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  • Graduation: Administration graduated - MBA in Project Management
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  • Languages: English (Full Professional) | Portuguese (Native or Bilingual) | Spanish (Limited professional)
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S/4HANA, SAP FICO Certified Consultant, MBA in Project Management
Strong skills in IT Projects . 20 years working with SAP, 10 as FICO consultant,  previous 10 years as ABAP developer including 2 as BW, mixing technical and functional skills. I have been leading cross-functional teams totalizing 5 years. 15 years background in consultancy. Deep knowledge in systems integration, implementation projects, support projects, upgrade projects, transformation projects as well as Project Management tools. Proactive. Communication and decision abilities, team spirit, quick learner.  Team lead.  Solutions Architect. Before SAP worked as systems analyst and IT Manager with others ERP and proprietary systems.
EU Passport - dual citizenship Italian and Brazilian.

Amer Sports:                                                                                                                  Aug/2018 – until present
FICO Consultant – English Language.
Munich, Germany
SAP eDocument Framework tool.
Support as External SAP Consultant FI/CO (Global IT – EMEA)
. Support Tickets, VAT Tax codes customizing for several countries as RU, FR, PT, BE, RO, FI, IT, NL, etc.
. Support Spain SII and Portugal SAF-T.
. Changing in SEPA Debit Direct file to cover new PT-X plataform in UK.
  1. Hungary Invoice Registration project                  
Responsible by the change request for Hungary Invoice Registration – version due to 01/07/2018 implemented in 02/11/2018, rectroactively.
Basic solution with the CBS Partner. SAP Notes searching, customizing, business processes meetings, unit tests, regression tests for SII Spain which is implemented in eDdocument Framework, documentation, training. Validations errors: analysis and solution.
  1. Italy e-invoicing project                             
Responsible by the change request for new Italy e-Invoicing due to 01.01.2019.
Basic solution with the CBS Partner. SAP Notes searching, customizing, business processes meetings, unit tests, regression tests for SII Spain and Hungary which are implemented in eDdocument Framework, documentation, training. Validations errors: analysis and solution.
Konecranes Finland (through IBM):                                                                                                                                Dec/2017 – Jul/2018
FICO Consultant – English, Portuguese and Spanish Languages. London,UK (Remotely)
SAP eDocument Framework and SAP AIF-Application Interface Framework.
- Full Solution with cloud implemented by the client. Tax XML file generation, Customizing & Unit tests, SAP Notes searching for SAP ECC EHP8, writing Customizing Guide and User Guide, Functional and Technical specifications of developments for: 
. Spain SII implementation. Upgrade Spain SII for 01.07.2018.
. Portugal SAF-T implementation.
GlaxoSmithKline:                                                                                                                             Ago/2017 –Sep/2017
Brazil Rollout  – London, UK                                                                              
FICO Consultant – English, Portuguese and Spanish Languages.
Rollout postponed.
Helped with material from presentation in Argentina by the Argentina Wave team:
- PoC - Proof of Concepts to be presented in Workshops in Argentina about Withheld taxes and Perceptions tax. Checking the fields on the invoice entry through VIM.
- Config of branch/ tax codes to prepare the system for Workshops.
- Review of RAID log to define issues.
- Design of sharing  certificate number table between SAP and JD Edward systems via RFC.

At Deloitte Barcelona Spain:                                                                                                   Jan/2017 – Jul/2017
Mango Group  Rollout 40 countries, Focus Project  – Palau Solitá, Spain                      Fev/2017 – Jul/2017
FICO Consultant – English and Spanish Languages.
- Tax XML file generation, Reporting VAT Ledger, EC Sales List, search and applying for SAP Notes,  BAdI implementation, customization, how to use, tests, parametrization guide, user guide, UAT, set up  for all these countries localization:
Czech / Slovak / Italy (SPESOMETRO) / France (DART - FEC file) / Russia / Ukraine/Portugal (SAFT).
- Mexico Deferred tax, review of customizing, SAP notes for updating of RFUMSV50 program, SAP notes for updating of RFUMSV53 program, correction of problems caused by migration from old deferred tax to new deferred tax (RFUMSV25 to  RFUMSV50).
- Intercompany: Reconciliation, dump analysis and search for SAP Notes (extend tables for other currencies)
- Spain: Studies about SII implementation.
- XBRL: Studies and analysis about SAP DM to get it to Great Britain / Singapore / Italy.
STP ACUSTER Group  – Terrassa, Spain                                                                               Jan/2017 – Fev/2017
Rollout Project to Czech Republic
FICO Consultant – S4HANA version - English and Spanish Languages
Tax XML file generation:
Set up of Tax Reporting of Czech localisation  to generate XML files of:
 VAT ledger, VAT return, European Community (EC) Sales List .
- SAP Notes searching and BAdI implementation.
- Unit tests.
- Review of Tax Codes customizing and EU Code.
- Parametrization Guide and User manual in English
- User training via skype in English.
At client by contract:
Zurich Group – New GL Roll-in Project to Spain, in Barcelona                              May/2016 – October/2016
English Language
FICO Consultant - AP/AR/AA/Intercompany – substitution of other consultant.
- Unit Tests creating evidence files and solving customizing issues.
- Excel data files to populate transactional data for UAT in AP AR AA Intercompany.
- Integrated tests for local processes, fixing in SAP the defects raised in HP ALM by the core team.
- Gathering the list of process from Core BBP and Local BBP to define the table of contents for training.
English course in London, UK                                                                                              Aug/2015 – Mar/2016
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Lojas Americanas S.A. - Fiscal Action Plan Project                                                              Jan/2015 – Jun/2015
FICO Consultant – AA/AP - Solution Architect – Transformation project
- Review of all fiscal processes to automate task between  SAP and Mastersaf (Fiscal system).
- Review of tax interface between SISPRO (Asset Account system) and Mastersaf.
- Managing SISPRO system supplier.
- Process design, Functional and Tech specifications for interfaces SAP x Mastersaf and SISPRO x SAP.
- Presentations for solution’s approval.                                                                 
- Evaluate impacts of new processes in Mastersaf System
- Creation and managing the chronogram.
- Creating data for tests, writing of scripts, tests execution.
- User guidance and training for integrated tests.
- Post go-live support in solutions implantanted.
- Recommending staffing requirements and interviews with new team members.
- Responsible for a team of 2 SAP/ABAP developers and 1 Oracle developer / 1 Functional Consultant  of Mastersaf system.
Lojas Americanas S.A. – Hyperion Planning implementation Project                                                                           Jul/2014 – Dec/2014
FICO Consultant – GL/AP/AR/CO – Solution Architect
- Information mapping requested by the Hyperion team.
- Specification of outbound interfaces SAP x ORACLE ODI.
- Functional and technical specifications for 14 extractors programs, including hierarchy, FSV, expenditure on payroll, credit card sales, account groups, positions, salaries, projects expenses, chart of accounts and secondary classes, generating tables that will be accessed by Hyperion BI connectors for tracking the  budgets for 900 stores in Planned x Real.
- Integration works with CO/HR/Hyperion.
- Testing and validation of results.
- Process design and specification of inbound interface to upload of SAP CO Planning from Hyperion.
- Modifications in non-SAP legacy  systems  and WEB system to accept the new requirements.
- Responsible for a team of 2 SAP/ABAP developers and 1 PHP developer (WEB front-end).
Sotreq S/A (Caterpillar) - Enterprise start up ON² Soluções Integradas                                                                           Dez/2013 – Jun/2014
Implementation project.
FICO Consultant – AP/AR/AA/GL Taxes Brazil Localisation CO-CCA CO-PCA  and PS                                                             
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
- Requirements analysis, Business Blueprint design of FI sub-modules.
- Integration works with SD/MM/CO/PS
- Config of Organizacional Structures, Chart of accounts, Cost Center, Profit Center and all of others.
- Config of Electronic bank statement, Bank file FEBRABAN240.
- Config of AR/AP  Structures and Bank file format CNAB400,Brazilian format for Itau Bank
- Config of Indirect  taxes Categories /Codes /Formules /Ammount,  etc.
- Config of Asset Accounting, structure and rules, etc.
- Participation of definitions of cost collectors in PS module for Asset under construction
- Functional and technical specifications.
- Validation/Substitution rules.
- Creating test data, writing of scripts and tests execution.
- User guidance for Integrated Tests - UAT.
- Post go-live support.
- Business Blueprint of CO module.
Sonangol Starfish Ltda - Tax Implementation Project   Set/2013 – Nov/2013
FICO Consultant - AP, Indirect taxes
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
- Requirements analysis, Blueprint design.
- Configuration of 60 codes of withheld taxes in FI integrated with MM in Brazil localisation.
- Creating of Tests Plan, execution of all unitary tests in invoice entry and in payment checking the taxes calculation, user guidance for Integrated Tests and UAT.
AMS Support Sonda IT – Incidents and Change Request support version ECC 6       May/2013 – Aug/2013
 FICO Support Consultant  NGL/AP/AR/BL/SPED Contábil  (digital ledger), CO-CCA, FSCM-CR.
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
- Support in help desk with Moebius Support Calls system accordingly SOX.
- Brasilcap client
 - New GL – Functional Specification for Balance Sheet with 12 digits accounts (to send to SUSEP Brazilian regulator of Insurance), tests and delivering.
- New GL – Functional Specification for file creation RAZSALD and RAZLANC for SUSEP Circular 360 requirement, tests with SUSEP's validator program.
- Data extraction from accounting required by external auditing.
- Rexam client
- FSCM-CR - corrections in credit management configuration and credit values of customers.
- Knauf  client (Portuguese and English)
- CO – Configuration of Statistic Internal Order  for Budget, training.
- AP – Searching for SAP notes ( the J-52 register - bank files in the FEBRABAN standard).
- Blueprint writing for application to the France's team. Creation of test scenarios, tests.
- Others
- Supporting Sales Depto within POC ( proof of concepts) in FI-AP/AR/BL/SPED Contabil and CO-CCA in a client.
- Assessment of SPED Contabil to an initial SAP implementation.
BRP – Bombardier - Rollout Project from Canada, English Language                            Nov/2012 -Abr/2013
Campinas, São Paulo
FI Consultant - AP/AR/EBS, Taxes Brazil localisation.
- Configuration of payment methods for Itau Bank electronic bank file (FEBRABAN400), for AP and AR.
- Functional specification for user-exit of F110 to change the fiscal branch in the electronic file.
- Data migration in FI MM SD, master datas and open documents.
- Configuration EBS – Electronic Bank Statement and reconciliation FEBRABAN240 format.
- Substitution/validation rules.
- Configuration of indirect taxes, Brazilian localization.
- Creating test data, Test scenarios, Test Scripts.
- Writing the user documentation. Documentation in English.
- Data for Test scenarios, Participating UAT, Training.
- Conference call every day with Canada’s team.
Peixe Urbano – Change Request Project - Portuguese and Spanish Languages                                                       May/2012 -Nov/2012
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
FI Consultant - AP/BL/New GL/Tax file generation and digital ledgers: SPED Accounting/SPED Fiscal
- Configuration of PMW bank to Argentinian branch.
-Configuration and customization of program banks RFFOR* for Brazil to payment to Concessionaires / Taxes / Savings on Itau Bank electronic bank file (FEBRABAN).
- Enhancements as fix the historic in Compact Document Journal of Argentina and configuration of fiscal year variant. Functional Specification for Report of duplicate emails in master data. Validation of taxes in master data. Development of advance payment with barcode.
- Testing of deliverables.
- Configuration of SPED (Tax file generation) Accounting Project, writing the training manual, training the user.
SD Module:
- Configuration of  SPED (Tax file generation) Contribuitions -  PIS/COFINS - Fiscal Project (digital ledgers government system), identification of SAP Notes required and Functional specifications to development of  BAdIs in the SAP standard program from Brazil localization, tests, writing the training manual, training the user.
- Enhancements as report of lack of jurisdiction code in master data required for SPED, report of offers. Fix for use of foreign jurisdiction code in issuing the electronic invoice (NF-e).
Petrobras – Change request Project                                                                                      Jan/2011 - Apr/2012
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
FI Consultant - AA/GL/PS
- Refund of credits on Taxes Project (PIS/COFINS in assets - 1 year duration), tracking the records in WBS elements (Project System structure in PS)
- Changing in FCONT 2011 layout, and system for FCONT Tax  file generation.
- Enhancements in moving Assets between plants.
- Month-end closing activities.
- Pointing work hours in PS module (CAT2).
- Utilisation of SOLMAN, CHARM and HP Quality Centre in tests.
- Environment with Change Management Lifecycle, with transport copies, accordingly SOX.
Linde Gases - International Rollout Project, English Language – holiday covering                                                                      Dec/2010
São Paulo - Brazil
FI Consultant – tasks specific for taxes.
- Taxes configuration, Brazil Localisation, withheld (indirect) taxes and SAP Notes in FI module for TAXBRA.
At client by contract directly:
Europ-Assistance (Generali) - São Paulo – Brazil                                                              Oct/2010 – Nov/2010
International Rollout Project from France, English Language
FI Consultant - AP/AR/AA/New-GL
- Responsible for data migration and interfaces in AA/AP/AR
- Specifications and support to users in tests sceneries.
- Conference call weekly with France’s team.
English course in Dublin Ireland                                                                                            Jan/2010 – Oct/2010
At Netpartners-International:
Viscofan do Brasil – Change request Project, Spanish Language                                    Feb/2009 – Jan/2010
São Paulo - Brazil
ABAP and FI Consultant - AP/AR/New GL and SPED.
As FI Consultant:
- Prepare to printing Brazilian Ledgers (Livro Diario) of the previous year after New GL incorrect migration.
- Project SPED (tax file generation) ECD searching SAP notes for application with BAdI development,
- Substitution / validation rules.
- Improvements Specifications in Portuguese and Spanish, using Requirements Engineering.

- Customization of payment program for National Insurance (GPRS)
- SAP Notes implementation to allow new functions at payment program.
- Development of advance payment with barcode.
- Improvement in locking and release of payments to suppliers.
- Validation rules / Substitutions to lock payments.
- BAdI development for SPED tax file generation
At Complex IT (now TechMahindra) through Accenture:
Petrobras - Rio de Janeiro, Brazil                                         Jul/2006 – Jan/2009
Change Request Project, Upgrade Project to SAP ECC 6.0, SPED Projects (ECD and EFD Tax file generation)
- Compliance based environment including Sarbanes Oxley.
- Data selection and extraction of transfer prices to populate SAP BW.
- Fixed Asset Project I – to manage gain/loss in asset retirement after finished the production of petroleum. Development of outbound interfaces for extracting data from fixed assets of oil wells to populate other systems that make specific calculations and afterwards inbound interfaces to receive into R/3 the information for clearing fixed assets. It was like data migration tasks with outbound and inbound datas, I mean to found the correct tables, define the needed fields, decide what to bring (cleansing).
- Fixed Asset Project II – to manage the production of petroleum (AO25) based in information of PP module. Creation of several interfaces with legacy system,  ANLU table extension.
- UNICODE adaptation and from ABAP/4 to ABAP/7
- SPED project (digital ledgers file government system) Phase I, with BAdIs, UML specifications, in the experimental project between SAP Brazil and Petrobras.
- SPED project Phase II, composed by BW, netweaver (Web dynpro), IXOS, RFCs between Portal and ABAP, to give a cockpit to the company make decisions in actions to improve processes, and create the fiscal and accounting digital ledger files, to meet the new legal requirement in Brazil
- Functional Specifications using Requirements Engineering.
- Pointing work hours in PS module (CAT2).
- Working with SOLMAN and CHARM.
For IBM at:
British & American Tobaco (Souza Cruz) - Rio de Janeiro, Brazil   Apr/2006 – Jun/2006
ABAP - PP / MM / CO / FI
Support  Project version 4.6: responsible for help desk with ARS Remedy (IBM system).
Upgrade Project version 4.7: adaptation to UNICODE.
Telemar S.A. Rio de Janeiro, Brazil                                  Feb /2006 – Mar/2006
ABAP - Costs Project – SEM/BPS                                                 and Jul/2006 – Nov/2006 from 6 pm to 11 pm
-SAP support project, development in BW 3.1 version. Responsible for technical specifications, test cases, construction of ABAP interfaces to upload files from legacy system, BW transfer rules and ODS.
CEG-Gas Natural - International Rollout Project from Spain, Spanish Language          Sep/2005 – Jan/2006
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
- Conference call weekly with Spain’s team.
- ABAP team leader with 6 Senior ABAP consultants.
- Assisted and supported Senior Management on the priorities in planning of development to each  stage.
- Responsible for writing the technical specifications in Portuguese and Spanish, within Requirements Engineering, with metrics, interacting with software factory in a virtual team, and testing & quality assessment of ABAP codes.
- We developed the forms needed (Sapscript and Smartforms) to attend the local fiscal requirements to Brazil, such as Purchase Order, fiscal document and boleto bar code.
- ABAP Codes for taxes formulas. Copy control in SD (VOFM).
- Responsible for manually Authorization / Transmission / Import Change Request in the roll-out (STMS).
- Translation of developments in R/3 from Spanish to Portuguese.
- LSMW for data migration and cleansing.
At DBA Engenharia de Sistemas:
Petrobras – Rio de Janeiro, Brazil                                     Mar/2003 – Aug/2005
 ABAP - Modules FI (AP/AR) Taxes and SD.
Sinergy Project (implementation version 4.6)
ABAP team leader with 16 Senior ABAP consultants.
- Exposure to multiple projects management.
- Project of Credit Management and Risk :
Composed of 17 objects, including user-exits in sales orders, field-exits to require risk class, -ALV to releasing orders, reports, tables for permission parameters and level of competence of users releasers, screen program for parameters maintenance, batch-input for releasing of orders after invoices paid and sending e-mail for customers.
- Control Project in force for Guarantees, associated with the Project of Credit Management and Risk.
- Project of Getting Credits of  PIS/COFINS tax on assets and property, purchases of goods, purchases of fixed assets.
As employment
Norsa Refrigerantes Ltda. (Coke Company)                                         Jul/1999 - Feb/2003
ABAP and BW Consultant - Fortaleza, Ceará-Brazil
as ABAP:
 Modules FI (AP/AR/GL/AA) e CO, SD, MM, PM, PP.
- SAP Millennium implementation project, to version 4.0b.
- ABAP developments to populate Master Data in the Data Migration fase and transactional data from legacy systems.
- Interface with vendor system legacy to extract the credit limit and customer amount to block Sales Orders. Interface of sales to create documents in Account Receivables to provide credit management.
- Customization of bank files program and SAP notes application (CITIBANK, ITAU) FEBRABAN format, using the Interchange to transfer files to banks.
- Development of Cash Flow Management in SAP R/3 version 4.
 -UP-SAP upgrade project, from version 4.0b to 4.6c. ABAP codes adaptations needs to go-live.
as BW:
 Implementation project in SAP BW version 3.0b. (with Price Waterhouse). I assisted the senior BW Consultant in the cube modeling to create the data extractions from accounts, transfer rules, infopackages with Delta, Process Chain. In adition I was responsible to load monitoring.
- S/4HANA. Activate, Building Blocks, Migration, BP, Fiori/UI5, Eclipse, LTMC.
- SAP eDocument Framework and AIF. SAF-T Portugal, Spain SII, Hungarian Invoice Report, Italian e-Invoicing.
- VAT Return Report, EC Sales List. VAT ledger for  Czech, Slovak, France, Italy, Russia, Ukraine and Portugal localizations.
- Business mapping, blueprint design and description of processes.
- Design Functional and Customizing Specification, in Portuguese, Spanish and English languages, using Requirements Engineering.
- Creating effort estimations based in metrics defined and Functional Specifications.
- GAP analysis and RICEF Inventory.
- Creating and Editing (Master Data, Transactional Data, etc.).
- Customizing of several functionalities in sub-modules AP AR GL AA New-GL Banking CO-CCA CO-PCA CO-IO
- Participating in UAT, training, Unit Tests, integrated Tests, Cut-over
- Knowledge of integration with SD, MM and PS modules and NF-e and indirect taxes.
- Data Validation and cleansing, Data Migration via LSMW and ABAP programs with SHDB and BAPI.
- Validation and Substitution rules.
- Mapping of data in CO module for Hyperion Planning implementation project.
- SAP Notes searching and Application and BAdi implementation.
- SPED Accounting/Fiscal/Contribution (digital ledgers government system) Brazil localization, similar in India and China.
- Systems integration and non-SAP legacy systems.
- Change Request control processes.
- Responsible for help desk.
- PS module (CAT2) and GRC user.
- HP QC and HP ALM / Sharepoint / Aris / Lotus Notes / IBM Remedy / Ms Project / Power Point / Visio.
- Managerial skills like planning and prioritization of activities, creation of chronograms, conduction of meetings and presentations, with tools like MS Project/PowerPoint and Visio.
Others Experiences
In Companies: Secrel / Vulcabras S.A. / Yamacon in Fortaleza – Ceará - Brazil                     Jun/1994 - May/1999
- IT Manager
- Support Analyst Networks WIN NT and Unix Support
- Systems Analyst and Senior COBOL Programmer for RH/Payroll systems.
Brasil Foods in Videira - Santa Catarina - Brazil                                             Jan/1982 - Apr/1994
Got technical training in Data Analysis & Logical Database Design, Structured Analysis, and Logic & COBOL programming language.
- Production and Support Coordinator
- Operation System Support Coordinator and Unix Support
- Support Analyst Networks and Unix Support
- Systems Analyst and Senior COBOL Programmer: HR and Payroll systems / Accounts Payable and Receivables with bank files / General Ledger / Costs Centre and Profit Centre / Sales Invoincing / Tax file generation.
Total flexibillty. Remote. On-site.