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Last update: 17.06.2019

Ingeniero Civil, Mención Transporte.

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Ing.Civil: Transportation Mention, Graduated from Jose Maria Vargas University, in Caracas-Venezuela, technically, the experience is based on the development of integral projects, individual or together, in its three important parts, conceptual, basic and details, that is, for buildings of any type, medium and large urbanisms with their furniture included, services, sustainability, etc. It is not the only advantage, in addition, together, there is a work team with which all developments can be comprehensive and if necessary organic, as established by the rules and specifications of what is required, operationally, if necessary create some type of model, design or experiment, to generate new developments the team is technically capable of effectively 80% to meet the requested requirement as long as it is framed in the field of civil engineering, architecture, landscaping, aqueducts, sewers, drainages, etc. If necessary, it is possible to negotiate and intervene in processes to improve them effectively, qualitatively and quantitatively, At this point it is important to mention that there is also experience in the management of budgets, analysis of unit prices and measurements, to generate the best critical route and the Pert-Cpm, which optimizes the execution schedule of the project or the work, adjusting the time for said construction to be completed in the most effective time possible according to its size and complexity.

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Profileimage by Amilcar Caraballo Ingeniero Civil, Mención Transporte. from Ingeniero Civil, Mención Transporte.