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Last update: 03.11.2017

ESM Tools Consultant (Enterprise Systems Management Tools)

Graduation: BE / B Tech
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minimum 5 hrs of work is accepted
Languages: English (Limited professional) | Hindi (Elementary)




Specializing in solution architecture, implementation, administration, configuration, operations and maintenance of various Enterprise Systems Management Tools catering to a wide client base across the globe.
Experience of working at various levels i.e. Architect, Design Consultant, Technical and operations Lead.
Worked on Application Performance measures (APM), analysis, trouble shooting and detailed reporting.
Over 3 years of experience in Splunk Administration and Configuration Management across various OS and as a Splunk Developer to build Dashboards and Reports/Alerts to monitor the Application, End to End Infrastructure.
Working with Incident, Problem and Change Management teams
  • Responsible for understanding the problem, Analysis, RCA (Root Cause Analysis) and taking Preventative actions.
  • Responsible for the case creation, coordination and monitoring of change schedules.
  • Responsible for scheduling the change requests approved by Change management team. 

Project history

Process Executed:
Process 4: SPLUNK
Responsible to install and configure the Splunk forwarder agent across various OS in Application environment to collect the data feeds into Splunk Environment.
Experienced in optimizing the Splunk Forwarder management architecture through a centralized server to manage the configurations.
Responsible to create index with appropriate retention and retirement policies by managing the bucket policies.
Responsible to implement Splunk Heavy forwarder component to perform intermediate routing, filtering, masking and overriding before the indexing.
Experienced in designing and implementing the architecture with Indexer clustering to maintain data availability and disaster recovery.
Designed and implemented search head clustering to provide transparency and seamless user GUI experience through horizontal scaling.
Expertise in building Standalone Splunk architecture with two indexers in a load-balanced group with a Search head with a capacity to collect data from 300+ forwarders.
Expertise in designed and implementing a large distributed architecture with Deployment Server, Heavy forwarder and Clusters.
Experience in handling high-end Splunk design with Indexer clustering and Search head clustering.
Expertise in Log Analysis and creation of Splunk knowledge objects.
Knowledge in Splunk Field Extraction, regular expression based extractions and creation of Eventtypes, Tags and Field Aliases.
Created Splunk automatic lookups and workflows.
Developed Splunk Dashboards using Simple XML with customizations and Splunk Forms with various inputs options in Simple XML.
Scheduled Splunk based Reports and Alerts to monitor the system health performance and breaches.
Experience in maintained Splunk based native Role and User creation.
Process 3: APM Tools - APP NETA, AppDynamics, Dynatrace, New Relic, Site 24X7, CA
Responsible to install and configure the APM agent across various language of Application environment to collect the monitor key performance metrics of applications accessing a variety of services.
Help DevOps to visualize web transactions from end to end to identify the slow queries using traces.
Pinpoint errors and eliminate bottlenecks.
Responsible to implement Real User Monitoring to visualize the application experience of users in real time. Analyze and segment performance by browser, platform, geography, ISP.
Alerting and reporting based on availabilty, response time, exceptions and errors, Apdex scores and throughput.
Process 2: BMC Performance Manager and Event Manager
Design, Implementation, Administration and monitoring of BMC Event Manager and BMC Performance Manager / Truesight for agent based and agent less monitoring environment.
Assisted the clients with critical Level3 and Level4 support before they sign off and Level1 and Level2 support to the operations team.
Responsible for the Troubleshooting pre and post BMC installations.
Actively involved in critical Production support for efficient solutions on ON-CALL bases.
Consolidated and documented the entire monitoring environment implementation details to prepare Run Book.
Process 1: Automation on OPCON & SPO monitoring tools
Environment: North American Data Center & Air India Data Center
Responsibility: Automation, Monitoring, Incident/Request Ticketing & Asset Tracking            
NAEC Data Center
Description: Monitoring tools like OPCON & SPO provided by Unisys to support the alerting and reporting on the server environments. Hardware attributes and background runs are monitored for availability and performance. Configuring and activating automation tools for the devices and servers.
Responsibility: Transition and Analysis of Air India Data Center
Analysis and Implementation of Air India Process as Transition Consultant and    
Technical Lead               
Description: Providing technical support as well as troubleshooting of servers, tape units, line printers, Monitoring system resources/runs, batch runs and scheduling jobs, network setup.
Assisted, trained and handled 12 members team as Technical Lead.

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