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Orlando Marquez


Last update: 05.10.2020

System Administrator; OSS Engineer

Graduation: not provided
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Languages: English (Limited professional) | Portuguese (Limited professional) | Spanish (Native or Bilingual)


A system engineer with extensive hands-on experience of IP admin, bind DNS, DHCP, SFTP, HTTPS, VLANs, Sniffer, IP sub netting, Telnet/SSH Clients, NTP configuration, CISCO routers and switches configuration, EIGRP, OSPF; SNMP protocol configuration, NE3S/WS;  Linux Red Hat, CentOS Operating Systems including Service Guard, LVM and administrative tasks, ability to write shell scripts. strong knowledge of Administration,  configuration and troubleshooting  of HPE C7000 enclosures architecture.  Knowledge of SAN  EMC storage systems in creation and configuration of physicalDisks, Storage Pools and LUNs. Experience in servers virtualization platforms using VMWare tools, ESXi installation and configuration of Hipervisors and creation of Virtual Data Centers, backing up and restoring using vSphere Data Protector (VDP).
Strong knowledge in Nokia tools like NetAct OSS and Traffica at Hardware and Software level as well as Installation of all required OSS PP, SP and TSN. general troubleshooting and fault rectification; knowledgeable of integrating DX200s NEs, LTE NEs, FlexiNG(15, 16), FlexiNS(15, 16), One-NDS, HSS, HSSFE, TIAMS, PCCs, NTHLRFE, ATCA and HPE platform into NetAct OSS; knowledge in collecting,  handling and analyzing different performance data (Traffic, QoS, availability, etc) as Performance Indicators and Key Performance Indicators, creation and reports;  familiar with MML commands. Strong experience in system administration and operation of the NetAct OSS.  NetAct 16.2 Installation and Upgrade certificated.
Strong experience in commissioning and running acceptance tests, site documentation (Site Folder) and other kind of OSS Documentation; experience planning the NetAct OSS IP scheme and preparing the configuration files to be used during the installation. Preparation of templates for the client request information required for the integration of network elements to NetAct OSS.
Ability to work under pressure.

Project history

11/2018 - 09/2020
NetAct OSS Consultant
OSC Telecoms & Security Solutions – Nokia – Claro Colombia (250-500 employees)

Support for the operation and maintenance of the NetAct OSS 17.8 and 18A systems at Claro Colombia and Argentina.

Daily administration and control activities; report creation, KPI definition, Data Base Queries creation,  IP configuration into NetAct DNS, 2G, 3G and 4G Network Elements integration to NetAct. 


CCNA Routing & Switching  Certificated
Nro. 435274170202JSYK

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