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A senior DBA with more than  years of experience in Oracle DBA and have been involved in Installation, Configuration, Upgrades, Patching, Backup and Recovery, Migration, Memory and Space Management, Cloning,  Reporting, Performance Tuning, RMAN, RAC, Data Guard, OEM Grid Control TOAD.
Always aspire to provide an exellent service and open to exploring new technologies.
  • 11/2019 - Present

    • ING Bank
    • 5000-10.000 employees
    • Banks and financial services
  • Senior Oracle DBA
  • Responsibilities Include:
    Working with the SWIFT team in:
    * Management of customer's Oracle DB infrastructure and workflows,
    * Ensuring stable, trouble-free and high-performance availability of database systems,
    * Performing everyday activities like incident management and change management.
    * Database upgrades and patching
    * Database duplication and data transfer
    * Rman backup and recovery, rman catalog

  • 07/2019 - 10/2019

    • Crelan Bank
    • Banks and financial services
  • Functional Oracle DBA
  • Responsibilities Include:
    * Support of applications on version 9, 10, 11, 12.
    * Performance troubleshooting with vendor and devops teams (outlines, sql plan management,
    profiles, statistics...)
    * Partitioning (tables / indexes / lifecycle management / archiving)
    * Consolidation (schema management and sqlnet services)
    * Oracle enterprise management
    * Standard oracle tools toad, sqldeveloper, sqlplus, sqlldr, datapump, ...
    * Database hardening, security, profiles, external authentication, auditing
    * Database upgrades and patching
    * Data masking and data anonymization
    * Database duplication and data transfer
    * Rman backup and recovery, rman catalog, asm

  • 04/2013 - 07/2019

    • Nordea Bank
  • Senior Oracle DBA
  • Responsibilities Include:
    * Working with and supporting individual project teams to help setup and support the
    deployment framework, which builds, updates and deploys their database schemas into the
    different oracle 9i to 11g and 12c OEM Cloud on Solaris, AIX, Exadata, SOP and Linux.
    * Helping to support the standardization of the deployment frameworks and quality
    gateways to ensure consistency and reusability across the various platforms. Implementing
    new scripts for automation and reporting
    * Working with the infrastructure that supports and delivers all parts of the technology
    stack via automatic deployment methods.
    * Upgrade from version 10 to 12c through different OS with migration on RAC and non RAC
    * Database migration from sqlserver to Oracle.
    * Keeping databases patches up to date and updating documentation.
    * Helping with database design and development.
    * Managing database access, security and incidents/change management using Remedy, user
    access scanning, data masking for security
    * Provide input for maintenance procedures and putting them into operation.
    * Managing database backup procedures performance and tuning
    * Provide adhoc support for installation and upgrade of Golden Gate.
    * Create and maintain scripts for adhoc reporting and database cloning, restore,
    * Setup and maintain standby and snapshot physical databases using dataguard, database
    cloning, refreshes, backup and recovery using RMAN.
    * Work within ITIL guidelines for processes, procedures, incident and change handling.
    * Mentoring junior DBAs.

  • 01/2011 - 02/2013

    • DHL Aviation
  • Senior Oracle DBA
  • Roles and Responsibilities:
    * Responsible for supporting the Oracle databases and ensuring their performance, High
    availability and security.
    * Responsible for ensuring availability and performance of the databases that support the
    system., Back up Restore, Cloning
    * Work with the team to ensure that the associated hardware resources involving Veritas
    Clusters, Backup Strategies, OS support
    * To proactively monitor the database systems to ensure secure services with minimum
    downtime and activate proactive measure
    * Responsible for providing trend analysis to the service management team to enable them to
    make informed decisions regarding resource management.
    * Responsible for problem escalation to Oracle Development team and third parties as
    appropriate, providing On Call Support, performance Tuning
    * Responsible for improvement and maintenance of the databases to include rollout and
    upgrades, new releases, consolidation
    * Upgrade from oracle 10g to 11g.

  • 05/2010 - 11/2010

    • Amdocs/ElisaTelecoms
  • Senior Oracle DBA
  • Roles and Responsibilities:
    Providing DBA support to end-users, developers and application on Unix and windows platform. using
    Oracle 9i, 10g and 11g.
    * Installation and configuration of Oracle software.
    * Applying Oracle software patches Creating Database;
    * Maintaining the database table space management Monitoring databases using AMC and TOAD.
    * Addressing alerts using Remedy ticketing system and taking necessary corrective steps.
    * Performance tuning the queries Assisting developer and other teams.
    * Setting up database backups/Backup.
    * Support production and non-production environments, ranging in sizes from 20GB to 15TB.
    * Work with other support groups to resolve database issues Database Administration,
    Migration , server consolidation
    * Refreshing of testing environments, backup and recovery of database, monitor database
    performance etc.
    * Upgrading database from 9i to 10g, 11g
    * Provide support for oracle 11g production and development databases.

  • 08/2009 - 01/2010

    • Novartis
  • Senior Oracle DBA
  • Providing support on Oracle 8,9i and 10g on Sun Solaris, Linux and windows platforms to EMEA and US
    customers on some 300 databases ranging in sizes from several hundred GB to 2TB
    Daily activities include:
    * User/helpdesk support
    * Software installation/upgrade and database migration
    * Patch and configuration management
    * Preparing and ensuring documentations are in line with ITIL,FDA, GXP and CRF part II
    * Database creation and planning
    * Database monitoring
    * Backup and recovery
    * Database copy and cloning
    * Setting up and maintaining standby environments
    * Providing on call support for global customer
    * Providing DBA support to development and testing teams globally. This includes:
    * database creation refreshes and cloning.
    * Performance monitoring using AWR, code reviews and recommendations to development team.
    * Plans and implements backup and recovery for newly created databases.
    * Controls migration of programs, database changes, reference data changes and menu changes
    through the development cycle.
    * Troubleshoots with problems regarding databases, applications and development tools.

  • 08/2006 - 07/2009

    • Astellas Pharma
  • Oracle DBA
  • A production DBA, supporting oracle versions 8i to10g on SUN Solaris and Windows Platforms to its EU
    and Japan customers with production database varying is sizes from 150gb to approx. 1.2 tb.

    Oracle DBA activities:

    * DB software installation, upgrade, patching
    * DB recovery, cloning, backup, restore .
    * User support on an oracle clinical application
    * Setup and administer Spotfire environment.
    * User/helpdesk support and troubleshooting
    * Supporting, monitoring & tuning the database subsystems & instances.
    * Carrying out application performance tuning and testing.
    * Create instances and databases with appropriate initialization parameters and database structures
    (i.e., data files, rollback segments, table spaces, etc.).
    * Manage physical database resources.
    * Review and monitor system and instance resources to insure continuous database operations (i.e.,
    database storage, memory, CPU, network usage, and I/O contention).
    * Perform database software maintenance.
    * Move, rebuild, or change database objects as required in production.
    * Develop database administration tools/utilities/operation procedures.
    * Developing & maintaining naming standards for database objects such as table spaces, tables,
    indexes & views.
    * Implement and review appropriate security guidelines/mechanisms.
    * Implement, maintain, and test backup & recovery strategies.
    * Developing & implementing database administration policies & procedures including subsystem.
    * Develop and test database migration procedures. Participating in database migration reviews.
    * Upgrade/migrate databases to current release levels.
    * Develop operational procedures.
    * Providing technical assistance to other team members.

  • 10/2005 - 07/2006

    • Jansen Pharmaceutica
  • Senior Oracle DBA
  • A production DBA, supporting oracle versions 8i to10g on HP Unix and Windows Platforms to some 2000
    end users throughout the EMEA region with database sizes ranging up to 1.5 TB.
    Oracle DBA activities:

    * DB software installation, upgrade, patching
    * Problem prevention, detection and correction (including performance tuning)
    * DB recovery if needed
    * Assisting J&J developers in deploying Oracle-based applications
    * Communicating with Oracle Corp., J&J developers, end-users and management
    * Documentation as required by GxP (Installation Qualification, change management, )
    * Performance tuning, user support and liaising with developers on SEIBEL Analytics issue

  • 04/2003 - 09/2005

    • Royal Dutch Shell
  • Oracle DBA
  • A production DBA dealing with day to day issues of:
    * Performance
    * Configuration, testing and implementing SOX compliant standards....
    * Upgrades: My current focus is in the upgrade and migration of all oracle Databases to version
    9, and Operating system software from AIX4.3 to 5L on 32/64-bit platforms. Also dealt with is
    the installation and upgrades of latest releases and patch set to conform with application and
    company standards.
    * Security,
    * Provide 24 x 7 on-call support
    * backup and recovery using RMAN to :
    * Setting up RMAN configuration files
    * creating hot, cold, level0 plus incremental backups and scheduling.
    * Maintaining global Rman catalog.
    * Performing full, point in time, online, offline database recovery and copy.
    * database cloning
    * setup standby databases for both manual and using dataguard.
    * setting up and maintaining physical standby databases using Dataguard.
    * Helpdesk troubleshooting with a multiplatform environment.
    * Training of Junior DBAs

    Hardware are primarily SUN Solaris, IBM and NT, with the majority of operating system used are
    Solaris 5.2. My role on Solaris was purely operation and support to give me sufficient access to
    install, setup and configure an operation database. This would include working closely with the Unix
    Administration team in:
    * Setting up mount points and volumes for oracle installation
    * Creation of backup and recovery scripts at O/S level.
    * Creating and administering users.
    * setting up and maintaining cron jobs for administrative tasks like exports or bespoke backups.
    * Monitoring and accessing performance issues at the operating system level and taking
    corrective actions where necessary.
    * Ensuring the operating system is kept up to date with latest releases and patch set to
    facilitate oracle requirements
    Oracle version spanning from v7.3.4 to the latest 9i and some 10g.
    Database size ranging from several hundred megabytes to terabytes.

  • 04/2001 - 10/2002

  • Oracle DBA
  • Employed as a Senior Oracle DBA responsible for all aspects of oracle installation, migration,
    support, upgrades, performance, backup/recovery and day to day running of applications on Sun
    Solaris E10K environments running Oracle versions 7,8,8i and 9i. I support some 100 databases of
    varying sizes within both standalone and cluster environments and supporting some 2500 end users
    throughout Germany and the Netherlands.
    In Addition to regular DBA functions:
    * Provided support for AMDOCS development and production environments, which included:
    * Installing Amdocs Billing software.
    * Configuring Databases in line with Amdocs guidelines.
    * Performing upgrades to billing software.
    * New installation, upgrades, performance tunings, patch implementation and user support within
    the IT and Billing department.
    * Creation and setup of Data warehousing databases including OLAP , Data mining , SQL and

  • 06/2000 - 03/2001

  • Oracle DBA
  • Responsible for the day to running of all oracle development environments using V7.3.4/8.0.5 and HP, with Clarify, Arbor and other bespoke telecoms system. I was responsible for
    identifying and resolving Arbor performance, installation and upgrade og new and current modules,
    leasing with Arbor South America in logging fault calls, applying patches and modification to
    application base tables where required. Also worked with inhouse development team on interface
    projects between Arbor and other applications.
    I acted as the focal point for all performance related issues on the production environment,
    specifically within the Clarify and Arbour systems and its associated interfaces.
    Also, as part of my normal DBA duties, I get involved in the installation and upgrade of application
    software and ensuring documentation and deliveries are within the company's policies.

  • 12/1999 - 06/2000

  • Oracle DBA
  • Ensured that all aspects of database installation, support, maintenance and performance of all
    databases running on HP and Sun Solaris is carried out maintained to the company standard policies.
    Current oracle versions are V8.0.5 and 7.3.4

  • 06/1998 - 11/1999

  • Hoofddorp,

    Employed as an ORACLE DBA managing and maintaining the day to day operations some 70 development and
    production databases ranging from 1Gb to 70Gb running on Sun Solaris and Oracle 7.3.4. My main areas
    of support are database creating, backup/recovery(using EBU), maintenance, re-organization of
    tablespace/schemas, tuning, monitoring , installation/migration of databases and software.

  • 07/1996 - 05/1998

    • ICL CFM Ministry of Défense London Borough of Hackney Outsourcing
  • Oracle DBA
  • As a DBA I was responsible for the day to day running of some 10 online databases, ranging from 1gb
    to 12gb, which are on Pyramid Nile platform running UNIX system V with ORACLE 7.1.26 with Financial
    10.5 and ORACLE based Housing applications. Although my work is predominantly RDBMS, but I quite
    often get involved in some Financial and Operating system tasks(but very limited). As a DBA my
    tasks vary in the areas of backup/recovery, security, maintenance, tuning, monitoring, creation and
    documentation creation and upkeep complying with ISO9000.

  • 06/1995 - 01/1996

  • Oracle DBA
  • During this time as a systems Administrator/DBA responsible for the general administration of three
    ORACLE databases on a VAX 6710 cluster environment. Also, I was responsible for performing all
    installation and migrating from version 6 to a version 7 environment. Another major project that I
    was involved was introducing client/server technology between eight colleges and two administration
    department. This was ORACLE7 based on a NOVELL WAN with also a VAX connectivity.
    Other day to day duties include backup/recovery, security, performance, database consistency and
    integrity issue

  • 04/1993 - 05/1995

  • DBA
  • London
    United Kingdom

    As a DBA ensured the efficient day to day running of the data processing department. This involves
    all installations, upgrades, monitoring and tuning of all hardware and software used by the company.
    Systems currently used are MicroVAX 3400, MicroVAX II, ALPHA 4/200 and NOVELL LAN.
    Duties also include staff training on all software used , liaising with development and contract
    staff on new and forthcoming projects.

Remote, UK, EU, Global