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Profileimage by JosephJohn Hart Unternehmensberater IT / BCP & DRP Spezialist, Interim Manager, Roll Out Manager from Wiesbaden
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Profileimage by JosephJohn Hart Unternehmensberater IT / BCP & DRP Spezialist, Interim Manager, Roll Out Manager from Wiesbaden
Main focus of activities (excerpt)

Expert in strategic IT/TC development and deployment for domestic and international locations.

Responsible for IT budgets up to 15 million euros.

Planned, implemented and operated state of the art call center infrastructures according to ITIL and BSI guidelines.

Planned and deployed cost efficient voice and data solutions.

Achieved ISO 9000 certification of all ITC processes.

Migrated the ITC assets of acquired companies into the corporate ICT environment.

Planned and implemented employee suggestion program.

Developed coaching and training programs for employee motivation and stress relief.

Specialist for business continuity and disaster recovery (BCP/DRP).

Expert for liaising with authorities and employees of multicultural origin.

Direct line staff responsibility for up to 50 employees.

Cost savings achieved during the last years round about 10 million euros.

Deployment and roll out summary:
(ITC infrastructure, voice&data, data centers)

Performed 4 successful ITC site migrations.
Planed and rolled out 2 off shoring sites in North Africa.
Planed and rolled out 25 sites within EMEA.
Coordinated 3 site moves.
Planned and rolled out the IT infrastructure for an automated warehouse system.

Activity and performance scope (excerpt)

Product launch (utilization of market trends):
Developed and deployed several innovative product implementations in diverse companies.

Monitored all relevant ITC performance indicators and created significant reporting\\\'s within defined SLA\\\'s and KPI\\\'s.

Established corporate wide Vendor-Management with the primary focus on purchasing of infrastructure components for all operational subsidiaries.

My specialty is the management of all relevant ITC organizations with all its facets.

Recognized expert to develop new sites considering all ethnic and cultural differences.

Developed and managed multinational IT-teams at various locations.

Quality assurance:
Continuously monitored and adjusted all quality standards according to BSI, ITIL and ISO 9000.

Rolled out CRM applications and processes for all relevant business units. Deployed applications among others were; Sales Force, Siebel and custom developed applications.

Planed and successfully rolled out a resilient, corporate wide Lotus Notes messaging solution.

Covered all security relevant requirements for LAN, WAN internet and mobile devices.
This covered the implementation of a multi level fire wall and data encryption applications.
Remote access to the intranet and data servers was protected by secure id access procedures.

Disaster Recovery
Performed risk analysis for all business units to identify and mitigate risks that could have negative influence on productivity. Created and deployed comprehensive BCP/DRP plans.
Performed regular desktop tests and dry runs to assure consistency of the plans.

Help Desk:
Improved service quality by implementing a corporate IT/TC Help Desk and combining the skills and know how of all IT associates as a result reducing the turn around time for service requests by 45%.

Telephony (digital/VoIP).
Deployed a resilient, corporate telephony environment using Nortel and Cisco components with a system availability of 99.8%.

drove Departmental- and Executive-Coaching programs for employee motivation and stress relief.

Migrated the infrastructure of acquired companies into the corporate network.

Crisis management:
Created and deployed BCP/DRP guidelines for all EMEA sites. This enabled comprehensive troubleshooting of diverse technical issues without disrupting the operational business.

liquidated the ITC organization of an international computer distributor due to site closure.

Project management
Lead multiple international ITC projects with focus on off shoring for divers EMEA subsidiary

Implementation of Call Centers (domestic and international):
This included the selection of facilities, assuring proper capacities for all technical connections,
the lead of multinational project teams, the continuous monitoring of all project steps as well as go live and transfer to the production phase.

Data Centers:
Planed, rolled out, expanded and relocated complex ITC infrastructures domestic as well as international. Expansions and relocation\\\'s were performed according to business continuity guide lines (BCP).

Managerial experience and Personnel responsibilities
Managerial experience
1,5 years Freelance IT consultant and Interim Manager.
9 Years as CIO for a Call Center Provider.
10 Years Head of IT for an IT Distributor.
Staff responsibilities
Head of IT for an IT Distributor 30 direct reports.
CIO for a Call Center Provider 50 direct reports.

German Native speaker
English Native speaker

Professional experience
Call Center
Trade organizations
Service Provider
Education and vocational Training.

Qualification - Soft Skills
goal oriented and personal initiative
positive thinking and dedicated
strong communication skills
team player and team supporting
Hands-on mentality
distinct social skills
09/2008 – to date
Consultancy and services: Consultant/Project manager

Project management and responsibilities:

Performed ITC assessments within the Due Diligence process of possible company acquisitions or joint ventures.

Planed a VOIP solution for an ASP model based on VMUX and CISCO components/solutions.

Designed a hosted „software as a service“ solution.

Assessed diverse applications with respect to cost efficiency and marketability.

Reviewed existing ITC infrastructures in terms of optimization approaches for technology, quality management and staffing in Europe and northern Africa

Bench marked and compiled all relevant data with local ITC teams and jointly developed optimization proposals. The results were presented to the executive board for final approval.

Average bottom line savings of 25% for all reviewed areas enabled rapid implementation of the new and/or streamlined processes.

11/1999 - 09/2008
Call Center and Services: CIO


Planing, implementation and ITC operations for new sites (Europe and northern Africa)
This included the selection of the buildings, including all technical connections, negotiations with all relevant authorities, the management of project teams, ensuring that all necessary regulations and guidelines have been met and the preparation of the entire roll outs. The implementation of 2 independent data centers with resilient coverage enabled continuous operations or all business units.

Applied technology:
HP Procurve LAN components, CISCO Wan components, AMP (Tyco) LAN Voice cabling, FG-Wilson Power Generator, APC UPS systems, AGO climate-control system, Nortel telephony Digital and VoIP, HP Server, HP Desktops.

System availability > 99.8%.

Designed and implemented a VMUX based digital voice compression solution for the north African off shoring sites. Cost saving 600K € annually

Applied technology:
RAD VMUX 2100, HP Procurve switches, HP heartbeat monitoring solution, S2M and PSTN. 8 E1 connections were transparently routed through one E1 leased line. The maximum capacity for 1 E1 line is 16 E1 connections with a compression rate of 8k per call. The solution was backed up by using a fail over 2mbit S2M dial-up connection. In the event of line failure all calls would be automatically routed to the backup line without loss of quality. In addition, all calls could be routed through the standard PSTN connections.

Planned and deployed a central IT / TC Help desk:
Using the OTRS Help desk & IT Service Management solution. The solution was setup and hosted in the European data center. All users could connect to the server via intranet or secure Web clients. See also IT-Controlling.

Implementation of a corporate IT-Controlling:
By tracking the activities & incidences in a central ticketing system (OTRS) we were able to increase the response quality significantly while reducing the overall costs by 35%. All resources were managed through the central inventory and configuration modules. These included all Adds, Changes & Moves as well as the infrastructure assets. All tickets, incidents and resources could now be mapped to the appropriate cost centers which significantly improved the all-around CSAT score by deploying Service Level Agreements to the operational teams and customers.

Reorganization of the IT procurement process to achieve annual cost saving of 25% (Vendor Management):
Defined and implemented master agreements with preferred vendors to achieve best quality and best price guarantees. The agreements were constantly reviewed and adjusted.

Staff responsibility for 45 direct reports
Support of 3,500 employees at 19 EMEA locations
Budget responsibility of 15 million euros annually

09/1991 - 08/1999
IT Distributor: Director IT


Standardization of the European desktops and networks

Applied Technology:
HP servers, Dell desktops, 3Com LAN components, CISCO WAN components, AMP (Tyco) cabling which reduced the infrastructure costs by 30%. The avg. handling time for tickets was reduced by 50%.

Ensured Y2K readiness:
These included the replacement of older infrastructure and upgrade of the components, if this was possible. All applications were upgraded to the latest releases or replaced. All elements that could be effected were tested using simulations and dry runs based on defined testing processes and procedures.

ISO 9000 certification of all business units:
The IT department took the leading role and conducted all required interviews as well as the implementation of the quality standards. All ITC employees were successfully certified.

IT Migration of acquired companies:
In the course of a full scale due diligence all ITC- infrastructure, -applications and -processes were recorded and merged into our corporate ITC processes and systems. The integration of the data centers of the acquired company\'s was conducted with no impact on productive systems.

Staff responsibility for 30 direct reports
Support of 1200 employees at 6 locations
Budget responsibility of $ 6 million annually

09/1997 - 08/1998
IT Distributor: IT-Manager

Set up a Pan-European communications network

Applied Technology:
Resilient 1 Mbit p2p leased line connecting to the corporate wide area networks to achieve secure and fast data exchange. Several 512KB VPN connections using a CISCO (PIX) firewall cluster enabled the centralized administration and redundant roll out of the Lotus Notes messaging environment with 23 nodes and 8 replication servers.

Restructuring of IT departments at 4 sites:
These departments functioned as separate, stand alone units. By connecting them to the corporate wide area network and standardizing the infrastructure components we achieved a more transparent view of the overall site implementations. All ITC team members were seamlessly integrated and were given defined rolls as virtual members of the corporate ITC organization.

Definition and monitoring of SLAs:
Defined and monitored SLA’s with all functional teams and consequently reduced the case TAT by 25%.

Drove and finalized a multimillion dollar relocation of Data Center, ITC Infrastructure and Warehouse from Munich to Darmstadt.

Staff responsibility for 20 direct reports
Support of 1000 employees at 4 locations
Budget responsibility of $ 4.5 million annually
09/1991 – 08/1997
IT Distributor: Head of IT

Successfully drove the integration of the company ERP system with a state of the art, automated warehouse infrastructure. The implementation was conducted in three stages.

Stage 1A:
Low shelf bulk storage for standardized pallets, secure storage for high quality parts
Stage 1:
Automated flow rack storage, Wireless picking scanners.
Stage 2:
Automated small parts storage unit.

Applied technology:
Telescopic conveyor „Van der Lande“, Palette station, automated shelf lifts „Jungheinrich“, guidance system for forklifts, and bar code scanners for the pickers. The application was customized to our needs and included the following functions:

Virtualization of the material flow processes
Conveyor tracking
Control of all storage units
Material flow control
The project duration was 18 months with a volume of 3.5 million DM

Optimized internal processes by deploying a Work-Flow and Document Management system:

Applied Technology:
Docuware Enterprise Suite, Fujitsu high-performance scanners, Fujitsu laser printers. The daily scan capacity was 1500 to 2500 documents. Using the OCR interface all relevant meta data was read and stored into the appropriate databases. The entire document work flow was automated as far as possible and rolled out for Administration, HR and Finance. This led to significant time an cost savings within these business units.

Staff responsibility for 15 direct reports
Support of 800 employees at 4 locations
Budget responsibility of $ 3.5 million annually

01/1991 - 09/1991
Institute for Adult Education, Freelance Coach / Trainer

Training and courses for:
MS DOS, MS Word, Lotus123

Hotel reservation application HOTRES:
All training took place in the the course of an adult education program sponsored by the Chamber of Commerce, Federal Labor Office and various trade associations. All participants were certified and successfully reintegrated into employment.

Consultancy of the Institute for all IT issues:
The main tasks were focused on the consultancy for all issues surrounding the local area networks and desktop infrastructure for the main office and its two subsidiaries.
Developed concepts and implemented PC lab shared-environments as well as customized student / teacher applications.

Applied Technology:
IBM XT desktops, servers IBM AT, IBM Token Ring network

04/1989 - 12/1990
Dental application development, full-time employee

Development of dental accounting applications.

Interface developmentt:
The development environment used was Micro Focus COBOL Workbench under MS-DOS. All developments were strictly carried out according to the method and procedures of the ISOTEC standards. The application quality was assured by using detailed test case scenarios and complying with approved quality assurance policies.

My main projects were:
Master data collection, reception application, prosthodontics visualization , dental computer application , RS232/V.24/COM interface for the connection of various technical devices to the dental computer applications.

I am available upon request, relocation is an option.

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