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Last update: 07.10.2013

SAP FICO independent Consultant

Graduation: not provided
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Languages: Chinese (Native or Bilingual) | English (Limited professional)




Qualified PMP authorization and SAP FICO experience provide the excellent basis of management of SAP Project.

Familiar with SAP ASAP implementation methodology and the Best Practice method in Manufacturing industry. Individual initiative ability strong and good team working spirit. Excellent customer communication ability.

Veteran of the whole process and system configuration of SAP New G/L, AR/AP, AM, CM, FM, CO-CE, CO_CC, CO-PC, COPA, CO-PCA. Be good at EC-CS, BCS configuration, as well as business probing and proposal design.

Proven ability to merge FICO system with Logistical business operation such as PS, PP, MM, SD, PM and etc. Sophisticated experiences in customizing enhancement.

Have in-depth knowledge and practice in business process evaluation, design, optimization, re-engineering .With whole project implementation, and project plan and project control experience.

Proven ability of trouble shooting and to quickly determine and meet specific client needs.
Expert in SAP FI-New General Ledger(Splitting & parallel valuation)
Expert in SAP FI- AR/AP
Expert in SAP FI-Fixed Assets (Parallel valuation in PRC and IFRC GAAP)
Expert in SAP FI-Special Purpose Ledger
Expert in SAP Cash Management and Liquid forecasting
Expert in SAP Funds Management
Expert in SAP CO-CE,CO-CC
Expert in SAP CO-PC(By sales order, by production order, by cost collector, Material Ledger)
Expert in SAP CO-PCA(Including transfer price)
Expert in SAP CO-PA
Expert in SAP CO-FI Reconciliation
Experience in SAP PS/IM/PP Module

Project history

IT Project Manager

Novartis VD SAP Project
April 2013 – September 2013 (6 months)Hangzhou City, China
Novartis Vaccines and Diagnostics roll out SAP project to vaccines plant in China. Merge China vaccines business into global SAP system to leverage global best practice and standardize FIN book and report in line with global.
IT government and computer system validation
Project management and plan
Project deliverables and risk management
Project status report and communication
Standard price estimation
Cost based on Process order
Costing based COPA analysis
Role design and SOD evaluation

FICO Team Lead

Johnson & Johnson FUSION SAP Project
November 2011 – February 2013 (1 year 4 months)CN, HK,TW,KR,AU,NZ,SG,TH,ID,IN,MY
Johnson& Johnson Vision Care merge project, Consolidate business in Asia Pacific into global SAP system to leverage best practices from global, Localization is big achivement in this project, involves Australia, China, Hong Kong, Indonesia, India, Korea, Tai Wan, Thailand, Malaysia, New Zealand, Singapore.

Project scope and plan alignment
Team management and task delivery
Issue solving and risk forecasting
Project change management
SOX and compliance requirement fulfillment
New ledger design to meet multi-GAAPs
Accounting based COPA analysis.
China golden tax interface
China FI document numbering
Korea E-invoice implementation
Tai Wan GUI solution design
Thailand VAT solution design
Indonesia VAT and Tax numbering
INCEN tax solution design
WHT/TDS for India
WHT in Indonesia
WHT in Thailand
WHT in Tai Wan

FICO Consultant

Janssen SAP PLUS
September 2010 – June 2011 (10 months)Shang Hai, China
Johnson& Johnson GFS (global finance share service) launched this project to build a platform (BW + TM1) for finance data consolidation and analysis.

Business requirement assessment
To-be process definition
BW data structure construction
TM1 FIN plan data preparation and actual data consolidation
FIN reports design

FICO Consultant
Janssen SAP Project JAPAN
July 2009 – May 2010 (11 months)Tokyo, Japan
Janssen Japan merge SAP project, This project contains MM?PP?SD?QM?PM?FI?CO module. In FIN, focus on Japan localization and cost management.
Segment report in New ledger
Monthly invoice
Fixed asset in legal depreciation
Budget managment

FICO Consultant
Janssen SAP Project ASEAN
September 2008 – March 2009 (7 months)Singapore,Malaysia,Indonesia,Philippines, Thailand
Janssen ASEAN project. Companies in ASEAN are trading companies, so retail is the sales module; customer orient design in this project is big achievement. Finance centralization is main requirement in FICO.

Segment report in New ledger
VAT and withholding tax in ASEAN
Marketing activity monitoring
Variance collection and FAA
PA with net profit.

FICO Consultant

Janssen SAP Project KOREA
February 2008 – August 2008 (7 months)Seoul, Korea
Janssen is pharmaceuticals division of Johnson&Johnson. The project contain MM?PP?SD?QM?PM?FI?CO module, Take the MTS as the manufacturing deriver, the Costing project is Production order.Korea localization is main requirement in this project also.

Segment report in New ledger
VAT and withholding tax
E-invoice issuing design
budget management
Variance analysis and FAA
PA with new profit.

FICO Consultant
J&J (China)Investment SAP Project
November 2007 – February 2008 (4 months)Shang Hai, China
The Fortune 500 company Johnson&Johnson Project. It is a holding company, so implement FI?TR?CO module in SAP ECC6.0

Cash management
Liquid forecasting
Investment management
Loans management

CO Consultant
J&J Medical (Suzhou) SAP Project
April 2007 – November 2007 (8 months)Su Zhou, China
The Fortune 500 company Johnson&Johnson Project, The project contain MM?PP?SD?QM?PM?FI?CO module, Take the MTS as the manufacturing deriver, the Cost object is production order.

Budget management
Marketing activity monitoring
Cost collect and variance analysis
Profitability analysis.

FICO Consultant

Xi An ABB Capacitor SAP Project
June 2006 – March 2007 (10 months)Shan Xi, China
The Fortune 500 company ABB Project, The project contain MM?PP?SD?FI?CO module, Take the MTO as the manufacturing deriver, the Costing project is Sales order with CCM RA method.
Global Finance Service building is main delivery in this project.

During the project implement ,my responsibility :
GFS process and duty segregation design
SOX and compliance requirement fulfillment
New ledger design for multi-GAAPs
China golden tax system design
Revenue and cost plan in PCA and GL
Revenue and cost analysis in sales order
Net profit and variance analysis in COPA
FIN drill down report delivery in New ledger
Role design and SOD report
Data migration with LSMW

FICO Consultant
Zhejiang Kasen SAP Project
November 2005 – May 2006 (7 months)Zhejiang, China
The Asia largest Leather and furniture manufacturer Kasen group decide to reform their information system, to improve enterprise management through ERP-SAP system. Implement MM?PP?SD?FI?CO module, Take the MTO as the manufacturing deriver, the Costing object is Production order and manage actual cost in material ledger.

CO Consultant
Advantech (china) SAP Project
July 2005 – October 2005 (4 months)Kun Shan, China
The leader of Industrial computer –Advantech, comes from Taiwan.
The SAP project is implemented in manufacturing basis –Advantech (china), contains MM?PP?SD?CS?FI?CO modules. To use production order to calculate and analyze the costing, actual cost is analyzed in material ledger.

CO Consultant
SHGM-Dongyue Power Train SAP Project
February 2005 – July 2005 (6 months)Shan Dong, China
This is GM SAP project with the IS-AUTO solution. Project implements modules: MM?PP?SD?FI?CO ?PS. Through product cost by period and cost collector to collect and analysis cost and delivery China local FIN report in SPL.

CO Consultant
March 2004 – January 2005 (11 months)Su Zhou, China
This is LIZHI ELECTRONIC SAP project, implements MM?PP?SD?FI?CO modules. Through material ledger to manage and analyze actual cost.

CO Consultant
ACON Tech SAP Project
February 2003 – January 2004 (1 year)Kun Shan, China
This is lead of the electronic connector –ACON Tech SAP project, they implements MM?PP?SD?FI?CO, FM modules, Budget management through Fund management.

CO Internal Consultant

Compal SAP Project
July 2000 – January 2003 (2 years 7 months)Kun Shan, China
COMPAL is the lead of Laptop OEM/ODM manufacturer. Implement MM?PP?SD?FI?CO modules in SAP system, they use product order to manage and analyze cost. China localization is achivement in this proejct. include golden tax interface and China GAAP.

Time and spatial flexibility

Hover Wang
FICO/TR/PS Consultant
Mobile: 0086+18068063173
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