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Last update: 12.10.2022

Tech Concierge, Linux Specialist, Hubzilla/OpenWebAuth/Zot Evangelist

Graduation: associates
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Linux Novell NetWare Debian Linux Red Hat Enterprise Linux Network Server Docker Java (Programming Language) PHP (Programming Language) Microsoft Windows AutoCAD + 35 more keywords




Interested mostly in anything which can increase the use of Hubzilla.
Otherwise any Linux centric projects.
TL;DR - IT Generalist/Linux Specialist, IOW I can do just about anything.

Slackware has been my OS of choice since the 90's when everyone was compiling kernels for their Xwindows desktop...had NetWare and Redhat servers running at home... ran their own Quake servers across dialup connections and occasionally lugged their gaming tower to the office after hours to use the T1 connection to play deathmatches... What's that you say? It wasn't everyone that did that? hmm.. well that's interesting...

Since the late 80's I've used/worked on Dos, Amiga, Unix, Vax, Aix, HPUX, BSD, Netware, Linux (Slackware, RedHat, Mandrake, Suse, Debian, Ubuntu, Dd-wrt, OpenWRT, and quite a few others including LinuxFromScratch), and even Windows systems which I hear people still use for some odd reason. Personally, I couldn't find a reason to use any Microsoft products about 20 years ago. Appears that it hasn't changed much and still takes more constant maintenance to secure and keep running than anything else. But maybe more people use AutoCad now then back when I did, IDK.

Lately running Debian and derivates (Raspbian, Mobian, Mendel) on more devices; and running more services in docker stacks/containers.

I started programming in BASIC on a Tandy 1000 IIRC, or was it a Sinclair ZX81? Learned AutoLISP and C/C++ around 1990 or so. At some point, to some degree or another (incidental to job/contract, specific programming projects, personal interests), have also worked on code in VB (the classic variety), perl, python, java, php and probably a few others I can't recall now.  

In the 90's I worked with data in FilemakerPro, Access, Oracle, Informix, Delphi, mysql, crystal reports... More recently, mariadb and postgres. Have run redis, solr, etc. as services in docker fwiw. I guess Grafana would fall into the db category. How about some message queuing stuff that I run at home/boat - Mqtt, signalk, nmea...
or we could just move on to network protocols. Like an onion, there's layers...Well nevermind, I forgot how to rattle off the OSI model a long time ago and there's a website or two somewhere... Got the hurricane electric ipv6 certification when ip6 started rollout.
I've setup/admin'ed my own and numerous others' servers for file, print, app, web, mail, DNS, etc. etc.
And then there's the security of all this stuff - user permissions, firewalls, vpn, ids, WAF, proxies... the stories of questionable hacking activity in the days of AOL, keystroke loggers, recording and analyzing packet captures, elevating privileges and creating hidden backdoor admin accounts in netware...
But now even I'm getting bored with this, so in closing: kudos to you if you actually read all of this.

Basically anything in IT (and the construction field as my resume includes to demonstrate general business/management experience) I have either done or have the experience/knowledge to do.

Project history

09/2020 - Present
Internet and Information Technology
Internet Services Management.
Web hosting.
Managed VPS hosting.
Concierge Technology Service.

06/2020 - 01/2022
Field Engineer
Maverick Digital Solutions
Local to nationwide retail, commercial, food service, etc. onsite support and consulting.
POS and premise hardware to wireless networking and security engineering.

06/2015 - 09/2019
Company Owner
Paint and Patches, LLC
Residential and Commercial Contracts
Interior Finishes, Carpentry and Repairs
Drywall, Flooring, Painting, Trim, Cabinets, etc.

06/2015 - 12/2018
Technology Consultant
Xensha LLC
All things Networking, Linux/Unix, scripting/programming, RF/Wifi, embedded devices and pro audio.

02/2003 - 05/2015
Independent Consultant
T3 Technologies
Consulting, tech support, custom programming and systems development.

Custom programming, development and support of an innovative custom captive portal system for a
free wifi hotspot provider (C, PHP, MySQL, libhttpd, iptables, OpenWRT, embedded Linux)

Programming in Perl (microperl) for low level serial port access on Meraki devices (embedded Linux)

Onsite technical support services for several Fortune 500 retail and financial clients

Other projects include; server refresh for Chase, HP Instant Print Photo install/support at several
Wal-Mart locations, setup and management of OpenVPN connections for a medical billing provider,
Android App. Dev. involving streaming video, native webRTC, nanomsg, SQL and secure client/server

09/2014 - 02/2015
Drywall Mechanic / Punch Out Technician
Austin Interiors, Inc
Commercial and residential drywall installation and finishing.
Metal stud framing.
Texture/knockdown spray application.

05/2011 - 05/2014
Solid Rock Flooring
Installation and repairs of vinyl, lvt, vct, hardwood, laminate and ceramic flooring. Armstrong certified.
Supervision and management of helpers and junior field crews.
Recognized for excellence in customer service.

09/2000 - 02/2003
Network Specialist
Applied Computer Systems, LLC
Install and maintain Local and Wide Area Network systems for clients - cabling, routers, firewalls,
VPN's, local network servers, internet servers, workstations, printer repair, security, administration, and
custom database programming

Autonomous maintenance of client/customer accounts among various business sectors

01/1997 - 09/2000
Network Support Specialist
Milford School District
Network Engineering/Administration in 25 server, 4000 User Multi-topology WAN (users, security,
printing, CD towers, managed hubs and switches, cabling, scripting, custom applications, network
analysis, software licensing, inventory, and maintenance records)

Database Administration including data extraction and conversion as required, notably in the
implementation of new State-wide Student Accounting System software

Manage/supervise outside vendors

Increased tech support department productivity through procedure documentation, programming of
automation routines, and improved security policies

12/1993 - 11/1996
Engineering Assistant
Matrix Service Company
Was instrumental in the deployment and support of the company's Netware network

Provided training to employees on various technology subjects

Implemented a drawing numbering system along with a database system to maintain it

Created the Quality Control department's inspection report database system

Performed design, drafting and checking of drawings for all aspects of steel tank construction and
repair, maintaining applicable industry standards and customer specifications. Managed junior

Saved company several hundred man-hours by developing automation routines for CAD, creating and
modifying applications for engineering calculations, and developing ad-hoc database applications

06/1992 - 12/1993
Senior Facilities Designer
Allstates Design & Development
Managed all facilities design and drafting work for Louviers and other DuPont sites

Received award as a contributing member of a high productivity DuPont Facilities Services team

Managed internal peer-to-peer network providing access to proprietary information

Served as a member in a high output drafting team to create and edit PNI, Isometric, piping, electrical
and other drawings related to chemical plant operations

Local Availability

Only available for the countries USA
I'd rather be sailing or otherwise aboard my home so remote only, unless convenient to dock/anchorage.
Preferably in the SE US/Caribbean.
However, if onsite scheduling is flexible to account for weather windows and such uncertainties inherent to navigation, figure on travel cost roughly equal to the nautical travel distance X marine diesel retail cost per gallon + 25% upfront. Generally this guesstimate should cover any foreign port entry fees.
Profileimage by Tom Johnson Tech Concierge, Linux Specialist, Hubzilla/OpenWebAuth/Zot Evangelist from GreenCoveSprings Tech Concierge, Linux Specialist, Hubzilla/OpenWebAuth/Zot Evangelist