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Last update: 06.09.2022

Infrastructure Engineer, Information Analyst Coordinator, Technical Engineer

Graduation: Informatics Engineer
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Languages: English (Full Professional) | French (Full Professional) | Spanish (Native or Bilingual)




Local Area Network, Linux Server/Desktop, Windows emulation on Linux, Virtual Private Networks, PostgreSQL, MySQL, MS- SQL Server, PHP, Java, VBA. ICT Management, ISO, SCRUM, VBA, VoIP, programming, Excel, penetration tests, VMWare ESX, Linux/Windows Servers, Interface, MS-Excel, Google Spreadsheet, Database, data quality, Oracle, MSSQL, Virtual machines, Virtual Machine, VMware, Data analysis, ISO27001, data capture, Software Design, ITIL, Windows Office 365, Outlook Web Application migration, Network security, Linux Server, VBA Excel programming, Information Security, Backup, CMS, SQL Server 2000, NET, Linux, open source tools

Project history

10/2019 - 10/2019
IT National Director
Emdisalud EPS-S

03/2019 - 10/2019
VBA Programmer
Penske Logistics

03/2017 - 10/2019
Technical Engineer
Solenertel - Full Solutions

04/2015 - 10/2019
Data analyst
Jaramillo Pérez & Consultores

10/2018 - 01/2019
Information Analyst Coordinator
COMFACUNDI EPS. The Family Compensation Fund of Cundinamarca, COMFACUNDI, is a corporation
ASMETSALUD EPS is a health insurance company
2018-10 to that through a comprehensive risk management
2019-01 model, contributes to the improvement of the
health conditions of their users, providing services
to almost 2 million affiliates countrywide.
Popayán, Colombia.
Health Information Analyst. Part Time
COMFACUNDI EPS. The Family Compensation Fund
of Cundinamarca, COMFACUNDI, is a corporation
2016-01 to that contributes to the integral wellbeing of its
2018-06 members, their families and the population,
through the provision of services that generates
social welfare, within the principles of efficiency,
equity and transparency
Bogotá Colombia.

10/2014 - 02/2015
The National Health Superintendence
* Tutoring, support and programming for the development of an
application written in VBA-Excel for the automation of the logistics
process of freight transport.

* Monitored systems, networks, penetration tests. VMWare ESX/I host
servers. Linux/Windows Servers. VoIP Support. PostgreSQL
* Optimize ICT security strategy for customers. Development of
Interface for fingerprint readers using PostgreSQL, Java, MS-Excel
and Google Spreadsheet

* PostgreSQL Database creation for handling records of contracts and
services offered by the different clinics and hospitals throughout the
country with which the EPS has established a contract to provide
health services to the affiliated population.

* Linking clinical and financial data to improve and reduce operational
costs by using statistical analysis and PostgreSQL for decision making,
most expensive chronic diseases and public health management
(HIPAA). HL7 Standard
* Assessment the information gathered from multiple sources, fix bad
data quality and generate policies for database consistency.
* Integration process between isolated information systems Oracle-

* Virtual machines configuration using Kernel Virtual Machine,
VMware for using on network devices monitoring. Monitor active
network and server infrastructure
* Document all technical procedures.

* Data analysis to SAVIA Salud EPS towards to find out inconsistencies
that support financial adjustments by processing 20 million registers
(health and financial related data) using MSSQL - PostgreSQL

* Health Information Systems external Auditor for clinics, hospitals,
labor health risks, EPS (Health promoting entities), EPS-S Subsidized

The National Superintendence of Health is a Health promoting entities. ISO27001 compliance, HL7 compliance.
technical body, rector of the surveillance system,HIPAA standards
inspection and control of the Colombian * Engineering team coordinator.
government for health sector. Risks maps construction for health audited organizations.
Bogotá, Colombia. *

09/2013 - 04/2014
Project Manager C&S Technology
CIINAS Corp.; Information Technology and Communication
12 CIINAS Corp. Bogotá, Colombia

Project Manager C&S Technology.
2013-09 to Information Technology and Communication
2014-04 service provider.
Medellin, COLOMBIA

01/2011 - 12/2012
IT Manager Software Design

01/2010 - 01/2011
Information Systems Coordinator
Asociación de Empresas Gestoras de la Atención en Salud. GESTARSALUD.
2011-01 Insurance in Health of Colombia, with 25 years of
experience in the System, with associate companies
that come guaranteeing the health of more than 15
million members, which corresponds to more than

create a mathematical model that simulates the dynamic
transmission of the vector.

* Coordinate Information Technologies Infrastructure Library ITIL
certification for 15 technical people team. Lead Windows Office 365
migration projects on clients.
* Outlook Web Application migration. English speakers end user
technical support

* Management of ICT resources: Network security and prevention.
Technical support. KPI creation and deploy for IT area. Preventative
maintenance Linux Server. VBA Excel programming for financial
* Cost savings of more than 30% through negotiations for data and
voice communications contracts.
* Develop information security policies based on ISO 27001.

* Design Information Security Policies ISO27001 based. Network
Backup solution. Web site maintenance under Exponent Content
Manager System CMS
* SQL Server 2000 management. Windows desktop end user technical
support. .NET application maintenance
* Statistical analyses of complex data related with diseases in Colombia
and write reports for meetings with the Ministry of Health

50 % of the population affiliated to the subsidized* KPI creation and deploy for IT area.
health regime. Bogotá COLOMBIA

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Profileimage by Rafael BarriosParra Infrastructure Engineer, Information Analyst Coordinator, Technical Engineer from Popayan Infrastructure Engineer, Information Analyst Coordinator, Technical Engineer