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Last update: 15.01.2020

Performance Test Engineer Lead, SDET & Test Architect, NFT Test Manager, Volume and Performance Test Manager

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Agile, CI/CD, (Certified) /Microfocus, JMeter, Rational Performance Tester, Green Hat, LoadUI, Gatling, Loadster, Load Impact, Visual Studio, Google Analytics, Perfmon, BMC Patrol, Solar Winds, AWR Reports, Dynatrace, Site Scope, BSM, Test, UFT, Selenium, SOAP UI, Postman, Quality Centre, Jira, Confluence, Zephyr, Rational Test Manager, Rational Doors, Rational Quality Manager, DevOps, Browser Stack, Java, C#, VBScript, K6, API, XML, Webservices, Groovy, JSON, JavaScript, TIBCO, SQL, Usability, Azure, SAP Finance, Data Migration, agile methodologies, LoadRunner, Backup, cloud, Jenkins, RDS, DNS, Cosmos DB, Integration Blob Storage, CRM Blob Storage, Dynamics, CRM, Logic, SharePoint Online, Forms IO, SAP FI, SAP, Oracle, Security Centre, Analytics, Redis Cache, Azure Storage (Blob/File), Azure AD, App Management Console, Windows, Office 365, Microsoft Team, LoadRunner 12.x, LoadImpact, SoapUI, JAWS, SMTP Sampler, Restful APIs, WEB, HTTP, HTML, test frameworks, test automation, test suite, Soap, UI, Automation testing, script, Ready API, Microsoft Office, Project Plan, UNIX, EDIFACT, APM, HTTP Sampler, GCP, IBM, test framework, LoadRunner scripts, Oracle Apps 11i, Web HTTP/HTML, IBM Rational Performance, Maximo, IBM Data Reporting Integrator, Microsoft technologies, ETL, Tablets, IBM Cloud, LifeRay, ISAM, ISDS, Data Power, Suite, Apache Application servers, AWS, Oracle NCA, SQS, Load Runner, Visual Studio 2012 Test, Load UI, applications, BI Reports, Web Services, SAP LoadRunner framework, LoadRunner 11, FI, P2P, HP PPMC tool, Tivoli Access Manager, Oracle Financials & Data Warehouse, Oracle Financials, CITRIX, Data Warehouse, Batch jobs, Greenhat, VSTS, HP PPMC, Java RMI, Custom Code, Oracle R12, LoadRunner 9, Oracle Apps, Discoverer, Oracle 10g, Load, Volume, Soak, Load Balancing, LoadRunner 9.5, Documentum, test data, OLTP, Win 32, database, Load Balancer, SQL Optimization, LoadRunner 8.4, Billing, NET, HTTP/HTML, QTP scripts, LoadRunner 8.1, Test Director, Rational Robot, LAN, WAN, regression testing, web-based, functional testing, JPM

Project history

04/2015 - 07/2019
NFT Test Manager
IBM (NHS Digital)
* Delivered all NFT activities on the portfolio covering Digital Transformation, Infrastructure
upgrade, Data Migration.
* Built a new team of 10 NFT consultants of varying skill levels to support activities on the
* Accomplished implementation of NFT test strategy on the account which included 24/7 performance
* Responsibility for providing assurance on Performance and OAT prior to Go Live
* Motivated team working to challenging timelines and constraints providing leadership as and when
* Mentored junior team members providing guidance as and when required
* Accountable for new project engagements and delivering impact assessments, effort estimation,
test scope, timescales and resources.
* Applied CI/CD techniques across NFT
* Implemented performance test tooling, infrastructure setup, monitoring tools, analysis processes
across the account
* Successfully tests the NHS Digital projects which saw the Migration of 1.5 million NHS Employees
to new infrastructure and application.
* Manage quarterly performance test deliveries
* Implemented performance test framework of LoadRunner scripts in Oracle Apps 11i, Web HTTP/HTML,
Web Click and Script, & TruClient
* Implemented production performance monitoring via BSM scripts
* Monitoring with Dynatrace and Application Performance Monitoring for performance issues and
* Slashed costs and provided savings of 70% through tests automation in preparation, execution and
* Delivered saving 50% in license renewal with HP without impacting on delivery.

IT Applications: LoadRunner 12.X, IBM Rational Performance Tester, IBM Maximo, APM, Dynatrace IBM
Control Desk, IBM Data Reporting Integrator, Microsoft technologies, Oracle HR and Payroll, Oracle
HR and Payroll Application, BI Reports Discoverer Reports, Hourly, Daily & Monthly ETL (Extract
Transform and Load) runs, Batch Testing, Mobile Applications (Mobiles, Tablets), IBM Control Desk
Infrastructure: IBM Cloud, LifeRay, ISAM, ISDS, Data Power, Oracle e-Business Suite, Apache
Application servers, AWS etc.
LR Protocol Used: Oracle NCA, Oracle Apps 11i, WEB (HTTP/HTML), Web Click and Script and TruClient

08/2018 - 05/2019
Performance Test Engineer Lead, SDET & Test Architect
Capgemini (HMRC)
* Accomplished developing automation and performance test frameworks for the Brexit Customs imports
and exports EDCS contingency project
* Applied CI/CD techniques to both Automation and Performance testing.
* Slashed manual testing execution time by 80% through test automation.
* Reduced Performance test execution time by 50% through development of automated custom analysis
* Stakeholder management daily status reports and weekly
* Delivered reusable Automation & Performance test suite in JMeter, Soap UI and Load UI
* Negotiated the best license packaging which were required to ensure expenditure of licensing was
kept to a minimum.
* Achieved reduction in runtimes of jobs by 3500% through Performance tuning on application code to
configurations to use optimal number of threads and queues sizes and no of instances.
* Developed Data Driven Tests and Automated Tests in SOAP UI to support Functional Test team
* Leadership and mentoring to a team of 5.
* Supporting functional/Automation testing with script development in SoapUI/Ready API
* Using numerous applications including Confluence, JIRA, Zephyr, Microsoft Office, Project Plan,
UNIX etc.
* Following the agile approach with CD/CI.
* Monitoring with Dynatrace and Application Performance Monitoring for performance issues
investigation and resolution
* Testing volumes of up to 250k Emails and EDIFACT messages per hr. and providing assurance that
the infrastructure would be able to support the expected volumes.

IT Applications: LoadRunner 12.X, JMeter, SOAPUI, LoadUI, APM, HMRC Import and Export Applications,
Protocol Used: HTTP Sampler, SMTP Sampler, Restful APIs, WEB (HTTP/HTML)
Infrastructure: GCP

11/2013 - 04/2015
Volume and Performance Test Manager
SQS (Sainsbury's & Legal and General)
* Delivered Risk Assessments to assess whether there was a requirement for Volume and
Performance Testing on projects.
* NFRs analysed and tested across for multiple projects
* Cost effective project costs agree with Sainsbury stake holders using a risk-based approach
* Stake Holder Management for client, projects & SQS
* Used tools including Performance Centre, Quality centre, Load Runner, Visual Studio 2012 Test,
Load UI, SOAP UI, Solar Winds.
* Accomplished numerous successfully deliveries of BI Reports, ETLs, CRM, Web applications,
Batch jobs and Red Prairie (JDA) Warehouse Management System.
* Provided leadership for offshore resources in South Africa and India and provided guidance as
and when required.
* Monitoring with Dynatrace and Application Performance Monitoring for performance issues and
* Slashed costs of upto 60% on projects through test automation and test planning.
* Developed reusable frameworks in JMeter, Performance Centre and LoadRunner

IT Applications: LoadRunner 9.5x & 11.52, Performance Centre, JMeter, Load UI, Quality Centre, SOAP
UI, Postman, BI Reports, CRM, Oracle, Dynatrace, APM
Infrastructure AWS, Red Prairie, Warehouse Management System
LR Protocol Used: Oracle NCA, Oracle Apps 11i, WEB (HTTP/HTML), Web Services, RTE, SAP

07/2013 - 11/2013
SAP Performance Test Manager
StarBase, UK (Jaguar Land Rover)
* Managed and provided leadership for test team
* Stake Holder Management for client, projects & StarBase
* Managed project budgets
* Used tools including Performance Centre, Quality center, & Load Runner
* Created SAP Performance Test Strategy, Test Plans, Test Competition Report, MSP project plans.
* Implemented SAP LoadRunner framework
* Set up LoadRunner infrastructure
* Mentored junior consultants
* Implemented process improvements
* Provided personal feedback and support

IT Applications: LoadRunner 11.52, Quality Centre, SAP (FI, P2P, HCM)
LR Protocol Used: SAP

01/2012 - 07/2013
NFT Team Lead & Client Engagement Manager
* Motivate leadership for team to 30 NFT test consultants
* Responsible for BoW of 150 projects.
* Accountable for delivering NFT across 40 projects per quarter
* Generated revenues of £4.5million per year
* Mentored junior members of the team
* SME for performance tuning across projects
* Stake Holder Management for client, projects & StarBase
* Implemented process for new project engagement & budget estimations using HP PPMC tool
* Accomplished NFT across numerous deliveries including external Insurance Web Sites, and Tivoli
Access Manager, Oracle Financials & Data Warehouse.
* Introduced agile performance test work stream, to support quicker deliveries into production.
* Implemented templates for NFT Test Approaches, NFT Test Plan, NFT Test Competition Report, MSP
project plans.
* Monitoring with Dynatrace and Application Performance Monitoring for performance issues and
* Executed tests and carried out analysis identifying performance degradation and bottle neck
* Proactive in building relationships with teams.

IT Applications: LoadRunner 9.5x & 11.52, Performance Centre, Quality Centre, Dynatrace, Oracle
Financials, CITRIX, Web Services and Data Warehouse, Jmeter, SAP, Batch jobs, ETL, BI Reports,
Greenhat, VSTS, HP PPMC, APM
LR Protocol Used: Oracle NCA, Oracle Apps 11i, WEB (HTTP/HTML), SAP, Web Click and Script and Java
RMI, Web Services, CITRIX

03/2009 - 12/2011
Performance Test Consultant
McKesson Corporation
* Managed teams of up to 10 performance test consultants.
* Responsible for E2E performance testing activities
* Implemented a reusable performance testing framework through CI and CD
* Slashed Test execution time by 50% through the introduction of automation and test planning
* Accountable for quarterly lessons learnt sessions
* Proactively promoted automation to reduce costs through UFT Scripts, batch jobs, automated
excel analysis.
* Performance tuning, of infrastructure, Oracle HR and Payroll code, Custom Code, ETL, Batch
* Implemented templates Designed and created Test plans for NFT testing including failover,
failback, disaster recovery etc. by liaising with the technical experts.
* Accountable for OAT Testing
* Delivered Performance and NFT for Oracle R12 upgrade
* Topaz Script development and maintenance

IT Applications: LoadRunner 9.5x, Oracle Apps HRMS and Payroll Injector, Discoverer, Oracle 10g,
Oracle Release 12 Upgrade, etc.
LR Protocol Used: Oracle NCA, Oracle Apps 11i, WEB (HTTP/HTML), Web Click and Script and Java RMI

01/2009 - 03/2009
Performance Test Lead
Accenture - Medical Healthcare and Regulatory Agency
* Producing Performance Test Strategy and Performance Test Approach.
* Developed 12 new LR scripts for key business functionality.
* Developed several different LR scenarios including Load, Volume, Soak, and Stress.
* Determined the right configuration has been applied to the new live servers and applications
* Performance bottleneck identification, identifying the root cause and providing solution
* Performance Bottlenecks identified - Apps, Config tuning, Load Balancing issue and Page
response time.
IT Applications: LoadRunner 9.5, Quality Centre, Documentum
LR Protocol Used: WEB (HTTP/HTML)

08/2007 - 01/2009
Performance Test Lead
Accenture - Vodafone (CRM Phase B)
* Test Planning (Scenarios, test data, environment, creating traceability matrix etc.)
* Coordinating with Israel and French teams and all project stakeholders
* Analysis and execution of the billing cycles alongside the OLTP to identify any performance
* Developed 13 new LR scripts in the WEB (HTTP/HTML), Citrix, and Win 32.
* Maintained and upgrading an existing 10 existing LR scripts.
* Performance Tested Monthly Billing cycles alongside the standard OLTP Load
* Monitored Performance of the application under test and Gathering performance metrics for the
application web and database servers
* Performance Bottlenecks identified - Sticky Connections with Load Balancer, SQL Optimization
and Page response time.

IT Applications: LoadRunner 8.4, Quality Centre, CRM, TIBCO, Billing, .NET
LR Protocols Used: CITRIX, WEB (HTTP/HTML), Win 32

06/2006 - 08/2007
Technical & Performance Tester
* Supported 4 Test Environments and carried out data prep activities.
* Used TIBCO Administrator and Developer, to investigate defects prior to handing them over to
the development team
* Managed an offshore developments project in delivering 6 key Batch jobs
* Developed QTP scripts
* Used Test Director to produce metrics and reports
* Performance Testing Real-time billing and key batch jobs to ensure the completed within their
* Carrying out LR analysis and providing input for the Performance Test Results report
* Performance Bottlenecks identified - High CPU, Memory and Response Time during content
syndication directly proportional to amount of data syndicated.

IT Applications: Java, LoadRunner 8.1, Test Director etc.
LR Protocols Used: WEB (HTTP/HTML)

11/2004 - 06/2006
Functional and Performance Tester
* Worked as QA analyst for a financial software house, where I was responsible for the team's
performance timings & load tests using Rational Test Manager & Rational Robot.
* Performance timings are taken both on LAN and WAN environments with the use of Cloud.
* I also developed automated virtual user scripts which were required for carrying out
performance testing.
* I also carried out regression testing to test the functionality of web-based applications.
* New test cases and scripts for performance and functional testing, as well as updating
existing scripts to incorporate any enhancements made.
* Testing was of a very high standard meeting tight deadlines, and ensuring that the product is
ready to be delivered on time to the world's major banks including JPM & Morgan Stanley
IT Applications: IBM tools, IPO, Equities, Financial, Trading
LR Protocols Used: WEB (HTTP/HTML)

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