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5.5 Years of Experience in the Telecommunications and Embedded Development.
I have 1 years of Experience in the Avionics software development and verification.
I have also onsite experience for the product deployment and customer issue resolution.

In the Telecommunications Industry, I have worked in the VOIP/SIP domain for the Class 4 Softswitch development. In which i have developed the various routing solution and worked on the RTP Transcoding. I have also developed the SNMP Solution for the Server. I have developed the various feature of the Class 4 Softswitch. I have also worked on the DPDK and OFP for the RTP Packet acceleration.

In the Embedded Domain, I have worked on the Product Like Taximeter and DVR. In which I have developed the various solution and worked on the ARM Platform.

I have also deploy the SQUISH on the ARM Platform which help to automate the QT Testing using Python Script.

I have worked also on the V&V of the Avionics software to achieve the DO-178B Standard.
Let me know if you need the detail information Regarding my Career. 

VOIP/SIP, SNMP,  Freeswitch, Embedded software development, good knowledge of Linux, Embedded 'C' , Middleware Development,  Audio Transcoding,  DO- 178B standard , LDRA,  Doors , Matlab,  V&V of Avionics software, VOIP/SIP Testing,OFP,DPDK, Sentinel


Dhrupal Tilava 1   
Dhrupal Tilava – Curriculum Vitae  
Last Updated: 1st May, 2017  
1. Personal Information  
Full Name     :            Dhrupal Hareshbhai Tilava Address         :            602, “Srushti Lakeview”, science city, sola, Ahmedabad – 380060, Gujarat, India. E-mail            :            dhrupaler.tilava@yahoo.com Phone            :            9428158863 Date of birth  :            1st December, 1989 Marital status:            Married Nationality    :             Indian  
2. Education  
Bachelor of Engineering (Electronics and Communication): May, 2011 (first class with distinction) Dharmsinh Desai Institute of Technology – Nadiad. (Dharmsinh Desai University)  
Higher Secondary Certificate (HSC): March, 2007 – 92.66% Secondary School Certificate (SSC): March, 2005 - 86%  
3. Skills  
Embedded development: I have experience of working on the different hardware platform (Various ARM SOC) for     developing various Embedded applications. I have also experience of developing and adding the required patches on the Open-source software. I have also deployed the Embedded Automation tool on the ARM Platform. I am also familiar with developing middle layer API using the device driver.  
C  Software development and Python Scripting: I have experience in C development on a variety of platforms (Linux, DSP). I have also good experience of integrate the Embedded Application with the Open-source software. I have also experience of Python scripting for the Automation Testing.  
VoIP – SIP: I possess a good understanding of Session Initiation Protocol (SIP), Session Description Protocol (SDP) and Real-Time Transport Protocols (RTP). I have developed the Class 4 Softswitch solution for Rating and Routing on the Open-source software FreeSwitch. I have a good experience of working with voice channels of DSPs for transmission of voice over RTP. I have basic knowledge of the Nua Sofia SIP User Agent Library.      
Dhrupal Tilava 2  
Software Engineer                     January 2011 to  August 2012,     
Packet Processing:  I have working experience and good understanding of the DPDK and OFP (Open Fast              Path). I have developed the Application using the ODP-DPDK and OFP to achieve the 5M PPS for the RTP with L3/L4 Patches. I have also done R&D of the PPS on the AWS Platform using SRIOV.  
Linux environment and tools: I have working experience and knowledge of Linux command line and common tool such as bash, make, grep, patch, diff, netstat, tcpdump, tcpreplay, find, ethtool, arp, chkconfig, vnstat, vim, git, gdb, valgrind, top, sar and mount. I have also used the Subversion version control system (SVN). I have primary working experience on the Linux iptables.  
Avionics Platform: I have worked on the Verification and Validation of the various Avionics Application for the             Rockwell Collins. I have also knowledge and working Experience of the DO-178B Certification.  
4. Employment History   Panamax InfoTech Senior Software Engineer Software      
16th June 2014 – Present, Limited, Ahmedabad                   Engineer                               3 Years   
Insigno Quipment                Software Engineer                      November 2013 to June 2014, 8 Months Technologies, Ahmedabad  
E-Infochips Limited,           Software Engineer                      September 2012 to October 2013, Ahmedabad                                                                              1 Year and 1 Month  
Matrix Comsec Private Limited, Vadodara                                                                  1 Year and 7 Months  
5. Projects  
Single Server Solution – Class 4 Softswitch By using the Keepalived and DRBD, I have developed the single server solution of the Class 4 Softswitch. In this solution using the DUAL CPU E5-2650 v3 server, I have configured and installed the whole Class 4 Softswitch in single server. Keepalived and DRBD I have used for the recovery process in case of breakdown of the Master Server. This is very cost effective solution as only single server is required and we have achieved CPS of 100 for the 5000 concurrent Calls.    
SNMP Solution – Class 4 Softswitch SNMP (Simple Network Management Protocol) is an Internet-standard protocol for collecting and organizing information about managed devices on IP networks. I have developed SNMP solution for the Class 4 Softswitch. This solution provides various data like Server CPU Usage, Disk Usage, Server IP/Network Traffic Information, Call Information, Cache Server Information and Information related to Database. By using this SNMP data, we have plotted various graphs which help for monitoring and debugging purpose.  
Dhrupal Tilava 3     
VOIP, Transcoding – HMP Solution This is the Host Media Processing Solution for the Transcoding provided by SURF.  I have integrated this HMP solution with the Freeswitch using the JSON Message format.  HMP solution provides more Concurrent Transcoding Calls as compare to the Hardware solution providing you have the strong High End Server. In this solution we have also provided the HA for the HMP Transcoding.  
RTP Packet acceleration  To achieve the higher number of VOIP Calls in single Box, I have developed the solution which can provide the good RTP Processing PPS with L3/L4 Changes. In this solution I have used the OFP and ODP-DPDK to achieve the good PPS. I have also integrated the hash functionality in this OFP application to provide the L3/L4 changes with respect to incoming packets and for this I have used the RCU Library. During Lab testing, I have achieved the 5M PPS.  
PPS Acceleration on AWS (Amazon Web Services) Environment As Technology is moving on the Cloud Platform, I have done the product deployment on the AWS Platform and try to run maximum VOIP Calls in single AWS Instance with RTP.  I enable the SRIOV in the AWS Instance to enhance the Network Performance in terms of PPS.  With some Network Configurations Optimization and using SRIOV, I am able to achieve 4L PPS and able to run 4000 VOIP Calls in single AWS Instance.  
VOIP, Transcoding – Resource Manager In this project, I have developed the Resource Manager for SURF EXPRESS Transcoding Card. SURF Transcoding Card is providing the Transcoding solution for the various Audio Codecs. I have developed the Resource Manager which takes the Transcoding request from the FreeSwitch and according to that it configures the DSP's Channel of the SURF Card for Audio Transcoding. I have also added DTMF Detection and Conversion for In-band to Out-of-Band and Out-of-Band to In-band according to the SIP Endpoints.  
VOIP, Transcoding – FreeSwitch Patch for Proxy mode FreeSwitch is an Open-source platform for VOIP. In FreeSwitch, Anything that requires reading or modifying the media will not work in Proxy Media mode. So, Transcoding and Handling of In-band DTMF (Converting in either direction) is not supported in Proxy Media mode. I have developed the required solution for FreeSwitch to support the Transcoding and DTMF Conversion in Proxy Media mode only.  
VOIP - Class 4 Softswitch Solution (Switch Only Solution) I have developed the Class 4 Softswitch Solution on the Open-source platform FreeSwitch. I have developed the Business logic for Routing and other functionality like ANI Pool, Cause Code mapping and Stop Route Profile.  
VOIP – FreeSwitch Porting from CentOS to RHEL  Recent Server manufacturer has stopped the support for the CentOS 5. In CentOS 6 FreeSwitch     Performance is degraded and in the case of sudden High CPS changes Kernel CPU Consumption goes very high. During Testing we found that this issue is resolved in the RHEL 7.  So, we port all our kernel modules and our switch application in the RHEL7.    
Dhrupal Tilava 4  VOIP – SBC Sentinel Licensing  In SBC we have integrated the Sentinel Licensing to Provide the License. During this integration I have Developed JNI Library to Provide the Support of the Sentinel and we have also developed the HA Solution for the Sentinel Licensing.  
Deployment of SQUISH on the ARM Platform SQUISH is the Proprietary tool developed for the Automation Testing of the QT Application.  I have deployed this tool on the ARM Platform running on SAM9G45 Atmel Processor and Integrated with SQUISH Desktop Application. It helped Very much for development of the Automation Scripts to test the Embedded QT Application.  
GSM-GPRS DAEMON (GGD) Development I have developed the GGD Interface for Providing GSM and GPRS Functionality in the Taximeter using Telit GL865 module. This Interface provides the Call Functionality, SMS Functionality, Auto Call Pickup Functionality, Internet Related Functionality and Configurations.  
EEJ – Flight Display System Application (FDSA) Verification FDSA Application was developed by Rockwell Collins for the Embraer Executive Jets. In this Project, I have done the Verification and Validation of the Avionics Flight Display System Application (FDSA) to Achieve the DO-178 Level-A Certification. I have worked the on the C, Python and different Avionics tools like LDRA, DOORS, MATLAB, CLEAR QUEST and PREP.  I have also worked on the Avionics simulator VISTA.  
Digital Video Recorder (DVR) This was a Surveillance Product with 16 Channel, 8 Channel and 4 Channel. The 16 and 8 Channel.  DVR was Developed on the Next Chip Platform and 4 Channel DVR was Developed on Hi-Silicon Platform. I have developed the different graphics layer on the Frame Buffer for displaying OSD (On Screen Display), Front Layer and Mouse Layer on the Video Output Devices. I have developed the Web-Client Application for monitoring the surveillance camera through the Web-Browser. I have developed the Date and Time module and DST (Day Light Saving) module using RTC Device Driver. I have developed the Removable Disk Manager module for taking the Backup of the Recorded Video.  
Others I have also worked on the Redis and MySQL while developing the Class 4 Softswitch. I have developed the HA (High-Availability) Solution for the Various SIP Servers using the Keepalived. I have developed the POC of HA using the DRBD Open-source Solution. I have also Developed the SIP Probe Functionality to check the status of the Various SIP Gateway. I have also working experience of the SIP/VOIP Testing and various tools like SiPp.  I have also Installed the complete Class 4 Softswitch solution on different servers with different hardware Configurations.  
6. Miscellaneous When I am not doing work related stuff, I like to play Cricket and watch the Movies.  

I can travle according to reuirement at any time.
For the work wise, I can spent 48 hours in every week for work