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Mathieu Di-Majo


Last update: 19.10.2019

Cloud Architect / DevOps Engineer

Graduation: Master’s Degree in Engineering - Computer Science - Systems and Networks Speciality (UTC, France)
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Negotiable and may vary according to project scope
Languages: English (Full Professional) | French (Native or Bilingual) | Spanish (Limited professional)


Automation passionate, from infrastructure architecture to continuous deployment of applications, I use Clouds & best to your needs technologies to enhance your processes & build highly available, resilient & secure infrastructures.
My domains: Automation, DevOps, Architecture, Cloud, Performance, Continuous improvement.

I help my customers to improve their cloud adoption, implement best practices, help them to build their cloud strategy and infrastructure.
I’m certified AWS Solution Architect and SysOps, but I work also with GCP, Azure and private clouds to best fit my customers technical and business needs.
I went really deep in the knowledge of container technology, at low level with system implementation as high level with orchestration.
I had big experiences with Kubernetes and Openshift and also passed my Kubernetes Administrator Certification.
I worked a lot with Terraform, Puppet Ansible and others automation tools for small needs in little companies as for industrial needs in big companies for multi-environment multi business-units infrastructures.
For my customers and myself, I have always been in a continuous improvement mindset and I have always been learning to understand in depth what I’m working with.
I always tried to have various experiences and get out of my confort zone in order to improve my expertise, face new things and transform my knowledge into experiences.
For customers needs and to share with the community I give trainings (AWS, Terraform, Puppet…) and conferences.
Past years I worked as a consultant for different companies, and worked on building highly available, resilient and secured infrastructures.
I helped my customers to improve their processes and to approach automation for infrastructure and continuous deployment the best way to fit their business and technical needs.
The different experiences I had taught me to be very close to my customers needs and to be able to well understand this ones, implement them the best way and be able to explain the solutions simply.
I can also build and give training to your teams.

Project history

08/2019 - 12/2019
Cloud Architect on AWS
Essilor (>10.000 employees)
Pharmaceuticals and medical technology
For the CCoE (Center Cloud of Excellence) of Essilor, apply good practices for AWS cloud and enhance cloud adoption, automation & processes.

10/2018 - 08/2019
Cloud Architect / Devops Engineer
Paylib (50-250 employees)
Banks and financial services
Design, Build and put in production Openshift Orchestration platform on VMWare/VSphere (OVH) for Paylib payment solution services.
- Highly available, resilient and secure architecture
- Infrastructure build automation on VMWare VSphere
- Openshift deployment & configuration automation
- Monitoring/Logging/Alerting infrastructure & services
- DRP design & automation
- CI/CD design & build
- Automate Backup/Restore Openshift cluster and services
- Dev team & Run team training

10/2017 - 10/2018
Infrastructure / Devops Engineer
Thales (>10.000 employees)
Automate infrastructures and standardized components delivery for Thales engineering business units on AWS :
- Automate ready-to-use infrastructures build on AWS using Terraform
- Automate applications deployment & configuration using Puppet/Terraform
- Automate Terraform stacks generation using Ansible
- Design of network architecture & automation of components for central zone
- AWS/Terraform/Puppet trainings for Thales teams

02/2017 - 10/2018
Infrastructure / Devops Engineer
Ippon Technologies (250-500 employees)
Internet and Information Technology
And in order to automate production processes of Hosting team:
- Automate ready-to-use infrastructures build on AWS using Terraform for customers projects bootstrap
- Automate tools/applications configuration on AWS
- AWS Solution Architect Associate Certification
- AWS Sysops Associate Certification
- Infrastructure / Devops Consultant
- Cloud / AWS Conference
- Trainings for Ippon consultants on AWS
- Trainings for Ippon consultants on Terraform
- Virtualization using OpenNebula
- Configuration automation using Puppet
- CI/CD from dev to production (Gitlab/Artifactory/Ansible)
- Development of Infrastructure As Code tool for Ippon private cloud (Opennebula, Java, Spring)
- Development of Software Factory as a Service for Ippon customers projects (Opennebula/Cloud-Init, Puppet, HAProxy, Consul/Consul-Template, Java)

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