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Chartered translator; Leipzig; 2006: - November 2006: Passed the state exam as translator Bulgarian <-> German - December 2006: Chartered translator at District Court of Munich (Landgericht I) Study: Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA); Steinbeis Institute Berlin / Munich; 2003 - 2004: - Seminar paper: “SAP Solution Manager in SAP projects and in the adjacent application management”. - Bachelor-Thesis: “Global rollout: SAP implementation at global companies”. RBE-Workshop; Siemens Business Services; Berlin; 2003: - RBE (reversed business engineering) workshop / training. Chestra online training and certification; Siemens Business Services; 2002: - Web based training of Chestra methodology SAP Inhouse-Certification in SD; Siemens Business Services; Munich; 2002: - Self-preparation for certification test - ID: 0002375394, January 2002 SAP trainings in SD / MM / PS; SAP AG; Munich, Berlin, Walldorf; 2000 - 2001: - SAP R/3, LO521 Pricing in MM - SAP R/3, LO510 Inventory Management - SAP R/3, LO650 Customizing in SD - SAP R/3, LO150 Processes in SD - SAP R/3, Delta training 4.5b to 4.6c (SD, PS on logistics’ side) Project Management Training; Siemens Nixdorf; Paderborn; 2000: - PM-techniques - Work with MS-Project Cambridge First Certificate in English; Siemens Nixdorf; Cologne; 2000: - Passed the exam for the Cambridge First Certificate in English Three communication & teamwork trainings; Siemens Nixdorf; 1998 - 2001: - Communication, presentation, sales techniques, self reflection, etc. Vocational training; Siemens Nixdorf; Munich/Paderborn; 1998-2001: - Vocational training at Siemens Nixdorf in Munich / Paderborn as industrial clerk - Final exam before Chamber of Industry and Commerce and - Company-internal final exam.
Senior SAP SD- / MM-Consultant
- May 2009-now team member in STEP-IN project at BOSCH Security Systems. Creation of the migration concept for and migration of the open documents (sales orders and purchase orders) for a product group, which is to be moved from one production site to another one. Preparations for outsourcing all export and after sales actvities, each into an own sales organization, SAP release: 4.7. Project languages: DE and EN.

Senior SAP SD- / MM-Consultant
- Feb 2008-April 2009 team member in STEP-IN project, a roll-out of processes to cover BOSCH ST’s product business with end customers and distributors for consumer goods like fire detectors, security cameras, motion detectors, etc. Responsible for clarification of requirements (gap analysis/workshops), (key) user trainings, process (re-)design, customizing, development specifications, interface specification to oracle system, ALE settings, testing of system settings, data migration, go-live support, after-care, error detection/clarification (debugging) etc. Furthermore involved in the implementation of SAP REA (Recycling Administration) add-on to cover the requirements (based on EU directives) of the recupel, bebat & valipac organizations in Belgium. SAP release: 4.7. Project languages: DE and EN. Go-live in January 2009 plus three months after care.

Senior SAP SD-Consultant
- Dec 2006-Feb 2008 Siemens AG Munich. Team member in Spiridon project. Currently largest SAP implementation. Project to build and implement the SIEMENS-wide SPIRIDON system (SAP ECC 6.0) in the region Germany of the Siemens AG. Rolle in the project: SAP SD-consultant during the second realization phase for the SIEMENS entities A&D Flender/Loher and PG in the team product business and special processes. Tasks: clarification of business requirements with the departments, preparation of development specifications for customer-own developments and their scheduling, customizing, test case creation, tests, go-live, intensive go-live support, upgrade test from R/3 4.6C to ECC 6.0, general coordination tasks in the project.

Senior SAP SD-Consultant / Main contact person for all SAP issues
- May 2006-Sep 2007 Messe München Gesellschaft. Main contact person for the customer in all SAP topics / projects, identifying project opportunities and setting up the implementation team. Further on involved in the following two SAP projects as SD-consultant. Tasks: gap-fit-analysis, solution design & implementation, test, user training, go-live, go-live-support, set-up of time table and cost estimate for the projects:
-- Responsible implementation consultant for the implementation of an interface for automated mass billing between OBR (online-visitor-registering-program) and SAP. The SAP standard interface "general billig interface" was used. MMG-specific adjustments to this interface were implemented. Relevant release ECC 6.0.
­-- Responsible implementation consultant in the project “shipment tracking” for the implementation of warehouse management and a solution for shipment/delivery tracking via tracking numbers. Relevant release ECC 6.0.

Senior SAP SD-Consultant
- May 2006-Sep 2006 Maschinenfabrik Reinhausen. SAP consultant for inter-company processes with EDI-billing (cross-company selling; stock transport orders) in the logistics between the German company code and the company code in China. Set-up of organizational structures for the new company code in China (newly founded Sales & Production Company with go-live in January 2007). Responsible for cost estimate, scheduling, gap-fit-analysis/-workshops, customizing, process design & implementation, tests, user trainings, documentation, etc.

Senior SAP SD-/MM-Consultant / Project Manager
- July 2005-Nov 2006 CeWe Color AG & Co. OHG. Rollout of the solution "cross-company billing via EDI", which was designed by Mr. Pavlov from Oct. 2003 until Sep 2004, into the local companies of the CeWe Color Group (CH, NL, BE, CZ, SK, DK, PL). Responsible for project management, process design, customizing, integration test, user training, documentation. Supporting the customer during release change from SAP R/3 4.6C to ECC5.0. The customer asked for Mr. Pavlov to participate the project. Project language German/English.

Senior SAP SD-/MM-Consultant / Part Project Manager (IS Retail)
- June 2005-Feb 2006 Wincor Nixdorf GmbH. Two part projects:
­-- First part project: Migration Singapore to the worldwide WN IS retail system. Responsible for migration concept for open sales orders, for system customizing, for process-design and for integration tests. ECC 6.0. Project languages German/English.
-- Rollout of the IS-retail-template system of WN to China. Responsible for the creation of the migration concept, for system customizing in SD/MM, for process (re)design, change request handling and project management issues during absence of project manager. ECC 6.0. Project languages German/English.

Senior SAP SD- / MM-Consultant
- Jan 2005-May 2005 3Com. Main responsible consultant for adjustments of the standard MIRO system to the requirements of 3Com. Taks: gap-fit-analysis, process (re)design, customizing, testing, creation of master data in logistics for client 400 (EMEA). MIRO is a system based on SAP R/3, but strongly adjusted (Meta transactions, etc.) to fulfil the requirements of a modern, up-to-date system for spare-part-logistics for Wincor Nixdorf, Fujitsu Siemens Computers and Siemens Business Services. It is maintained and continuously improved by Siemens Business Services. The system template was sold to 3Com.

Senior SAP SD-/MM-Consultant / Project Manager
- Nov 2004-March 2005 CeWe Color AG & Co. OHG. Customer asked for Mr. Pavlov to help optimize business processes in logistics and train the key users in handling of price deductions based on non-movement of stock (a special balance sheet valuation procedure in MM). The process optimization / design included: Process design for silver-handling (gaining silver from film rests); re-design of release strategies in purchasing, adjustments of pricing procedures for CZ/SK, EDI-support.

Senior SAP SD-Consultant / Part Project Manager
- June 2004-Nov 2004 Siemens Business Services GmbH & Co. OHG. Project MIRO International, involved in the MIRO-rollouts for Austria and Sweden. Responsible for customizing, testing, master data creation, migration in logistics (SD/MM). Part project manager for the Austrian team.

Senior SAP SD-/MM-Consultant
- Aug 2003-Sep 2004 CeWe Color AG & Co. OHG. Team member of the international SAP project to roll out the logistics processes covering CeWe Color’s business with end customers and distributors for consumer goods like camera films, digital photo storage media, photo books, photo gifts, cups with personal themes, etc. Responsible for process (re)design, consulting in logistics as well as for the logistics roll-out for KPSF (Konica Photo Service France). Support in the area of FI/CO and SD/MM for the global rollout to the Netherlands and Belgium.

SAP SD-/MM-Consultant (IS Retail)
- Nov 2002-June 2003 Wincor Nixdorf GmbH. Concept for and implementation of variant configuration (SD/MM) in the worldwide SAP IS-Retail sales system and set up of the ALE-connection to the SAP R/3 production system in Germany. EDI-Order-Handling. Relevant release 4.6c.

SAP Consultant CRM
- Aug 2002-Oct 2002 Siemens ICN Munich. HiPath Pro Center: setting up and testing the integration of a Hicom telephone system with the CIC (Customer Interaction Center) in mySAP CRM 3.0.

SAP SD-Consultant
- July 2002-Aug 2002 Hella KG Hueck & Co, Lippstadt. Participated the business blueprint phase in Lippstadt. Main responsible person for gathering legal requirements (country-specifics) for the global rollout template and including them into template definition.

SAP SD-/MM-Consultant (IS retail)
- Jan 2001-May 2002 Wincor Nixdorf GmbH, Paderborn, Warsaw, Stockholm. Member of the global rollout project of an IS retail system for WN:
­-- Rollout to Poland. Main responsible person for logistics implementation (SD&MM). Tasks: gap-fit-analysis, migration concept and migration, customizing, testing, user training, go-live & go-live support. Evaluation of local requirements and definition of a downgrade package from release 4.5 to 4.0b to fulfil all legal requirements in collaboration with SAP Poland. Project language English/German. Relevant releases 4.0b and 4.6c.
­-- Rollout to Sweden. Member of the SAP R/3 rollout team for Wincor Nixdorf Sweden. Tasks: gap-fit-analysis, migration concept and migration, customizing, testing, user training, go-live & go-live support for logistics (SD&MM). Project language English. Relevant releases 4.0b and 4.6c.
­-- Participated the release change phase from R/3 4.0b to 4.6c. Support in the area of user administration (generating user profiles and authorization).

SAP SD-Consultant
- June 2000-Nov 2000 Siemens AG, Spiridon Asia Pacific project, Bangkok, Thailand. Participated the rollout project for six local companies of the Siemens AG in Asia Pacific during the business blueprint and integration test phase. Member of the logistics rollout team (Module PS on logistics' side). Further on responsible for test case verification, CATT introduction & archiving in SD. Project language English. Relevant release 4.5 and 4.6b.
available immediately for projects in Europe with some travel to overseas countries. Explicit overseas projects possible upon request.
Outstanding knowledge of SAP R/3 with specialization in Sales and Distribution and Materials Management in the last 9.5 years. Broad knowledge of all integration topics within SAP R/3 with strong business process oriented thinking in logistics and the ability of integrated thinking towards controlling and finance throughout the full implementation cycle. Leadership of teams, including external consultants and client team members. Experience in proposal management and in project management issues.
Mr. Pavlov’s responsibilities include process analysis and design, implementation, support and user training during various international SAP R/3 rollout projects as well as project management issues.
Due to his international experience and linguistic flexibility Mr Pavlov easily fits into any international projectteam.
Mr. Pavlov's industry experience is with the following branches: Manufacturing, Consumer Goods, Retail (IS Retail), Fotofinishing, Banking, Automotive.