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  • Graduation: Basic Computer License
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  • Languages: Arabic (Native or Bilingual) | English (Elementary) | French (Full Professional)
  • Last update: 01.10.2017
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Team leader and Full Stack engineer experienced in the web and mobile domain asp .net / asp core, javascript, nodejs, Angular js, Angular 4, ionic framework, ionic 3, SQL, NOSQL, SignalR, Socket , others ...
Previous jobs :
  • 01/10/2014 - 13/05/2016 Asp .Net developer at capital software
  • 16/05/2016 - 17/08/2016 PHP / Symfony 2 developer at TriTux
  • 18/08/2016 - Now  Team Leader & Full Stack Engineer at Capital Software
Projects completed :
  • Fusion (oct. 2014 – may 2016)
         Project description: 
         Fusion is a process management platform (manual process + automatic process) of debt collection, it is integrable via an API with any information system.
  • universitecentraleticket (july. 2017 – july. 2017)
         Project description:
          universitecentrale ticket is a registration management platform with a mobile application for ticket management for the 2017 Diploma Awards Ceremony.
  • Score bac (june 2017 – june 2017)
        Project description:
        Score bac is a mobile app that helps you calculate your bac score.
        Link on google play :
        Link on apple store :
  • MDW 2017 Tetrapak (apr. 2017 – may.2017)
        Project description:
        MDW 2017 is a ( mobile application + back end ) developer a Tetrapack tunisie for ease of communication between the guests it has as functionality:
        1- Consultation profile Speakers
        2- Ask a question in real time (On the main screen in the meeting room)
        3- Respond to the quiz launch in the course of the event
        4- Push Notification
        5- Download the presentations
        6- Several other features 
        Link on google play :
        Link on Apple Store :
  • SMS COM (sept. 2016 – dec. 2016)
       Project description:
      SMS COM is a platform for sending SMS in bulk, this platform allows to:
      1- Sending your companion in mass
      2- Contact Segmentation
      3- Managing Contact Groups
      4- Contact Management
      5- SMS gateway management (The sms event can be sent via an API and / or SMPP proctocol)
      6- Integrable with any other system (ERP, CRM, your management software, other systems)