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Charles Canato

Experienced Software Developer & DevOps

Profileimage by Charles Canato Experienced Software Developer & DevOps from SoPaulo
  • 05502-010 Sâo Paulo Freelancer in
  • Graduation: not provided
  • Hourly-/Daily rates: not provided
  • Languages: English (Full Professional) | Portuguese (Native or Bilingual)
  • Last update: 25.07.2017
Development, Analysis, Architecture and Leading:
  • QA evangelization and implementation for the whole development cycle
  • Product quality and team improvement as my main motto
  • Continuous Integration and Delivery practices
  • Proficient in integration, collaboration and communication between IT and business areas
  • Experience in solutions/applications architecture and software design
  • Testing enthusiast
  • Servers management, monitoring and provisioning skills
  • Infrastructure and software development architecture
  • Design Patterns
  • Databases administration/implementation / Data analysis
  • ETL / BI

Languages and Technologies:
  • Linux and Windows (installing, management, monitoring, command line)
  • Git (and GitHub), SourceSafe, Mercurial, Subversion, TFS
  • Jenkins, Docker, Ansible, Apt, MSBuild, Nuget, Chef, Puppet
  • .NET Framework v1.1 to v4.5 (C# and VB.NET)
  •  ASP.NET (MVC and Web Forms), Windows Forms
  •  WCF, Web Services, ORMs (Dapper, Entity Framework, Linq2SQL)
  • Visual BASIC (v1.0 to v6.0), ASP
  • JavaScript, AJAX, jQuery, JSON
  • HTML 4/5, DOM, CSS, XML, XSL
  • Python, PHP, C / C++
  • Bash, Perl, AWK
  • SQL
  • MS SQL Server v7.0 to 2012
  •  Implementation and administration; Analysis, Reporting e Integration Services
  • PostgreSQL
  • Pentaho Suite (Spoon, Kettle, Kitchen)

Microsoft Certified Product Specialist - Windows
Microsoft Certified Product Specialist - Visual BASIC
I have large experience in several IT areas, with jobs at companies likeBankBoston, Microsoft, Unibanco AIG, Groupon and Banco Original. My knowledge allows me to work on DevOps-like environments, mixing infrastructure, software development and architecture, as well as more specialized tasks.

I also have great communication skills, being a talented writer and speaker, both in Portuguese and English.