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  • Graduation: MCA (Master Of Computer Applications), MPEFB (IIM B)
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  • Last update: 19.03.2020
Profileimage by Mac Koteshwar Senior Architect/Consultant/Developer/Trainer from Bangalore
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Java/JEE, JSF, Net, Lotus Domino/Notes, IBM MQ, Eclipse RCP, Plug-in development, Jboss, IBM WebSphere / Oracle WebLogic, Oracle SOA Suite, Oracle BPEL, Tibco, Unix including, IBM AIX, Oracle Solaris, Crystal Reports, JasperSoft, BIRT, Apache Hadoop, Cloud Foundry, Cassandra, Spark, Storm, Kafka, Splunk, Zookeeper, ServiceMix, WSO2, Camel, OSGi, Karaf, CXF, XMPP/Jabber, OpenMQ, Puppet, Ant, Maven, Git/SVN, Jboss / Websphere / Weblogic Portal Server, Oracle UCM, LWWCM, Azure, AWS, SaltStack, Ansible, Chef, Python, IBM, Oracle, Microsoft, Open Source technologies, OS configuration, application, Programming, Java, Lotus Script, JavaScript, Visual Basic 6, C++, C, XSL, HTML, Rexx, C#, VB.NET, Scala, Application Servers, WebSphere, WebLogic, IPlanet, Lotus Domino, Jboss/Tomcat, Linux, Windows 2000/NT, Solaris, AIX, OS/400, Win98, MS DOS, DB2, Oracle 8i/9i, MS SQL, Visual Foxpro, Informatica PowerCenter, Internet, Intranet, Extranet, J2EE, LDAP, R3 to R6, Lotus QuickR, Sametime / Workflow, Websphere MQ, Active MQ, Apache Camel, Websphere MQEI, Websphere Portal Server, Oracle Fusion Middleware, Oracle BPM, OA Framework Applications, TIBCO Active Spaces, TIBCO AMX BW & EMS, TIBCO Object Broker, TIBCO AMX BPM, OSB/OER/OSR, TIBCO Spotfire, Apache Service Mix, Mirantis OpenStack, APIs, Domino, ODBC, DECS, IBM Rational suite, Struts, Eclipse RCP/Plugin development, Open JPA, OpenSSO, Hadoop, Apache Storm, Apache CXF, Apache Sparc, Spring, Hibernate, Drupal, PHP, JSF/Primefaces/Richfaces, JavaScript Frameworks, Backbone, Angular, Ext, DoJo, KnockoutJS, YUI, Ruby on Rails, jBPM, Inubit BPM, Alfresco, ExtJS, Rhino, JEE, MQ, Crysal Reporting, Secure Web Services, payment gateway, requirement analysis, Lotus, user interface, MQ series, User Management, LDAP Directory, J2EE solution, IBM Websphere, Lotus Domino Technology
  • 03/2020 - 03/2020

    • Large Insurance Company
  • Senior Developer
  • For a Large Insurance Company:

    Mac provides the guidance and solution design, as well manages the implementation of 40+ projects involving .NET/JEE based
    solutions with MQ, Crysal Reporting, Secure Web Services and APIs.

    For a shared cab solution provider:

    Mac helped build a website and mobile app for cab ride sharing from the Airport. People could use the solution to cut down their
    fares when travelling to/from the Airport. The App would match interested individuals based on arrival/departure time as well based
    on location and direction of travel with minimal inconvenience and maximum savings.

    For a paywall content gateway:

    Mac designed and developed a browser based plugin that would keep track of visitors wallets, and allow them to view paid content
    with minimal interaction. The solution could be deployed to any site that provides content such as newspaper sites, blogs, etc. The
    code was written on a Java platform with significant use of javascript frameworks to integrate into any site with minimal impact. It also
    had payment gateway integration for wallet maintenance.

    For a Worldwide Telecommunications Company:

    As the assigned Technology Architect & Team Lead, Mac had the direct responsibility of implementing two Intranet client
    engagements including: Employee Self Service and Online Practices. Project initiatives were developed concurrently and each
    engagement included all project phases from requirement analysis and development to implementation. These Intranet systems,
    among several other systems developed concurrently, enhanced the centralization of the client's Human Resources division and
    staffing efforts.

    For a Global Insurance Company:

    As the Senior Developer, Mac assisted in the definition of requirements for an e-business B2B solution that consisted of a Lotus
    Domino front-end for the user interface. Other components of the solution included Java, WebLogic, and MQ series. This involved
    developing a B2B self-service Claims Processing Application.

    For a Film/Television Service Company:

    As the assigned Technology Architect, Mac had responsibility for a J2EE-based phase 0 e-business and e-commerce marketplace
    solution that included the strategy development, functional specification, prototype building, design using patterns, development, and
    deployment. Developed several modules including User Management, Market-specific Catalog management, etc. Provided teamleadership
    and mentoring to team members.

    For an Electricity Services Provider:

    As the assigned Technology Architect, Mac had responsibility for a Lotus Quickplace based Project management system. Multiple
    places were created and integrated with an LDAP Directory. Customization of the Quickplace system was also carried out to support
    additional custom data types and file types. The system supported documents for a large pool of users spread across a large
    geographical area.

    For a Wine Information website:

    As the Technical Architect, Mac worked with the customer to develop and document the requirements for an auction engine with
    specific focus on the worldwide aged-wine marketplace. Mac was involved in functional specification, prototype building, design &
    development of a complete J2EE solution on IBM Websphere on AIX. Mac built the team of developers based on past skill sets and
    provided training to them to enhance their J2EE skills on Websphere. Mac also setup the development infrastructure for RS6K and
    AIX and assisted the Project manager in task scheduling/assignment from a technical perspective.

    For a Large US-Based Logistics & Distribution Company:

    As the assigned Technology Architect, Mac provided a design for the Corporate Intranet Portal using Lotus Domino Technology. Led
    the team that performed the development using the company's ISO 9001 methodology. Provided training/mentoring to the client
    team for obtaining/enhancing Lotus development & administration skills.