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Senior Mobile Developer especially AR/VR,AI,TeleHealth,OpenGL,Unity3D

Profileimage by Oscar Vetres Senior Mobile Developer especially AR/VR, AI, TeleHealth, OpenGL, Unity3D from Statsarkivet
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Profileimage by Oscar Vetres Senior Mobile Developer especially AR/VR, AI, TeleHealth, OpenGL, Unity3D from Statsarkivet
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  • objective c
  • swift
  • iphone
  • mobile applications
  • telehealth 
  • unity 3d 
  • virtual reality 
  • web services 
  • html5
  • iphone sdk
  • mobile
  • php
  • video streaming
  • android 
  • displays 
  • java 
  • mysql 
  • objective-c 
  • videos 
  • web development 
  • webrtc 
  • webservices 
  • 3d rendering 
  • ai 
  • ajax 
  • algorithms 
  • android app development 
  • android development 
  • android sdk 
  • apple 
  • argument reality 
  • artificial intelligence (ai) 
  • augmented reality 
  • chart library 
  • chat service 
  • clipart 
  • clipper 
  • clipping path 
  • cocoa 
  • data management 
  • e-health 
  • forex library 
  • health 
  • hipaa­compliant 
  • html 
  • ios programming 
  • ipad 
  • iphone app develop 
  • iphone app developement 
  • iphone app development 
  • iphone design 
  • javascript 
  • json 
  • live streaming 
  • mobile development 
  • mobile-health 
  • open cv 
  • open gl 
  • payment api 
  • promotions 
  • purchasing management 
  • stock chart library

Project Introduction

1.    Abbreviation
-    POI : Point of Interest
-    OSM : Open Street Map
2.    Preface
We have been working on OpenGL and OpenGL ES, also OpenCV with great video and image processing with FFMpeg skills.
Although we have been working on Unity to create 3D models.
We created many VR + AR projects through the customers all over the world. 
Here, some best projects we are going to publish for some customers, 

3.    AR (POIs with Navigation)
We can see various POIs through the mobile phone, can be set by the category, something like shops, hotels, bars.
From the POIs you can get the directions and distance from the buildings and when you move the directions and distance change.
As you can see the screen, right slide bar controls the distance range which you want to see. 
If you slide, you can see category settings where you can select the type of buildings you want to see. And also you can see the weather and counts of POIs from the screen.
If you phone down, you can see big radar with maps so you can get easily where you are and find the buildings.
This project includes high techs of 3D modeling and AR skills with native OpenGL ES.

4.    3D Object Tracking 
From the screen, we see object is tracked by mobile phone and phone shows the information of building with AR text. 
Here we created new engine which can track 3D Objects in real time with various angles.
The app is separated with two parts, Developer app and User app.
First Developer app takes photos and creates models of building which you are going to show to users. 
Second User app tracks (find special edges and so on…) the objects and compares with server object. 
After compare it shows the models by AR to the real object so user can see virtual buildings in the front and can see the information. 
This project is very high tech, have unknown skills to create own OpenCV SDK and OpenGL technology.

5.    SKMap  
Every people need the easy finding everything. 
This project is created because a customer needs the navigation with offline mode with own OpenGL Vector Draw Engine. 
First we use OSM data which serve binary vector information all over the world.
We create the OpenGL Vector Engine which can analyze this data and draw it with fast way. 
Users can download the city information before they go to the city and can use with offline status. 
We are going to add satellite information and do further improvement as 3D with special buildings.
The final goal is to combine three projects - 3D object tracking, Skmap and AR Navigation system.

6.    Real-Time Text Translate
This app translates text with very fast in real time.
When the mobile phone is in front of the text, this app recognizes text with OCR and translates into another language.
We create OpenCV library which can add to mobile and desktop applications.

7.    goOnStudio
This is the MAC application which can edit with live streaming in the stadium. This application supports every languages, every sports and all high camera. 
We can use this application with basketball, soccer and so on.
Now it is used in Germany Soccer League and was used in the match with FC Bayern.
We can add various effects with live TV in stadium.


Telehealth lets the patients have face to face conversations with a doctor from their computer or mobile devices. It supports the solution that go beyond a simple video appointment. 
Telehealth has the ability to transform the way a clinician provide care by allowing patients to connect with the clinician.  
This is the user-friendly platform that transitions your office workflows into an interactive online environment, helping you improve patient engagement and practice performance. 
Telehealth is a HIPAA-compliant, white-label platform providing the most advanced Telemedicine experience via web and mobile apps. 
This is the platform that supports Security, Technology, and Innovation. 
-    Security
o    Secure Payment Processing
All transactions are PCI secure with 128 bit encryption
o    Private Cloud
Distinct and secure cloud based environment for transmission security
o    SSL Encryption
The secure login page utilizes a Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) to encrypt the user name and password.
o    Secure Messaging
Traceable and secure SMS Messaging using two levels of authentication
o    Secure File Transfer
To view Labs, prescriptions, and open notes as part of the patient’s PHR. (Personal Health Record)
o    Intuit Text
HIPAA-compliant text-based self-service application with natural language understanding
-    Technology
o    Omnicare Technology
Social self-service applications for Twitter, FB, and Web, with natural language understanding.
o    Mobile Software 
Hybrid and Native apps for Windows, iOS and Android
o    Reporting and Metrics
Dashboard reports with the ability to track and measure data in multiple dimensions and metrics.
o    EMR/EHR API integration
Easily integrate with your existing EMR/EHR provider for a complete user experience through your portal.
o    Secure Video Consults
Clinicians can answer questions, assess condition and even provide prescriptions if needed.
o    Private Chat/Messaging
Secure messaging functionality to chat with other providers and patients.
-    Innovation
o    Connected Health
Monitoring Programs to ensure safety and quality of care to promote better outcomes.
o    mHealth
Mobile, ubiquitous and pervasive wearable computing and domotics for health.
o    Predictive Technology
Levering big data for prediction of future outcomes, probabilities and trends.
o    Open Notes and PHR
Set the stage for patients and clinicians to be on the same page.
o    HMP Function 
In-app callback request with prior prequalification for an HMP (hold my place) experience.
-    Telehealth Topology

-    RPM(Remote Patient Monitoring) Topology

-    Application
o    We should apply the platform to the hospitals that want to get specialty telemedicine care
o    We should apply the platform to the medicine faculty that wants to improve practice performance

-    Moving Forward
We are using WebRTC Technology to implement the video communication between clinicians and patients. WebRTC is widely used for many parts of video/audio communication in not only small project but also enterprise. We should expand it to other projects, like Tele-communication Service Tele-Education System, Video Streaming, and Broadcast. 


Work 15 hours a day with out any relax.
Started programming about 8 years ago with AI and VR special, for I’m very a big fan of iPhone, its smart design and strong quality attracted me.
For many years, I worked for western clients including Americans and Canadian.
Received good reviews from them after finished projects.
I’ve been leading a development team consists of freelancers.
I’m young and energetic and my coworkers are also very skilled.
I mastered design patterns for iOS programming and Cocoa SDK.
Every time I’m keeping good time and best quality in development.
And my development carrier covers very different kinds of areas such as games, education, business, science, finance.
Mastered related skills such as OpenCV,Webrtc, OpenGL, JSON, Database, Unity3D, Cocos2D and Corona.
Now, I can handle all kinds of job, plentiful skills are ready for any kinds of projects.
You can contact with me by using email and Skype freely.
I look forward for hearing you.