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Alumnus Software Ltd. is an Information Technology solution provider

Profileimage by PuspendraNarayan Roy Alumnus Software Ltd. is an Information Technology solution provider from Kolkata
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Profileimage by PuspendraNarayan Roy Alumnus Software Ltd. is an Information Technology solution provider from Kolkata
Alumnus Software Ltd. is an Information Technology solution provider with more than a decade’s track record of outstanding engineering. Our engineered solutions for enterprises enhance efficiency and effectiveness to the processes involved thus increasing the competitive advantages manifold.

We are devoted to finding solutions to the problems of the ever connected world of devices and people. We do this through our thorough understanding of engineering principles and by paying attention to our customers’ needs. We are able to do it better and our solutions more elegant due to the fact that we have worked on the entire spectrum from hardware device to consumer data.

Embedded: Alumnus has significant experience on ARM/MIPS/X86 based platforms. We regularly build products/reference platforms around a wide range of processors and SoCs and have experience in small foot-print software development and optimization. Our offering includes full-cycle embedded systems development, including system-level apps, driver, firmware and middleware development, performance optimization services, and debugging and failure analysis. Alumnus also offers hardware and PCB design, and rapid prototyping. Alumnus has a strong team of engineers experienced in Linux, ITRON based RTOS, µc Linux, eCoS and Nucleus. Our skills include Kernel modification and optimization of footprint.
Wireless Technologies: Alumnus experience spans from Wi-Fi to Bluetooth, Beacons, NFC and others. Alumnus has thorough knowledge of Wi-Fi Standards 802.11a/b/g/n/i/ac/u including Wireless Security protocols. We are engaged in building/enhancing Wireless and Bluetooth Drivers for some of world’s most popular platforms. A world leading Storage and Wi-Fi chipset provider and one amongst the two largest selling Home Networking equipment brands have remained engaged with us for many years for developing and enhancing new features. Our design services include turnkey Wi-Fi driver customization and optimization. We offer design and consulting services for wireless connectivity and networking solutions for IoT applications as well.
Networking: Alumnus experience in Networking includes Network Protocol Test and Measurement Tools, WAN Optimization, Web and Multimedia Content Distribution & Delivery and Network Management Systems. Alumnus has worked in all areas of Data Networks from core routing frameworks to the edge devices, with deep expertise in Network Stacks (IPv4 and IPv6), Network Protocols (Switching and Routing), Content Delivery Networks, last mile web/video Content Optimization and Network Management Systems. We have participated extensively in building some of the most popular protocol test automation suites.

Alumnus has significant expertise in Big Data, Internet Of Things and Text and Data Analytics, which often serves as a solid foundation for building and deploying Enterprise Solutions. This expertise is built on a decade-old experience in building Embedded software & firmware, software for Home and Enterprise Networks, and end-to-end solutions in Application domains.
Case Study 1: Data-driven Insights for telecom

To improve ROI on cell towers telecom companies want to understand the call loads and other relevant statistics across different cells. The utility of this analysis is to help telecom providers understand the placement of the cell towers and subscriber mobility behavior to improve service quality. Alumnus is implementing a real time dashboard to visualize flow of call load information and user movement. Using Big Data Streaming technologies and data mining, we are handling large data volumes generated at the speed of 25GB per minute with over 2 million data points.

Case Study 2: AOI Enhancement by Machine Intelligence
We are designing cutting edge machine learning and artificial intelligence algorithms for Automatic Optical Inspection (AOI) machines. These machines use image processing algorithms to detect and reject faulty PCB units. Due to the conservative nature of the AOI routine the rejection rate is high, resulting in a lot of false rejects which have to be manually inspected and reinserted into the assembly line. Our image processing and machine learning routines are augmenting the AOI thus reducing, with a goal to remove, the manual inspection step and thereby speeding up the line. In addition, the data repository generated from these operations help in predicting and controlling the quality of the production line.

Case Study 3: Predictive Analytics for Router Connection failures

Alumnus is working with a major CPE manufacturer to mitigate the problem of sudden (often repeated) connection failures in home or office routers / edge devices by employing predictive maintenance systems in such devices. This is achieved by constantly monitoring the device health and uploading the data to remote servers for processing. These servers are empowered with sophisticated pattern recognition and data analysis algorithms to process the health data run-time and identify future failure points so that some corrective actions may be taken before the failure takes place, remotely. All data upload happens securely and utilising very little system resources (using CoAP with DTLS for data transmission) to ensure users’ traffic is not affected.

Case Study 4: Region Monitoring and Proximity Sensing

Region monitoring is required when a smartphone App needs to perform some action specific to a geographic location. This can be to increase efficiency, like automatic check-in at a hotel, or automatic attendance in a classroom. This can also be to provide the user location specific data, like next bus’s arrival time, or deals / offers running in a store, or providing custom content for digital signage. The possibilities are varied and only limited by imagination. Two of the most common techniques used for this purpose is geo-fencing and beacons. The first is a GPS based method which works if the user is outside, while the second is a Bluetooth Low Energy based approach for similar solutions indoors, where GPS does not work reliably.
Alumnus is developing its own solutions using these technologies, and packaging them as Android and iOS libraries. Customers can integrate our solution to facilitate their custom requirements.
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