions documentation and implementation.

I am looking the opportunity to setup the local area network, WAN and MAN network for small organizations. I work part time on weekdays and full day on weekends.

please feel free to contact me at any time.

Project history


  • Project: 4G-LTE project rollout for multiple customers..[COLT]
      Duration:    from September 2013 to February 2014.
      Role & Experience:
  • Testing & POC of 4G-LTE connectivity for Customer AOK.
  • Pre-sales and post-sales technical Documentation(HLD & LLD)
  • Regular Interaction with the Solution Architect and Customer to understand of the changing requirement of Customer.
  • Guiding the Project and technical team for implementation.
  •  Project: Intercontinental and Intracontinental connectivity of AXA.[COLT]
      Duration:    from December 2012 to December 2013.
      Role & Experience:
  • Designing the Architecture of connectivity on Colt and non-Colt countries.
  • Pre-sales and post-sales technical Documentation(HLD & LLD)
  • Regular Interaction with the Solution Architect and Customer to understand of the changing requirement of Customer.
  • Guiding the Project and technical team for implementation.
  • IP VPN plus, Integrated Internet access, Internet access, CPE-Solution, GET VPN.
  • CE to PE connectivity through OLO and 3rd party operator.
  • NNI connectivity with XO and Telstra.
  • 1) Project: Bharti-Airtel 3G ICR-GRX IP Solution & Designing.[Ericsson]
      Duration: from 15th June 2011 to 6th July 2012.
      Role & Experience:
  • Low level & High Level Call flow Documentations
  • ICR & GRX IP Solution Documentation & Design Analysis .
  • Complex BGP routing with Local Preference, MED & AS-path prepend.
  • ICR In roamer Complex architectures analysis & solution designing.
  • Project: Bharti-Airtel 3G planning & Designing. .[Ericsson]
      Duration: from 15/09/2010 to 15/02/2011.
      Role & Experience:
  • Designing and Deployment of 3G Mobile-backhaul.
  • 3G proof of concept testing
  • Providing Design & solution documents to Customer.
  • Co-ordination & Guiding the Configuration Team.
  •  Project: BSNL-East..[Ericsson]
      Duration: from 06/05/2010 to 15/09/2010
      Role & Experience:
  • Solution Designing & IP planning.
  • Planning & Designing of Carrier supporting Carrier network.
  • Data Centre & VAS network Solutions.
  • Qos, VPLS  planning & implementation.
  •  Project: S.Tel GSM MPLS Backbone [ZTE]
      Duration: from 01/07/2009 to 30/04/2010.
      Role & Experience:
  • Designing the Architecture of Access-Distribution and Core layer for S.Tel MPLS backbone.
  • Deployment and Configuration of  routers and L3 switches.
  • Awarded with Excellency from Customer.
  • Leaded the MPLS Team and guide for deployment of the project
  • Regular customer interaction & understanding of the requirement.
    • Planning & Procuring of  Data Centre security components (e.g.) Cisco & Juniper Firewalls
    • Designing the Customer’s Traffic profile & deployment  across MPLS Backbone & Data Centre.
    • Different flavors of OSPF area types, ISIS, MB-iBGP, sham link.
    • GPRS IP network planning.
    • IPSec vpn, L2tp dialup vpn into Cisco ASA Firewalls.
  • Regular Training & Assessments of the MPLS Team.
  •  Project: ETDB-IOT testing  [ZTE]
      Duration: 17/07/2009 to 10/07/2009
      Role & Experience:
  • Interoperability testing in multivendor platform for MPLS and traffic engineering.
  • Setup of  Multivendor MPLS test bed.[IGP with BFD and MP-BGP]
  • Configuring RSVP-TE-FRR across MB-BGP backbone
  •  Checking and tuning of failover & convergence timing.  
  •  Project: SSTL 3G-HLRe  [ZTE]
      Duration: 01/02/09 to 15/06/09
      Role & Experience:
  • IP Access Network Designing and Implementation.
  • Configuring Juniper Router and CISCO L3 Switches
  • Resilient and scalable configuration with OSPF and BGP
  • Connectivity for the Provisioning.
  •  Project: TTSL-IPTV  [ZTE]
      Duration: 18/10/2008 to 22/02/09
      Role & Experience:
  • Deployment of IPTV components.
  • Configuring DSLAM and ADSL modems
    • Configuring BRAS for user authentication, Radius service, access list, domain creation etc.
    •  AAA server and EMS server installation.
    •  DHCP and DNS server configuration in BNG. 
  •  Project: BSNL-CDMA-PDSN  [ZTE]
      Duration: 01/07/2008 to till date in maintenance.
       Role & Experience:
  •  PDSN p200 installation.
  •  PDSN upgradation
  •  Network Monitoring
  •   IP address Planning 
  •   VPN implementation with L2TP.   .
  •   Router configuration (CISCO 2600, 3700, 7609, pixfirewall ) &   
      (ZXR10 GER and GAR)
  •  Configuring MPLS, NAT, PAT, OSPF, BGP, Access-lists.
  • Implementation of RADIUS Service.
  • Well experienced in PPP, PPPoE, STP, RSTP, PAGP,LACP
  •  Project: Reliance (CDMA-3GCN)  [ZTE]
Duration: 21/05/2007 to 30/06/2008 (1 year 1 month)
       Role & Experience
  • Troubleshooting & Configuring CISCO & ZTE Switches (L2 & L3) and Routers (Static Route, RIP, OSPF, BGP, VLAN, RAN, WAN.)
  • Working on CISCO L3 Switch+ 3rd Generation Mobile Core Network + ZTE VOIP Soft switches
  • Managing Total IP Network activities of West Bengal + Orissa
  • Configuring IIS and troubleshooting
  • Antivirus and Network Security
  • RAID, Active Directory, DNS & Cluster Server Configuration
  • Ethereal Trace & analysis of call flow.
  • Protocols configuring & troubleshooting (SIP, SCTP, SCCP, SIGTRAN, MTP, TCP/IP, H.248)
  • MSC-MGW Hardware & Software Installation.
  • Network Monitoring (NMS) with the software Netnumen.

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