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Project / Program Manager, Project Manager (France), IT Project Manager (Portugal & Spain)

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Profileimage by Manuel Patrocinio Project / Program Manager, Project Manager (France), IT Project Manager (Portugal & Spain) from Paris
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AWS, Azure, VMWARE, Cloud, MS Project, Excel, MS Teams, SharePoint, MS Office 365, HP, DELL, Windows 7, Windows 10, quality standards, SCCM, Active Directory, network monitoring, Microsoft, Data Protection, Microsoft Dynamics, SAP, IoT, Eloqua, SiteCore, Magento, Oracle, MySQL, CMS, JIRA, PowerPoint, Outlook, laptops, Windows, LAN, RAID, Microsoft Exchange, Linux, Citrix, Cisco, PaloAlto, MS Project Server, MS Office tools, virtualization, Microsoft's Office, Windows 7 OS, agile methods, scrum master, App-V, UAT, MS SharePoint, iOS, ERP, ERM software products, SaaS, data migration, data extraction, ETL, SFDC
  • 01/2020 - 01/2020

    • TYCO Thermal Controls
  • Team Coordinator
  • * Oil & Gas sector

  • 12/2018 - 09/2019

    • Rothschild & Co
  • Project / Program Manager
  • (10 months contract)
    Project / Program Manager - Rothschild & Co -
    * Finance sector

    Technical project manager for the Win10 migration program for some European countries and outside
    * renewal of all workstations, from HP to DELL, for about 1500 users and
    * Migration project from Windows 7 to Windows 10;

    Activities and responsibilities:
    * Direct reporting to the DSI for project progress and established KPIs;
    * Direct liaison with technical teams for expertise on management and coordination of production
    contributions and constant technical improvements for the Win10 delivery and for group applications
    and techniques concerning software packages and transversal applications;
    * Organization of validations and decision-making with the various stakeholders around the business
    applications and new environment;
    * Responsible for planning and project roadmap coming from exchanges between the different
    * Coordinate and manage local and satellite deployment teams to achieve project objectives;
    * Prepare presentations and run meetings, while effectively communicating objectives and plans to
    team members and management;
    * Dispute resolution among applications teams, user groups and relevant parties, driving towards
    convergent consensus;
    * Assure compliance with security and quality standards, by managing relationship with business
    managers, suppliers, support functions as well as multi-entity governance and privileged partners
    within the business;
    * Act as technical when needed to guide problem resolution and to run project as a transverse
    project manager;
    * Responsible for monitoring and control of all project phases, from development, to testing and
    delivery, while anticipating and identifying project inherent issues to be able to be timely
    conducted by different teams;

    Technical Environment:
    * Infrastructure: SCCM, Active Directory; network monitoring tools;
    * Apps : fin apps ; Core Microsoft apps ;
    * Ticketing: proprietary Ticketing System to the IT Support Services;
    * Project Management tools: MS Project, Excel, MS Teams, SharePoint, MS Office 365;
    * 3rd parties: HP, DELL, Microsoft;

  • 03/2018 - 10/2018

    • Hager Group
  • Project Manager (France)
  • (8 months contract)
    Project Manager (France) - Hager Group -
    * Manufacturing sector

    General Data Protection Regulation compliance program:
    * Technical and processual project for GDPR compliance of Hager Group;
    * Within the new Digital Factory team, managed the GDPR project for all countries along with the
    group directors and with the different responsibles from each European country;

    Activities and responsibilities:
    * Responsible for the technical implementation from within the Digital Factory and for all the
    internal and external technical collaborators - digital agencies;
    * Managed the collaboration between different parties for the definition of the methodological
    framework to achieve compliance by, identifying for each entity of the group the different required
    tasks to be able to map data, information systems, compliance audit, to put in place new required
    processes, documentations, recurrent tasks, etc.;
    * Contributed for the validation of the legal documents, procedures and guides accompanying the
    action plan;
    * Followed-up the implementation of the action plan and helped to mobilize various stakeholders but
    especially the IT and Marketing departments of the different countries to advance with the project;
    * Assured the quality and completeness of the deliverables in accordance with the objectives and
    schedule set; with active problem solving between stakeholders, IT teams and others (i.e. legal team
    or external suppliers) with the RGPD project team;
    * Transversal work with different Hager Group interfaces from different European countries;

    Technical Environment:
    * Infrastructure: Microsoft Dynamics, MAS, SAP, PIM, IoT Eng, Eloqua, Zuora, Adyen, SiteCore,
    Magento (...);
    * Data Bases: Oracle, MySQL, and other specific systems;
    * Web : SiteCore CMS, Moltomedia CMS, others (...);
    * Ticketing / ITSM: JIRA Atlassian and Heat System;
    * Project Management tools: Excel, dashboards, PowerPoint, SharePoint, Outlook;

  • 02/2015 - 09/2017

    • Babcock International Group
  • IT Project Manager (Portugal & Spain)
  • (2+ years contract)
    IT Project Manager (Portugal & Spain) - Babcock International Group -
    * Aviation sector

    IT and infrastructure migration project. Acquisition of the company and migration to the new IT
    service of the group.

    * Spain (2 years):
    * Included infrastructure, network, servers, users accounts ~1600 users, business apps and data,
    desktops/laptops/workstations rollouts;
    - 12 complex business applications (i.e. ERPs and business operation apps with server
    * Microsoft systems: Exchange installations, SharePoint, Windows 10 OS migrations and hundreds of
    other small business applications;
    * Renewal of two main office's LAN.

    * Portugal (6 months):
    * Included: infrastructure, network, servers, users accounts ~200 users, business apps and data,
    desktops/laptops/workstations rollouts;
    - 5 complex business applications (i.e. ERPs and business operation apps with server installations),
    * Microsoft systems: Exchange installations, SharePoint, Windows10 migrations and hundreds of other
    small business applications.

    Activities and responsibilities:
    * Implemented client's project structure, through monitoring work and deliverables of the migration
    project to a new IT service;
    * Managed diverse and complex project day to day activities involving technical people, business
    stakeholders, 3rd party suppliers, etc.;
    * Developed efficient management processes to ensure delivery and rollout of the infrastructure and
    business applications;
    * Assembled project plans and teamwork assignments, directing and monitoring work efforts on a daily
    basis using RAID logs and Remedy;
    * Identified internal resource needs and managed vendors and service suppliers when required;
    * Communicated and tracked key project milestones, adjusting project plans while maintaining a full
    set of documentation;
    * Coordinated work with different teams: PMO, architects, infra apps, apps packaging, service desk,
    and a few SME teams;
    * Coordinated communication with all areas of the business that impact scope, budget, risk and
    resources of the work effort being managed;
    * Assisted the programme manager and business sponsor in partnering with senior management in all
    key areas of the project.

    Technical Environment:
    * Infrastructure: Microsoft Exchange, Active Directory, SharePoint, Linux, Citrix, Cisco,
    PaloAlto, VMware, SCCM, (...);
    * Data Bases: Oracle, MySQL, and other specific systems;
    * Ticketing / ITSM: Remedy
    * Security technology: Sophos, Proofpoint, Palo Alto, CISCO, (...);
    * Project Management tools: MS Project Server, MS Office tools, dashboards, RAID logs; Remedy
    (ITSM System);

  • 10/2014 - 02/2015

    • AIB - Allied Irish Bank
  • IT Project Coordinator
  • (4 months contract)
    IT Project Coordinator (Ireland) - AIB - Allied Irish Bank -
    * Finance sector

    Project 'EDGE' - virtualization program VDI - rollout of virtualised desktops across 15.000 users:
    * included replacing of legacy XP and Linux desktops with thin WYSE client devices;
    * upgrading all users to Microsoft's Office toolset on Windows 7 OS;
    * virtualizing all 800+ line of business applications and consolidation of all applications and
    decommissioning old unused applications.

    Activities and responsibilities:
    * Liaised with team members, suppliers and relevant external project managers to ensure that quality
    requirements were formulated;
    * Assisted in ensuring governance, procedures and quality plans were meeting specified corporate and
    regulatory banking requirements;
    * Day to day coordination using agile methods (i.e. doing daily stand-ups, sprint reviews and
    retrospectives), acting as a scrum master;
    * Assigned work packages and resources to respective teams (i.e. across SCCM, CISCO, CITRIX, App-V;
    Discovery, Apps packing, UAT);
    * Submitted timely reports and assessed timeline and schedules at relevant junctures;
    * Provided support through regular meetings, including review teams' workflows, presentations to
    users and information as needed;
    * Assisted PMO in updating issues logs, task lists, project plans, timelines and creating status
    summaries from work stream owners, ensuring consistency across the programme;
    * Assisted PMO in putting project controls and strong governance throughout the program;
    * Acted as the focal point for any queries, issues, and interdependencies while managing
    communications across the project streams, with all interested parties for the overall roll-out of
    the new desks and IT environment;

    Technical Environment:
    * Infrastructure: Microsoft, Linux, Citrix, Cisco, App-V, VMware, SCCM, (...)
    * Data Bases: Oracle, MySQL;
    * Project Management tools: MS Project, MS SharePoint, Excel, dashboards;

  • 03/2014 - 06/2014

    • Solent NHS Trust
  • IT Project Manager (UK)
  • (3 months contract)
    IT Project Manager (UK) - Solent NHS Trust -
    * Healthcare sector

    Business Transformation Program - Telecoms Project & PMO Support
    * Mobile (Vodafone, O2 and Shebang) and fixed-line telephony (Mitel telephony systems) expenditures
    reductions and service redefinition;
    * Telecoms service redefinition and support on a mobility strategy (i.e. BYOD, CYOD or COPE);

    Activities and responsibilities:
    * Data investigation and contract negotiation, leading to cost avoidance and cost reductions;
    * Undertook an asset management audit for the whole information and communication technology in the
    * Coordinated migration of mobile and telephony systems;
    * Undertook the design proposal for implementation of new infrastructure and service on different
    mobility options;
    * Developed stakeholders' relationship to work on institutional requirements, gathering the
    necessary information for senior decision-making;
    * Provided support to the PMO team in ongoing projects within the transformation delivery programme;
    * Managed delivery of plans ensuring all necessary preparation, execution tasks and dependencies;
    * Generally responsible for project and planning, monitoring, and deployment of all aspects of tasks
    assigned, including budgets, risks and issues including processes and logs maintenance;

    Technical Environment:
    * Infrastructure: Microsoft, iOS;
    * Data Bases: Oracle, MySQL;
    * Project Management tools: MS Project, MS SharePoint, Excel, dashboards;

  • 04/2012 - 10/2013

    • ExLibris Group
  • ERP Project / Account Manager (Germany)
  • (Permanent role)
    ERP Project / Account Manager (Germany) - ExLibris Group -
    * Education sector: Library automation solutions

    Activities and Responsibilities:
    * Customer facing role, involving presentations of IT products (ERM software products and SaaS
    solutions for Print, Electronic and Digital);
    * Managed and developed ongoing accounts while prospecting for new clients and projects within the
    Portuguese and UK market;
    * Provided coordination and project support of new products integration within an Agile
    implementation environment;
    * Provided project coordination for product implementation until roll-out and product is in
    * Coordinated 3rd parties, client team (i.e. departmental directors or technical teams) and ExLibris
    project teams located in different countries and time zones for project related work (i.e. data
    migration, implementation of new products, etc.);
    * Coordinated data migration and consolidation into the new products, including data extraction,
    treatment, cleansing and handling - ETL (Extract, Transform, Load);
    * Supported client data handover, data acceptance testing and data validation;
    * Facilitated customer meetings before and through projects;
    * Managed contracts and contract issues resolution;

    Technical Environment:
    * Web: Sales Force (SFDC)
    * Ticketing / ITSM: JIRA Atlassian;
    * Project Management tools: MS Project, MS SharePoint, Excel, dashboards;

  • 04/2008 - 07/2010

    • WSP Group
  • Technology Project Consultant (UK)
  • (Permanent role)
    Technology Project Consultant (UK) - WSP Group -
    * Transportation sector: Intelligent Transportation Systems - Telecoms, Electronics and ICT

  • 02/2007 - 03/2008

    • MMB Associates
  • Technology Project Engineer (UK)
  • (Permanent role)
    Technology Project Engineer (UK) - MMB Associates - (Capita Group)
    * Transportation sector: Transportation Technology - Highways Agency Technology Contract

Currently based in Paris but open to work elsewhere in Europe or to travel;