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Profileimage by Martin Zeitz Unternehmensberater für Banken mit breitem Know How from Koeln

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Project Experiences: (Projects realised during the last years) short description with project contents, platform and Tools
from - to & bank
11/2007 – today

Hypo Realestate Testing and realisation of testing tool with respect to legal reporting requirements (SolvV as IRBA and GroMiKV; based on Basel II), SAP, individual software, Abacus, MS-Access

10/2006 – 10/2007

Postbank Conception and realisation of an intermediary solution (originally as back-up concepted) for actual new legal reporting requirements (SolvV as IRBA; based on Basel II), SAP BA, MS-Access

11/2005 – 09/2006

Commerzbank Conception upgrades and new programmes required for collaterals with respect to Basel II, various systems, including host, C/S, Cobol

12/2001 – 10/2005

HSH Nordbank Connecting of dealing and booking systems (like Kondor+ and MIDAS) to the strategic and risk-analysing software (SAP SEM respectively SAP FDB) targeting risk management, legal reporting foreign risk, IAS and Basel II, mapping conception, test and support, Kondor+, Midas, WM, DataStage TX (Mercator), various SAP Banking tools like SAP FDB, SAP SEM, SAP CML and SAP GP, C++, Access

12/2003 – 10/2005

HSH Nordbank Checking tool for customer data of the foreign branches, conception, realisation and test, Kondor+, Midas, SAP GP, Access

03/2004 – 06/2005

HSH Nordbank Tool for the reconciliation of business data of the foreign branches, conception, realisation and test, Midas, IBRW, Access

04/2003 – 09/2003

HSH-Nordbank Connecting rating information in order to use risk-depending interest curves, mapping conception and test, Kondor+, WM, DataStage TX (Mercator), SAP SEM, C++, Access

04/2001 – 11/2001

LBBW Conception connecting of a netting software (legal and contractual parameters linked to the respective actual deals) for the legal reporting software SAMBA, in order to optimise the own capital ratio, LeDIS

01/2001 – 08/2001

Helaba System selection and alternative conception of a self learning individual software for money laundering detection including work-flow like, scoring rules, OFAC criteria, individual criteria catalogue and measurement by users and technique, various funds transfer systems like IZV, SWIFT or Target

01/2001 – 09/2001

Helaba connecting foreign FO/BO systems to H.O. for GLS, SAMBA and cost accounting, Host: Adabas, Natural; Cobol, PC: SQL, C++

10/2000 – 12/2000

Commerzbank System selection dealing systems Eurex, criteria catalogue, evaluation, references regarding 7 systems from the viewpoint of the users and the technique

01/2000 - 09/2000

Commerzbank Strategy for Business Application Management with Tivoli
potential from the banks overall view, identification of the target people, scenario, model and check-list, IBM Host, Tivoli

05/1999 – 12/1999

Bankgesellschaft New conception of a central data pool
definition / selection of the relevant data, collection of it into a uniform format, Host Cobol

07/1998 - 03/1999

NordLB New conception of a central reconciliation of all dealing and funds transfer data (e.g. FO ? BO); C/S, Sybase, Infinity, Access

02/1998 - 03/1999

NordLB Connecting of WM-data (i.e. detailed type information of all kind of securities) to the Middle-Office
Project management and co-ordination, conception as an ongoing process with amendments (e.g. capital split) and reconciliation with other systems involved; C/S, Sybase, Infinity

02/1998 - 03/1999

NordLB Conception and project management with respect to the new banking law (German legal reporting) regarding investment banking / risk-management
• conception RUF / NIF and Underwriting
• conception and realisation of a reconciliation FO/BO ? reporting extract (internal and external reporting)
• test reporting extract
Midas, Kondor+, Murex, Strada, R&N, PowerDealer, C/S, Sybase, Infinity

02/1998 - 02/1999

NordLB Euro introduction for risk controlling / dealing
Project management, conception, co-ordination of programming, test, implementation and control; C/S, Sybase, Infinity

01/1997 - 01/1998

Bankgesellschaft Conception of a data pool of customer group data including balances, turnovers, cost accounting etc. for all related entities
Collection of customer data as defined in the German Banking law (§§ 19/20 KWG: all risk related entities have to be reported in connection)
Including all subsidiaries of the Bank-Group; Host, Cobol, Assembler

01/1997 - 01/1998

Bankgesellschaft Conception of parameterised extraction of risk relevant data e.g. for foreign risk and legal reporting
Definition / selection of the relevant data and combining into a uniform, format
conception of the criteria for the various purposes envisaged; Host, Cobol, Assembler

Several years

Deutsche Bank AG Conception, test and introduction of a complete, parameterised banking system for foreign branches with integrated, almost automated reporting (legal Reporting, foreign risk etc.) to the head office, Tandem Nonstop, Screen-Cobol

Several years

Deutsche Bank AG Conception, test and introduction of various systems around the classical credit business incl. customer-/customer group calculation, e.g. balance sheet analysis / financial planning, foreign risk, connection data bank (display of e.g. customer group structures), Tandem Nonstop, Screen-Cobol

Several years

Deutsche Bank AG Conception, test and introduction of various systems around German legal reporting incl. ALM and banking act reporting, IMB, Cobol


Bankgesellschaft AG, Berlin
Commerzbank AG, Frankfurt
Deutsche Bank AG, Frankfurt
HSH Nordbank AG, Kiel / Hamburg (merger of Landesbank Kiel and Landesbank Hamburg)
Hessische Landesbank, Frankfurt (HeLaBa)
Landesbank Baden Württemberg, Stuttgart (LBBW)
Norddeutsche Landesbank, Hannover (NordLB; inkl. subsidiary Landesbank Bremen)
Postbank, Bonn
full time on site posible