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I have worked as a Technical Writer for a government contracting firm for over 7 years. My experience  includes Strategic Communications, editing, drafting documents such as instructions, guidance documents, policies, and foundational documents to include Concept of Operations and Charters for emerging and existing organizations.  I was responsible for creating and managing an inventory of documents across different projects. I have drafted User Guides, created a new hire manual as well as wrote and executed test scripts for Share Point and Navy websites.
I am available for drafting, editing and proofreading copy for websites, books and business documents.  



Booz Allen Hamilton, Senior Consultant                                                        08/10 – Present
Technical Writer
Mrs. Thomas is currently operating in the capacity of a Technical Writer supporting the Director of Navy Staff (DNS-4). Mrs. Thomas is responsible for the coordination and development of project documentation, which includes creating and managing a document inventory of documents across the program. The document inventory is made up of 10 different functions, tasks and applications and over 100 documents. Mrs. Thomas is responsible for ensuring that there is a standard approach to capturing and documenting vital information about systems, software and processes across the DNS IT Services contract and currently leads this effort. She implemented a document review process for client deliverables. She created templates to ensure consistency across all project documentation and held weekly document reviews to verify the completeness, quality and accuracy of the DNS IT Services content. This was done to ensure that all documentation coincides with the firm’s configuration management requirements. She has drafted User Guides for Flag and SES level users, created a new hire manual as well as wrote and executed test scripts for Share Point and Navy sites.
Mrs. Thomas recently re-structured the DNS meeting and team framework to align with the Scrum Methodology to Project Management. She implemented the team’s Scrum process and leads the effort to ensure the methodology is carried out on a day to day basis.  Mrs. Thomas is also responsible for organizing and managing the team’s issue tracking system to ensure it effectively operates under the new structure. She assists with building status reports for the client. She currently produces the helpdesk metrics for DNS-4 and is overseeing the effort to automate all helpdesk metrics that are currently formulated manually.
Business Analyst                                                
Mrs. Thomas assumed the role of Business Analyst while supporting the BUPERS Authoritative Data Warehouse (ADW) initiative and Navy Production Management Office (PMO) Strategic Communications effort in 2011.  Her project support included technical writing, data analysis, defining data requirements and standardizing and documenting data gathering processes.  Mrs. Thomas served as Deputy to the Strategic Communications Lead on both projects assisting with the development of all Strategic Communications deliverables and Change Management documents used to educate and inform stakeholders such as newsletters, stakeholder surveys, and a communications plan. Mrs. Thomas also assisted with the development of branding products, Change Management sites and key messaging for the ADW and Production Management Office.  
Booz Allen Hamilton, Consultant                                                                  08/09 – 08/10
Mrs. Thomas worked at the client site supporting The Bureau of Naval Personnel’s Information Management Office’s CIO.  She worked closely with senior Naval and Civilian personnel.  Her key role was Enterprise Information Management where she established the foundation for the implementation of an enterprise wide data governance program.  Mrs. Thomas also researched Department of Defense and Department of Navy policies, standards and regulations concerning data, to ensure that all Manpower, Training and Education (MPTE) systems and databases were 100% compliant. She helped to establish the Enterprise Information Management Board (EIMB), responsible for enforcing data quality standards across MPTE.  She contributed to the development of the board through the creation of foundational documents used to establish the EIMB and worked with stakeholders to foster data quality.  This was achieved by holding monthly meetings, drafting strategy documents, instructions and templates that set and communicated data standards and best practices across MPTE based on the Data Management Association’s terminology and guidance.
While working as an analyst and technical writer for BUPERS, Mrs. Thomas was responsible for determining the scope for data-related projects, analyzing data flow processes and providing data impact analysis to Senior Officers, the Director of Information Resources Management, and other government personnel.  She gathered metric requirements and documented them in a Functional Requirements Document for the Enlisted Supply Chain corporate metrics used to automate manual reporting and analysis.
Operation Smile                                                                                              06/06 – 05/08
Operation Smile is an international non-profit providing reconstructive surgery for children born with facial deformities in underdeveloped countries.  Previously engaged as a Donor Relations Specialist and Data Analysis Coordinator, Mrs. Thomas helped to establish the Donor Relations department by drafting foundational documents such as Standard Operating Procedures and Concept of Operations.  She streamlined and organized all Donor Relation’s processes and procedures into a database to be used in a collaborative web site which increased the department’s performance by 25%.  Mrs. Thomas’ responsibilities included maintaining positive relationships with donors through effective communications, analyzing donor data to support fundraising efforts and maintaining the donor database to ensure 99% data accuracy.

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