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Last update: 21.09.2021

IT professional w exp. in project management, product managem., VIP support, 2nd / 3rd level support

Company: PS IT-Consulting
Graduation: zertifizierter Datenschutzbeauftragter (TÜV) , IT - Information Security Practitioner (IT-ISP), Prince2 Foundation, CNE
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Der Stundensatzes ist für alle Projekte innerhalb von Hamburg und bei Remote als minimaler Stundensatz anzusehen und wird an die Projektposition, die Laufzeit und die Art der Projektbeauftragung ggf. angepaßt. Für Projektstandorte außerhalb von Hamburg bi
Languages: German (Native or Bilingual) | English (Limited professional)


IT Consultant Business Requirements IT Supporter DSGVO GDPR GDPR BDSG Project Management IT project Windows Carrier IT Projekt management IT Security IT Security Project Management Support


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01.1996 until today     PS IT-Consulting  Leadership of the own company
  • Advice on data protection issues as an external data protection officer (TÜV)
  • Data protection [PKI, DSGVO, BDSG]
  • Data protection management [DSGVO, BDSG, ITSM]
  • Data protection organisation [DSGVO, BDSG, ITSM].
  • Formal data protection requirements [DSGVO, BDSG]
  • Data protection supervisory authorities
  • Project work for financial institutions
  • IT Information Security Management (ISM)
  • Network security [ISM, DSGVO, PKI, RBAC, IT-Sec., BSI basic protection]
  • Drafting of contracts according to commercial principles
  • Project management according to Prince 2
  • Project manager functions incl. budget responsibility
  • Management of team members in projects (up to 25 people)
  • Planning and implementation of rollouts
  • License management consulting [ITSM]
  • Risk Management [ISM ,Risk-M.]
  • Identity and Access Management (IAM) [ITSM, RBAC]
  • Certificate Management [IT Standard, PKI]
  • IT Security [PKI, DSGVO, BDSG, ITSM, IT-Sec., IT-Standard, BAIT, MaRisk]
  • BSI IT-Grundschutz [IT standard]
  • Change Management [ITSM, IT-Sec., IT-Standard]
  • Incident Management [ITSM, IT-Sec., IT-Standard]
  • IT application owner
  • Critical infrastructures [CRITIS]
  • Minimum requirements for risk management [MaRisk]
  • Banking supervisory requirements for IT [BAIT]
  • Secure IT operation [SITB (framework of the SIZ)]
  • Server hardening conversion management (NO work on a server or firewall)
  • COBIT (Control Objectives for Information and Related Technology)
  • Group Policy Object (GPO) Creation and maintenance [IAM, IT-Sec., BAIT]
  • IT Service Management [ITSM]
  • 2nd Level Support [IT Support]
  • 3rd Level Support [IT Support]
  • ISO27001 [ISM, IT standard]
  • Business Continuity Management (BCM) [IT standard, ISM]
  • Vulnerability management [ISM, Risk-M., BAIT]
  • Process Management [ITSM]
  • Patch Management [IT Standard, BAIT, IT Sec]
  • Service Delivery Management (SDM)
  • and much more

11.2019 – 01.2020      Dataport Hamburg

Project: BSI IT-Grundschutz

03.2017 – 06.2019      Hamburger Sparkasse (Haspa)

Project: IT Consultant within IT Security Management team

02.2015 – 12.2016      Deutsche Bank AG Frankfurt
Projekt: ITAO / ITPM (IT Application Owner / IT Product Manager) for dbSecureEmail;
            Introduction of secure e-mail signing and encryption for Outlook

10.2013 – 01.2015      Fraunhofer-Institut Optronik, Systemtechnik und Bildauswertung (IOSB) at the Competence Center PKI (CC-PKI)
Project: Supporting the PKI (Public Key Infrastructure) Support Team

01.2013 - 08.2013       E.ON / Hewlett-Packard

Project: Supporting the PKI (Public Key Infrastructure) Support Team

07.2012 - 12.2012       Klöckner Pentaplast

Project: Support the support team in the daily work

05.2012 – 06.2012      VIP support and event support in Düsseldorf

Project: VIP support and event support

03.2011 – 08-2011      VIP support
Project: Setup of a permanent VIP support

09.2010 – 12.2010      Bundesdruckerei GmbH Berlin

Project: Introduction a change terminal for the new electronic identity card

03.2010 – 08.2010      Deutsche Wertpapier Service Bank AG (DWP)

Project: Service provider change including the RollOut of new pc´s, laptops, printers, VOIP phones and servers

01.2010 – 02.2010      Deutsche Bank AG Frankfurt

Project: Support assistance in the Global Markets division

01.2008 – 12.2009      Deutsche Bank AG

Project: IT consultant for the 2nd and 3rd level support incl. Project monitoring in the outsourcing process and Project management for the Compliance / Anti Money Laundering (AML) area

10.2007 - 11.2007       Merck KGaA

Project: Replacing existing old hardware with new

08.2005 – 09.2007      Visteon Corporation European HQ

Project: IT-consultant into the 2nd level support division and IMAC editing

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