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SME-Linux, Linux Administrator-Sr. Advisor, Application Engineer

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Operating System, Redhat, Centos, Ubuntu, Suse, Clustering, RedHat Cluster Suite, Pacemaker + corosync, ESX Cluster, HPC, Configuration Management, BMC BladeLogic, Puppet, RH Satellite, Virtualization, KVM, Xen, Vmware ESXi, Oracle VM, AWS, AWS S3, P2V converter, LVM, migration, Linux, AWS cloud migration. vMotion, Storage vMotion, Openshift + Docker, PXE + Kickstart, Server, Wireshark, tcpdump, RS232 Serial Port, Parallel Port, BMC and Capacity Planning Tool, Database, Oracle, MySql, Bash/Shell, C, C++, Php, Modbus Protocol, Disaster Recovery, Backup, TSM, avamar, Clonezilla, qcow2 image, lvm snapshots, KVM Rescue, Blade Chassis/Server, IBM, HP, Dell, Bios, iDrac, iLO, ipmi, Adaptec raid controller, HBA Firmware Update, PMI, PMP, Agile Methodology, Scrum+Kanban, Project Management Life Cycle, SDLC, Waterfall Methods, Spiral, Gantt, Cloud, agile scrum, Virtual Machine, Red Hat Cluster Suiteon KVM, Dell / HP firmware, hypervisor, VMware, logging, rsyslog, syslog-ng, Datacenter, datacenters, Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization Manager RHEV, Linux servers, ITIL Framework, virtual Linux servers, Vmware / KVM, UNIX platforms, UNIX, yum, cron, rsync, Postfix/sendmail, DNS, DHCP, Samba, Debian, Repo, Satellite Server, Vblock, RH Cluster Suite, Nortel Switches, Zizzy Switches, SLES, SLES 11, Data Encryption, Kernel Tainting, Storage Multipathing SUSE, Bash, Shell Scripting, Informix DB Virtualization, Vmware 3.5i/4i, Network Security, nmap, Firmware, Debugging, HP ProLiant 360 Xeon Server, Business Application, Sendmail, Drupal CMS, Nagios, iptables, LAN, Squid, RAID, VoIP server, OpenVPN, Apache, Tomcat, Firewall, RedHat Server, ESX 3.5i/4, fetchmail, Modbus, Linux kernel, BackupPC, Windows, desktops, Qick C Programming, QNX, Patching, Centos 6.x / RHEL 6.x Configuration Tool, data center, RHEL 6.x, x Architecture, cpu, memory, TCP/IP protocol, queueing system, Automation Suite Server, 3 Tier, virtual server, LAMP, MySql/postgress, client server, cfengine, VoIP, Voice Over IP protocol, IVR, LAN Wan, Modem, Linux OS, gcc, system calls, GNU, microcontroller, 8bit, mysql database, Joomla, Drupal, web client, plugins, Qnx OS, Converter, signal strength, Quick C, QNX platform

Project history

11/2017 - 08/2018
Leading and supporting Technical team for continuous improvements.
Architect for any new project that comes in comprising of above skill
sets. Provisioning of Cloud Projects on OracleVM architecture.

04/2015 - 05/2017
Applied agile scrum and kanban approach to continuous improvement planning on
present architecture.
RH Cluster Suite, LVM online offline Migrations
Running Virtual Machine as a High Availability resource thru Red Hat Cluster Suiteon KVM
Leading Team to perform Repetitive Task to make Account Stable. Includes
various incidents, IBM / Dell / HP firmware updates.
Analyzing risk management with mitigation plan for migrating (cold + hot) VM.
Implemented various stages of project management life cycle to upgrade existing
RHEV environment with new bare metal server as a part of capacity planning.
Project Planning to Migrating Virtual Machines running on various hypervisor like
(VMware, Xen and KVM) to Redhat Enterprise Virtualization Manager RHEV thru
Working with Puppet: creating general infrastructure policy and specific host
policy thru hiera.
Using Puppet Modules with Classes.
Centralize logging solutions (rsyslog, syslog-ng)
Kickoff HPC Oracle SunGrid Clusters for scratch.
Identifying skill matrices of resources and creating workload matrices with Gantt
chart timeline for Datacenter migrations, Application Migrations, Operating
System Migrations.
Suggesting project timeline to migrate physical datacenters to virtual and AWS
Engineering and Tuning Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization Manager RHEV, creating
of Cluster with High Availability.

07/2012 - 04/2015
Linux Administrator-Sr. Advisor
Dell International Services; RedHat Satellite IBM
Implement agile kanban board to highlight various matrices of Moody's BAU
production support team, which includes physical and virtual Linux servers.
Duties include, but not limited to server build-outs, administration of users,
managing 3rd party software, maintain security standards on all servers, technical
recovery documentation, and coordination with enterprise wide application and
team members to maintain high availability of the environments to meet
company standards according ITIL Framework.
Perform task to migrate physical Linux servers to virtual Linux servers
using Vmware / KVM
Perform task in migrating the various UNIX platforms over to the Linux platform
as part of the UNIX to Linux project (U2L).
Perform work with team members in providing system support to transitioning
servers from the old data centers to the new data centers as part the data
center migration and management project. (puppet/cobbler/BMC Bladlogic)
Provided proactive and reactive support and resolution of hardware/software
issues to maintain minimal service disruptions.
Supporting various hardware IBM,Dell,HP(Bios,iDrac,iLO,ipmi)/software(yum/
apt/cron/rsync upgrades.

Provided 7x24 on-call support coverage on a rotating basis.
Providing support for Infrastructure Services (Postfix/sendmail, DNS, DHCP, Samba,
Debian Repo server, Satellite Server)
One box solution using Vblock.
Automation Integration thru BladeLogic Orchestrator.
Heartbeat, RH Cluster Suite.
RedHat Satellite

Linux Administrator May2010 till July 2012.
Hardware Support
o IBM S and E Blade Chassis, Nortel Switches, Zizzy Switches,
o Storage: DS3XX Series, N-Series
Operating System Support
o IBM Aix 5.3, SLES 10.1, SLES 11, Data Encryption, Kernel Tainting, Storage Multipathing
SUSE, Bash/Shell Scripting.
Application support
o Supporting IBM's proprietary Informix DB
o Xen /KVM , Vmware 3.5i/4i with Fault Tolerance, DRS and Vmotion, Multipathing

08/2009 - 04/2010
Application Engineer
Datacenter monitoring Tool like " BMC BladeLogic Server Automation
Suite". Network Security, Network Scanning and hardening with
Supporting client's servers on 24*7 bases.
Monitoring, Maintenance, Configuration, & troubleshooting over thousands *INX
servers in Europe thru remote Logging.

09/2007 - 08/2009
Linux Administrator
International Sahaja Public School
Kernel & Firmware
o Performance Improvement
* Disabling Kernel Debugging.
o New H/w Support
* Enabled Scilion's network module to support Intex network card.
o BIOS Firmware upgrade for HP ProLiant 360 Xeon Server.

Business Application Support
o Setting-up DNS, Sendmail, Drupal CMS, Nagios, iptables, Se-Linux, Samba PDC
Server facility for internal LAN.
o Configuring HylaFax Server, to receive Fax as an Email.
o Configured Squid on RAID 0 to improve System Performance.
o Implementing VoIP server. It can be extended with OpenVPN across
any geographical boundaries.
o Jabber Chat Server
o Apache & Tomcat with Firewall installation and maintenance.
o Installing Oracle on RedHat Server.
o ILO Management on HP ProLiant 360 Xeon Server.

o Implemented Virtualization thru VMware
* Create dhcp/kickstart/PXE Boot Environment

* Installed ESX 3.5i/4 Server

02/2006 - 09/2007
Linux Support Engineer
Pinig Systems Pvt Ltd.
24 * 7 Support to our clients.
Monitoring, Maintenance, Upgradation, Configuration, & Troubleshooting over
100 servers in Europe thru remote Logging.
Supporting for RAID & LVMs
PXE Installation Server for any *inx distribution. Which includes redhat, fedora,
debian, mandriva, mandrake, suse
Configuring DNS, SAMBA, fetchmail, sendmail, for internal server.

01/2005 - 02/2006
System Administrator-Automation System
IndoAsian Fusegear ltd.
Computerize Electrical Equipment Controlling System
Modbus RTU Protocol Design for a micro-controller based Device under Linux
(FC3). o A user level program designed to run over Linux kernel to read the
temperature at different stages of machines.
Apt-get & yum repository for internal LAN. L1 support for DNS,
Sendmail, BackupPC.

02/2003 - 11/2004
Technical Support Associates
Product support to US customers both Voice and Chat.
Troubleshooting heterogeneous environment with both Windows and Linux desktops

01/2002 - 12/2002
Bharat Electronic Ltd. (Govt. of India, Ministry of Defense Enterprise)
Development & Testing of Real-Time Embedded System
Exposure to Qick C Programming under QNX environment
Troubleshooting specialized H/w receiving signals from a Radar

Projects Handled:

Name: Patching Automation of all *inx servers (redhat/ubuntu)
Category: Cloud Automation Patching.
Client: IBM
Operating System: Centos 6.x / RHEL 6.x
Configuration Tool: Puppet framework.
Project Description: This project was created to automate patching activity of *inx servers of
any customer in a data center. This will save the human activity of numerous periodic patching
Scalability : This project is salable to the extent of patching all existing *inx server. Any new server
can also be attached to this framework with very minimal technical design modification.

Name : Setting up HPC (High Performance Cluster) for specific need.
Category : High Performance Computing in Distributed Networked Environments.
Client: Tata Steel.
Operating System : Centos 6.x / RHEL 6.x

HPC Cluster : Oracle Sun Grid Engine 8.x
Architecture : 3Tier Distributive Real time High-end Computing.
Project Description: As the name suggest by the project. It utilizes computing (cpu+memory)
power of server connected via TCP/IP protocol. An HPC cluster is made of many separate
servers, called nodes, possibly filling an entire data center with dozens of power-hungry
racks. It can termed as supercomputer of organization which has huge computing power, and
any program that runs on cluster are called as jobs and they are typically managed through a
queueing system for optimal utilization of all available resources.

Name : BMC BladeLogic Server Automation Suite Server.
Category : Datacenter Management Suite.
Operating System and Language : Linux with BMC Bladelogic Suite...
Architecture : 3 Tier Architecture.
Project Description : This is a 3 tier architecture to manage big datacenter. One node is
called configuration manager, 2nd one connection manager, 3rd one is oracle database node. It
can work as to sync same configuration among any number of nodes in a datacenter. It can
automate provisioning of bare metal or virtual server start from scratch.

Name : PXE-Network Installation Server for unix like Operating System.
Category : Automate Installation & Configuration Management.
Operating System and Language : LAMP. (Linux , Apache, MySql/postgress, Php.)
Architecture : client server Architecture.
Project Description : This project utilizes the network installation feature of any open
source unix like operating system i.e Redhat/Ubuntu/OpenSuse/Mandrake, and automate it.
Tools used PXE KS Server, with cfengine, whether virtual or physical build.

Name : Opensourse VoIP Server.
Category : VoIP Server.
Operating System : Linux with trixbox modules.
Architecture : VoIP Architecture.
Project Description : This project utilizes the Voice Over IP protocol and created an IVR
based call receiving system. This can be deployed in LAN Wan or public network.

Name : Opensource Email to Fax Server. Hylafax.
Category : Paperless Office project.
Operating System and Language : Linux with US Robotic Serial Modem.
Architecture : Batch information collecting architecture.
Project Description : This project was created in order to have paperless office. Whenever a
fax is received by a company it is converted to an email and send it to the person it is
designed for. Modem is connected to telephone line and Linux based PC, which identifies the
fax tone and activate the necessary module to convert receiving fax in an email.

Name : Computerize Electrical Equipment Controlling System
Category : System Software.
Operating System and Language : Linux OS, gcc system calls thru parallel port.
Architecture : Input Output Architecture.
Project Description : This project can help triggering 8 electrical equipment simultaneously.
We uses commodity hardware with Linux as a platform and GNU C to develop a system program
which reads the signal thru parallel port and trigger thru the same port when needed.

Name : Modbus RTU Protocol Design for a micro-controller based hardware.
Category : System Software.

Operating System and Language : Linux OS, gcc system calls thru serial port RS-232
Architecture : Query and Answer Architecture.
Project Description : This is a system program based on query and answer protocol thru serial
port. It uses 'C' Data structure technique to transmit (Tx) a query structure to a
microcontroller connected thru serial port of PC, and receive an answer from same
microcontroller thru the Rx pin of a serial port. All communication (Tx,Rx) is happening in hex
format. Each Query is coded and decoded in a 8bit Hex code, and saving it periodically in text
file and mysql database of choice.

Name : Extension of Modbus RTU Protocol and porting it to Website.
Category : Web Application Software.
Operating System and Language : LAMP. (Linux , Apache, MySql/postgress, Php.)
Architecture : client server Architecture.
Project Description : This project is an extension to any program which is creating and saving
data periodically in text file or mysql or postgress database. It is then presented in a web
page in a graphical format.

Name : Joomla or Drupal based Educational Website.
Category : Education Website.
Operating System and Language : LAMP. (Linux , Joomla/Drupal , Apache, MySql/postgress,
Architecture : web client server Architecture.
Project Description : Created a school website, utilizing various module and plugins of
Joomla with the combination of mysql/postgress database. Name : Sensing of Radar Signal

Category : Real Time Embedded System
Client: Defense (Indian Navy).
Operating System and Language : Qnx OS, with Quick C.
Architecture : Distributive Real Time Environment.
Project Description : This is a real time project developed for Defense System (Indian Navy) .
A simulator is sending random signal which has to be gathered by Ananog to Digital Converter
card on our System and based upon the signal strength and request type we need to convert
the Analog signal onto Radar based Video Screen, there by activating the friend or foe
function in a timely manner. This was developed in Quick C on QNX platform for
microcontroller based hardware.

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