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Interimsmanagement, Processdefining, Administration, 3rd level support, Softwaredevelopement

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  • Graduation: Staatlich geprüfter IT Projektleiter
  • Hourly-/Daily rates: 110 €/hour
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  • Languages: German (Native or Bilingual) | English (Limited professional) | French (Elementary)
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Profileimage by Joern Mahnke Projektmanagement, Teil/Projektleitung,  Datenschutz, Datenschutzbeauftragter from Dietzenbach
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Windows Administration Server and Client

February 2011 to 15. April 2011

Job Role: Project Manager

Costumer: TUEV Hessen GmbH, TUEV Sued GmbH, LiveService GmbH

Job description:
As a Project Manager i manged a movement of 6 locations of the nemend companies in 3 other locations. There's
130 Persons moved, the server / PC / printer was moved, the access spripted has been changed and so on.
My responsible was to manage, to controlled all kind of jobs.

The job ended successfull on 15.April 2011.

June 2010 at December 2010:

Job Role: Administration

Costumer: German Railway Company, Deutsche Bahn AG

Job content:
Administration of a Linux Suse Envirement, Suse 10.1, 10.2, 10.3 and OpenSuse 11.2. And a Windows Server 2008
R2, 64 bit System. As application is used Oracle 11.2, Microsoft Office 2003 and 2010, VISUM, Apache, puuty06,
Lotus Notes 8.5, Acronis TrueImage 10.0 aso.

February 2010 until today

Job Role: Project Leadership

Costumer: Investment of a big building society, based in Frankfurt Main.

Job content:
I'm commissioned to create a Webside with a shopcontent and realice the idea of the owner in a php and java
envirement. As i have to realize the idea, i instruct programmer person who has prgromm the webside.
My main part of this contract is, to transmit the ideas of the investor in an usecase envirement.
I realize this contract at the content of prince2.

October 2009 to January 2010

Job Role: Administration, Support, Programming

Costumer: Carl Zeiss AG, Oberkochen

Job content:
The content of this contract was the implementation of a new authentication path in a WIN XP Client-Server
envirement. The new path was to using user and client certificate in a Windows Server - Client envirement.
I fixed all the problems during the rollout of this client certificates.
As part 2 in this job, i create a WIN 7 master client in preparation for a sceduled rollout of WIN7 ab the costumer.
Partly i worked in Canada and US New York for Carl Zeiss AG.

I am glad to get an offer at May 2011.
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