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  • Graduation: Master in Management of Technologies
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  • Last update: 04.10.2017
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  • 15 Years of Professional Software Development Lifecycle experience
  • 8 Years of OO analysis and design experience (OOA/OOD)
  • 8 Years of .NET Development experience (C#/ WPF/ WinForms/ Networking/ ADO.NET/ ASP.NET/ Visual Studio/ SSRS/ Web Services)
  • 10+ Years of Database/Backend development (SQL Server, MySQL, LINQ)
  • 5 Years of JavaScript development
  • 4 Years of AJAX Development (ASP.NET Ajax Framework, jQuery
  • 4 Years of experience in imaging tools (Photoshop, Illustrator, Flash)
  • 3 Years of experience using Team Foundation Systems (TFS), Eclipse, Enterprise Architect)
  • 3 Years of Architecting Software with MVC
  • 3 Years of .NET 4.0 (WCF, Expression Blend)
  • 1 Year of Cloud Computing (Amazon Web Services)
  • 1 Year of development with Angular JS
  • 1 Year experience in Linux environment (Debian 7.1)
  • Extensive experience working with geographically disperse teams overseas and across the U.S.
  • Experience in HTML5, SEO implementation, Google Analytics, Silverlight and SharePoint.
  • Source Code repositories: TFS, GIT, SVN, Perforce.
  • Extensive experience gathering requirements, prototype development and complete SDLC
  • Knowledge of Java, Python, Objective-C, Swift, Mongo DB, and PHP.
Acronym – New York                                                                                                             September 2015 – Present
Database Administrator ( Contract )
  • Lead Db engineer and backend architect for all regions / clients. 
  • Designing and building backend structures to support content for new front-end products.
  • Designing and building data anomalies alert systems using Linux shell scripting in conjunction with MySQL.
  • Troubleshooting and fixing issues with data transfer, quality, and performance.
  • Provides advice on technology changes and upgrades to prepare for changes in products and customer’s needs.
  • Development of SQL tools to update, change, and remove data across servers / databases for super admin type of users.
Bio Products Inc. – West Palm Beach, FL                                                                      September 2015 – June 2017
Lead Architect / Software Designer ( Contract )
  • Designed companywide Quote System to upgrade existing process in the business.  Current process relies heavily in manual processes using excel worksheets.
  • New system developed as a WPF desktop application using C# and MySQL as data storage.
  • Designed and build database structure for support of the desktop application.
  • Implemented open source controls to support existing features in their Excel processes.
  • Built dynamic Word/Excel reports based on data filters in the GUI.
Akkadian Labs / Fidelus - New York, NY                                                                 October 2014 - September 2015
Software Architect (FTE)
  • Designed and built web solution to monitor / determine live issues occurring in tracking log systems across multiple clients / international locations. Technologies include AngularJS, jQuery, Mongo DB, html5, Rest API, C#
  • Implemented new functionality for peer to peer communication system. (similar to Cisco Jabber, Skype)
  • Working in tandem with team of developers in South America to implement a system that will process 1500 records per second and be able to evaluate millions of pieces of data for end user reporting.
  • Reengineering WPF application (Akkadian Console Operator aCO) which tracks and manage all incoming calls and can detect status of users in real time.  Full revamp of GUI for easiness of use of the tool of any pc or portable device.
MindShare - New York, NY                                                                                            December 2011 - October 2014
Senior Lead Architect (FTE)
  • Designed, built and distributed a desktop app to manage data populated from weekly imports.  Application built using WPF, C#, EF4 and SQL Server 2008 R2
  • Designed and developed a complete system to extract data from Google DFA.  System combines extraction from a sftp location using a C# console app that I designed and built.  SSIS package that uses variables that are SQL table driven and capable of dealing with multiple clients with different settings. 
  • Developed an API connector using C# to extract data from an external vendor.  Due to the large amount of data I had to streamed and bulk insert the records.
  • Architected, designed and built the next generation of the DRAW system, codename Genesis.  The new system is built from the ground up and addresses scalability and easiness of implementation and deployment for an unlimited number of clients.  The system relies heavily on parameter driven model for connectivity and package enabled/disabled set up with a front-end build in WPF and C# as the development language.
Time Warner Corp. – New York, NY                                                              September 2011 – November 2011
Senior Software Developer (Contract)
  • Worked in designing controls for the internal corporate MS SharePoint site. Controls were created using C# as the backend code, JavaScript, jQuery and CSS for styling.  Implementation of Infragistics controls for some of the development.
           Harper Collins Publishers – New York, NY                                                             August 2010 – August 2011
           Senior Software Engineer (Contract – eDynamic)
  • Built custom controls using VS 2008 and 2010 using C# for development. Most controls are customizable by parameters supplied from database.
  • Implemented traffic analytics into all Harper Collins sites by using Google Analytics.  Included a mixture of JavaScript, C# and js includes provided by Google.  Google API access implemented to provide custom analytics data extraction in an SSIS package that I created using C# and SQL Server for storage and configuration files for easy modifications. Job produces top 10 lists for authors, books, most visited, most emailed.
JVI Solutions, LLC – Lake Mary, FL                                                                                           Feb 2009 – July 2010
           Software Architect (FTE)
  • Architected, designed and created a CMS to CMS interface system to handle data transfers between third party systems using C#, Web Services, ashx handlers, SQL Server, Visual Studio 2008, T-SQL, Perforce, Bugzilla, jQuery and AjaxControlToolkit. 
  • Created a complete online ordering system that allows customers to place orders for property appraisal service requests.  The system includes an automatic encrypted email confirmation for secure payment of services using C# and, jQuery, Credit card authorization (, Microsoft Dynamics GP, SQL Server, T-SQL, AJAX, XML, XSLT, and Agile Software Development methodologies. 
Wyndham Vacation Ownership – Orlando, FL                                                                        Sep 2008 – Dec 2008
Technical Architect Lead Designer (contractor)
  • Directed integration of dba’s plans for data structure, procedures, and accessibility into the core system.   Instituted standards and guidelines for the development team to organize the phases of the system.
  • Orchestrated development, integration, testing and deployment of the system.  Primary obligation was to be the liaison between DBAs, software developers (Offshore team - India team and local Orlando team), graphic designers, server administrators, testers and management. 
           Space Gateway Support – Kennedy Space Center, FL                                                       Nov 2003 – Aug 2008
Senior Software Engineer (FTE)
  • Lead developer for the Self-Service Management Tool (SSMT).  Web application designed to provide a single easy–to-use employee information locator tool.  System evolved into a portal hosting smaller projects that feed off the data the main application provides.  Applications coded in 1.1. .NET Framework and eventually upgraded to 2.0 and 3.5 framework.  Technology included C#, ASP.NET, Windows Forms, SQL Server 2005, XML, XSLT, Ajax, Integrated Windows Authentication (IWA), LDAP queries to extract information from x500 servers in space centers around the world. 
  • Collaborated in the Weather Watching Alert WPF program as technical lead.  Application created for the Air Force to provide weather alerts directly into the employee’s computer.  The alerts are communicated in real time similar to the MSN news alert.  The application is a windows desktop application created in C# using the 1.1 framework with a SQL Server as the database, Windows Forms, SourceSafe, nUnit.
  • Designed and developed a Range Safety program for NASA to gather employee’s location during launch and landing periods.  The conceptual design was created with Visio 2000 and coded in using C#, IWA, ASP.Net, Ajax, SQL Server 2005, .
American Express Corp. – Miramar, FL                                                                                    Apr 1998 – Oct 2003
Lead Software Developer - FTE
      • Developed and maintained integration applications created for the International Ops. MIS Dept.  Converted traditional web applications (html, asp) to the ASP.Net web environment.  Lead designer for project involving team of dba, business analysts, and developers.  Provided time management in order to meet expected deadline. 
      • Created components for the integration into existing web applications to complete a centralize control of operations.  Using Visual Basic and deployed as dll’s.   Automated batch processes and Ad Hoc reports for web applications that enabled an Excel, Word or PDF output format for the report creator. 
      • Intl. Ops. Project Review (IOPR) Capacity: Lead Web developer / Analyst.  IOPR is a web application created in ASP using JavaScript and VBScript.   This application keeps track of projects and deliveries for managers with visual indicators (green, yellow and red lights).   The indicators update project status automatically according to the time frame for tasks to be delivery or deadline met.   Led the migration of the web site to the .Net environment.  New components were created in C# and code was compiled into classes to maintain compatibility.