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SAP; Enterprise Architecture; Program Management; Project Management; Business-​IT-​Alignment

Profileimage by Jan Puder SAP; Enterprise Architektur; Programm Management; Projekt Management; Business-​IT-​Alignment from Stuttgart
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Profileimage by Jan Puder SAP; Enterprise Architektur; Programm Management; Projekt Management; Business-​IT-​Alignment from Stuttgart
SAP; Enterprise Architecture; Program Management; Project Management; Business-IT-Alignment; IT Strategy, IT Management, IT Architecture

Jan Puder is a Senior Business Enterprise Consultant for IT Architecture with focus on SAP Enterprise Architecture, Program Management and Service Oriented Architecture, especially with expertise in global, mulit-national enterprises.
He gathered, in his 14 years in professional IT, far reaching experiences in following industries:
Automotive, Banking, Chemicals, Consumer Products, Engineering, Healthcare, High Tech, Industry Machinery & Components, IT, Life Sciences, Professional Services, Retail, Transportation & Logistics, Utilities and Wholesale Distribution.
He gained very large knowledge in his roles (Program / Project Manager, Business Consultant, Solution Consultant, Technical Consultant, Software Engineer, Systems Integrator) in analysis, design, build and testing within highly complex and heterogeneous system landscapes. Analytical skills, strategic thinking and customer orientation are the core capabilities of the consultant.
Latest project experiences (parallel projects possible)
Duration: 07/2013 – now
Location: Frechen / Gütersloh, Germany; Riga, Latvia; Temse, Belgium; Son, Netherlands
Industry: Final customer: Retail (5.000 employees, operations in 6 countries)
Support for customer: Media (105.000 employees, operations in 63 countries) /
IT (63.000 employees, operations in 35 countries)
Position: Lead Consultant Supply Chain Management
Project: SAP Global Template in 6 countries: Germany, Belgium, Netherlands, Switzerland,
Austria, Spain
- Conception, Design, Build and Test of the SCM Enterprise architecture
according to TOGAF principles
- Safeguarding of the technological und business architecture (ECC,
external systems/sub systems)
- Roadmapping and project planning (approach, tasks,
milestones, budget) for the landscape (e.g. sizing, availabilites, release
changes/updates, system copies, performance, transport & change management)
- Operating of the project plan according to the pronciples of the "magic
budget, time, quality, scope
- Implementation of SAP Rapid Deployment Solutions (RDS)
- Interface management with connection to vendor/supplier, telematics,
fulfilment, customers, sub systems, etc.
- Safeguarding of the Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery with
Risk Management
- Documentation of the SAP landscape in SAP Solution Manager/SolMan
- Data architecture / Data management with connection to the archiving
(e.g. ArchiveLink) & conception of the Output Management
- Access management and documentation in SAP SolMan
- Integration in the Cloud and mobility solutions (e.g. Mobisys)
- Integration of End-to-End (E2E) processes: Order-to-Cash, Purchase-to-Pay;
Assort-to-Refund, Acquisition-to-Refund, Record-to-Report, Hire-to-Retire,
Request-to-Support, Promotion Management, Master Data Management, Business
Intelligence, Quality Management, Strategies to Services, Other Processes
(Facility Management, Corporate Communication, Innovation Management)
- Creation of RICEFW documents
- Stakeholder Management

Duration: 10/2012 – 02/2013
Location: St. Petersburg, Russia
Industry: Engineering, Utilities (20.000 employees, operations in 57 countries)
Position: Business Consultant, Enterprise Architect, Project Manager
Project: SAP CIO Advisory – SAP Mobility / Mobile, Cloud Computing, Big Data / SAP HANA
- The top management of Silovye mashiny wanted to meet the top experts from
SAP with wide experience at similar companies
- Tailoring of the As-Is SAP solution for the requirements of the customer
landscape (To-Be Design)
- Indentification of SAP key success factors
- Presentation on C-Level about the "cutting-edge" topics SAP Mobility /
Mobile, Cloud Computing, Big Data / SAP HANA and the impact on the business

Duration: 07/2012 – 01/2013
Location: Istanbul, Turkey
Industry: Retail and Wholesale of machines (1.000 employees, operations in 5 countries)
Position: Business Consultant, Enterprise Architect, Project Manager
Project: CIO Advisory – Enterprise Architecture
- The customer wants to become a benchmark in his dealer network in different
countries (Turkey, Kazakhstan, Azerbijan, Georgia, Kyrgyzstan)
- Safeguarding of this target through assessment of the complete SAP
landscape and the SAP Basis Administration
- Indentification of SAP key success factors
- Support in Lean Six Sigma capabilites
- Recommendations with action points by SAP to become more agile, leaner and
cost efficient to enable growth ("Lean Management")
- Enablement of the IT architecture for possible mergers & acquisitions
- Development of an SWOT about implications on system landscape and instance
/client strategy
- Presentation for C-Level

Duration: 07/2012 – 02/2013
Location: Liverpool, United Kingdom (UK)
Industry: Consumter Products (167.000 employees, operations in 100 countries)
Position: Business Consultant, Enterprise Architect, Project Manager
Project: Enterprise Architecture - Global SAP Enterprise Service Repository governance
- Concept about a global SAP Enterprise Service Repository (ESR), aligned
with the lokal requirements
- Identification and classification of objects
- Check of approaches for the build of a Service Oriented Architecture (SOA)
- Concept of a virtual ESR organization
- Change, Transport & Test Management "Tailoring"
- Alignment with the Portfolio & Demand Management
- Development of a detailed work breakdown structure (WBS) to support the

Duration: 01/2012 – 07/2012
Location: Bad Homburg, Germany
Branche: Pharma, Chemicals (85.000 employees, operations in 40 countries)
Position: Technical Architect
Project: SAP Global Template in 40 countries to improve the transparency,
sustainability, integrity and efficiency
- Concept and analysation, desing, build, test and rollout of the technical
SAP architecture / technical landscape strategy for all 40 countries
- Deliverables: Architecture Blueprint, Application Metrics, UI Design,
Application Architecture, Development Environment Design, Production Design,
Operation Environment Design, Infrastructure Environment Design,
Interface/Network Design
- Creation of Business Blueprints and Business Cases
- Creation of RICEFW documents
- Integration of business processes: Sales and Distribution (SAP SD),
Finance (SAP FI), Controlling (SAP CO), Production Planning and Control (SAP
PP), SAP Plant Maintenance (SAP PM), Quality Management (SAP QM), Logistics
Execution (SAP LE), Materials Management (SAP MM), Customer Service (SAP CS),
Product-Lifecycle-Management (SAP PLM), Project System (SAP PS), Warehouse
Management (SAP WM), Extended Warehouse Management (SAP EWM), Treasure (SAP
TR), Logistics Execution (SAP LE), Strategic Enterprise Management (SAP SEM),
Human Resources (SAP HR)
– Master Data Management harmonisation (MDGx) and data architecture
– Business Intelligence (BI) / Business Objects (BO) architecture,
integration and improvement
- Integration of New General Ledger (NewGL), Customer Relationship
Management (SAP CRM), Supplier Relationship Management (SAP SRM), CLM
(Contract Lifecycle Management), SLC (Supplier Lifecycle Management)
- Alignment and integration of Business Process Management, Change
Management, Test Management, Defect Management
- Requirements Engineering (RE)
– Alignment with legal requirements: Validation, GxP, FDA

Duration: 02/2010 – 01/2013
Location: Swindon, United Kingdom (UK)
Industry: Banking (19.000 employees)
Position: Consultant, Solution Architect
Project: Transactional Banking / SAP Core Banking Implementierung basierend auf der
SAP Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) Plattform in einer großen heterogenen
legacy Systemlandschaft
- Process Integration Content (PIC) modeling: Modeling and implementation of
Enterprise Services according to the SOA paradigm by the standardized SAP PIC
– Use of SCRUM methodology
- Enterprise Service Repository (ESR): Service implementation of Enterprise
Services; governance of all Enterprise Services with best practice processes
according to strategic goals
- Enterprise services: Analysis and Implementation of Enterprise services /
SAP Banking business processes (SAP Core Banking 7 and 8)
- System Process Definition (SPD) & Functional Specification (FS) creation
(Activity Diagrams, Use Cases, Identification of Business Objects/Service
Operations candidates, derivation of requirements)
– Experiences with the methodology ASAP 7 for Banking (Business Add-on)
- Creation of a business and technical solution specification (design)
– Implementation of the Business Object Map (iBOM) model
– Alignment with the Customer Development Project (CDP) in India to solve
defects (ABAP, ABAP OO, PI, XI, etc.) and the implications
- Testing / tester / testanalyst of the needed functionalities (functional
- Defect resolution in teamwork during the acceptance test of the customer
- Provisioning of interfaces with Web Services Description Language (WSDL)

Duration: 12/2009 – 01/2011
Location: Stuttgart, Germany
Industry: Automotive, Consumer Products, Engineering, High Tech, Engineering, IT
(300.000 employees, operations in 50 countries)
Position: SAP Program Manager / Project Manager / Account member
Project: SAP Global Enterprise Agreement (GEA) Program Management
- Program Management for Premium Customer Network (PCN) account on strategic
- Coordination and communication / management reporting of the top projects
and Customer Engagement Initiatives (CEIs) to the top management
- Support for the account team (sales)
- Implementation and alaysis of the Key Performance Indicator (KPI)
frameworks in between customer and SAP
- Concept and implementation of an Engagement Matrix
- Governance and tracking of the project list for strategic programs and
- Collaboration for the service plannings in between SAP and customer
- Preparation and implementation of internal and external Jour Fix sessions
- WhiteSpot Analysis, Roadmap assessments
- Alignment with Business Transformation Services – Value Partnership Service
- COBIT Integration

Duration: 08/2009 – 02/2010
Location: Walldorf, Germany
Industry: IT, Professional services (65.000 employees, operations in 130 countries)
Position: Consultant
Project: Clear IT – Strategic Realignment
- Workstream „Strategic Business Roadmap“ – Development of a strategic
Roadmap for the Business-IT-Alignment
- Enterprise Architecture (EA) methodology adoption for the customer:
Creation of an Enterprise Architecture Model according to TOGAF/SAP EAF
- Presentation of the current results of the High Level Transformation
Roadmaps of the next 5 years
- Project planning of the Lines of Business (LoB)
- Analysis of the Enterprise Architecture according to the principles of the
"magic square": budget, time, quality, scope
- Business Process Management (BPM) and Governance
- Creation of RACI diagrams
- Conducting BPM/SAP EAF Workshops

Duration: 07/2009 – 12/2009
Location: Basel, Switzerland
Industry: Chemie (130.000 employees, operations in 140 countries)
Position: Consultant
Project: SAP Landscape Assessment - Concept of an SAP Greenfield approach for the
SAP landscape
– Assessment of the complete technical SAP system landscape (As-Is)
– Concept of an SAP Greenfield approach for the SAP landscpae of the new data
center (To-Be)
- Assessment of the IT service processes according to ITIL standards
- Sizing of the SAP landcape for the IBM systems with focus on virtualization
- C-Level presentation

Duration: 07/2009 – 05/2011
Location: Walldorf, Germany
Industry: IT, Dienstleister (65.000 employees, operations in 130 countries)
Position: Consultant, Business Analyst
Project: Demand and Portfolio Management
- Business Process Assessment / Business Analysis of the global Demand and
Portfolio process of the customer
- Alignment of the Global Account Manager (GAMs) in AMERICAS, EMEA, APJ
- Tracking, Governance and Meilensteinplanung of the Action Items
- Recommendations and action items for business process optimization
- Business Process Management (BPM) and Governance; Implementation of the
Business Process Modeling Notation (BPMN)
- Support and optimization of the documentation, tools and templates
- Development of a High Level Requirements document for large projects
- Communication of the results to the stakeholders
- Visualizetion of the strategic programs and projects for the C-Level
- COBIT Integration

Duration: 06/2009 – 08/2009
Location: Hamburg, Germany
Industry: Retail, Wholesale(5.500 employees, operations in 24 countries)
Position: Consultant
Project: IT Assessment
- Goal: Safeguarding of the der actionability of the system when the business
– 360° assessment of the IT, especially the SAP landscapein following
- IT infrastructure
- IT processes according to ITIL
- IT organization
- Skills
- IT strategy
- Creation of recommendations for the IT management
- C-Level presentation

Duration: 04/2009 – 09/2009
Location: Stockholm, Sweden
Industry: Public Sector (30.000 employees, operations in 2 countries)
Position: Consultant
Project: Merger & Acquisitions
- Merger & Acquisitions of 2 public companies. For this a harmonization of
the SAP landcape is necessary
- The IT department was searching for a strategy to reduce the expected Total
Cost of Ownership (TCO) and to operate the daily business with the business
process harmonizations and to implement the new business oppoertunities
- Creation of a propsal for the consolidation of the both SAP landscapes
- System Landscape Optimization (SAP SLO) concepts with Greenfield,
Brownfield and Blackfield approach
- Analysis of the SAP systems merge: SAP MDM (Master Data
Management), SAP PI / XI, SAP Portal, Solution Manager, SAP APO, SAP Business
Objects (SAP BO: Chrystal Report, Web Intelligence / WebI, Voyager, Polestar,
Live Office, XCelsius, Widgets), Financial Performance Management

Duration: 01/2009 – 05/2009
Location: Walldorf, Germany
Industry: IT, Professional Services, Education (65.000 employees, operations in 130
Position: Consultant
Project: Education Landscape
- Development of a High Level E-Learning landscape strategy for the Line of
Business (LoB) Education for internal and external trainings
– Governance and Alignment of the heterogenous system landscape and
- Creation of a realization roadmap with cost estimations, milestone
planning, high level value add estimation

Duration: 09/2008 – 03/2009
Location: Walldorf, Germany
Industry: IT, Dienstleister, Managed Services, Hosting (65.000 employees, operations in
130 countries)
Position: Process Mentor
Project: Business Process Management & ISO 20K Certification in one of the biggest
data centers in Europe
- Process Mentoring for the global Incident- and Problem-Management:
- Implementation of ITIL V3 standards with the principles of the ISO 20K (ISO
20000) certification
- ARIS modeling with the ARIS platform
- Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities und Threats (SWOT) analysis of the
business processes
- Process Alignment/Governance of the Global Process Landscape
- Process redesign in the context of the SAS70/SOX compliance; Check through
internal and external audits
- Conducting the global rollout of the processes(AMERICAS, EMEA, APJ)
- Definition and controlling of the Service Level Agreements (SLAs)
- Outsourcing and controlling of ther operative tasks and activities of the
external Global Service Delivery (3rd party): Safeguarding of the support

Duration: 09/2006 – 08/2008
Location: Aalen, Germany
Industry: Maschinenbau, High Tech (24.000 employees, operations in 40 countries)
Position: Software Engineer
Project: Retrofit of the Manufacturing Execution System (MES) landscape
– Concept and implementation of an I18N dialog framework for the logistics
management of the material flow
- Custom developed dialoges
- Build of a Java Enterprise Edition (JEE) platform with JBoss Application
Server with EAI principles
- Porting and integration of the legacy Oracle databases, systems and
processes on modern platforms
- Test runs and start-up of the software in the productive plant work

Duration: 05/2005 – 09/2006
Location: Stuttgart, Deutschland
Industry: Automotive (275.000 employees, operations in 200 countries)
Position: Software Engineer
Project: Retrofit des Just-in-Time (JIT) Achsversandsystem
– Porting and migration of the historical grown C++ and Java software to
modern Java platforms of the Siemens AG
- Optimization of the supply chain and production
- Start and automatic updates of the applications based on Java
WebStart with Tomcat and an HTML application
- Test runs and start-up of the software in the productive plant work

Duration: 09/2003 – 05/2005
Location: Rastatt, Germany
Industry: Automotive (59.000 employees, operations in 32 countries)
Position: Software Engineer, Systems Integrator, Trainer
Project: Concept and implementation of a Just-in-Sequence (JIS) delivery system
– Build and development of a software based on J2EE with Enterprise
Application Integration (EAI) principles for the sequence inlining system
– Supply Chain Management Analyse according to Supply Chain Operations
Reference-Modell (SCOR)
- Identification of storage strategies
– Just-in-Sequence delivery implementation
– Continuous, automatic order chain from Rastatt to Romania
– Connection to the Enterprise Service Bus (ESB)
- Integration into IBM WebSphere, IBM MQSeries and DB/2
- Use of Eclipse RCP (Rich Client Platform) as dialog framework
– Build of a fully automated high-bay warehouse
– High availability on system and process level
- Optimizaion of SQL
- Integration in the SAP systems: Integration in SAP SCM, SAP EWM and SAP
Transportation Management (SAP TM)
- Adoptions for the logistics monitor
- Planning, Controlling and Check of the storage processes for the delivery
of cable harnesses

Duration: 01/2003 – 09/2003
Location: Stuttgart, Germany
Industry: Engineering, High Tech (370.000 employees, operations in 190 countries)
Position: Software Engineer, Systems Integrator
Project: Build of an Application Lifecycle Management (ALM)
– Concept of an Application Lifecycle Managements in the development
department for industry software
– Requirements Engineering (RE) for the department
- Selection of the tools
- Implementation of the processes and tools

Duration: 01/2002 – 12/2002
Location: Stuttgart, Germany
Industry: Public Sector, hospital (2.000 employees)
Position: Systems Integrator
Project: Build of a high availability solution for the laboratories (2 nodes)
– Concept und implementation of a high availability solution for the
laboratories of an hospital
– Build of a virtualized platform
- Build of the Enterprise Linux systems
- Integration of the 3rd party applications
- Configuration of the Oracle databases
- Adoption of XML configurations
- Training for the users

Duration: 12/2001 – 12/2001
Location: Stuttgart, Germany
Industry: Automotive (17.500 employees, operations in 153 countries)
Position: Systems Integrator
Project: Troubleshooting of an Unix-Clusters to safeguard the Quality Management
(QM/QA) systems (4 nodes)
– System stop endangered the stop of the production
- Analysis of the current situation
- Administration of all systems
- Troubleshooting of the complex cluster
- Fix of the error

Duration: 09/2000 – 12/2001
Location: Wolfsburg, Germany
Industry: Automotive (8.600 employees, operations in 13 countries)
Position: Systems Integrator
Project: Integration of a Unix-Clusters to safeguard the JIS delivery
– Creation of a high availability solution for an Automotive supplier (2
– Integration of the bus und network systems
- Integration of 3rd party applications
- Configuration of Oracle databases
- Training of the employees
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