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Senior Solution Architect/Lead with 17+ years of expert knowledge in architecture, middleware, business analysis, modelling, leading development efforts and mentoring staff. Expert knowledge in ERP, BPM (business process modelling), EAI (enterprise application integration) with COTS, RDBMS, Object Oriented Design, UML, RUP, Data Modelling and Analysis, in-depth knowledge of Data Warehousing, Content Management, Internet/Intranet application development using XML, HTML, Servlets, Web services, REST, SOAP, WSDL , JSP, JSF, J2EE and .NET Frameworks, TCP/IP and HTTP protocols. Extensive knowledge of all phases of SDLC, project planning, change management, Requirements and System Analysis, development and presentation system/technical/infrastructure architecture blueprints, detailed technical design documents, identifying risks/gaps and proposing mitigation strategies to stakeholders, distributing tasks to developers, recommending, leading and coordinating QA/UAT processes and activities. Good understanding of TOGAF, COBIT and ITIL frameworks.  Strong background in AIX, NT, Mainframe technologies.
Modelling, design and implementation of solutions with IBM WBI Workbench, WebSphere Business Modeller, WebSphere MQ, MQ Workflow, WebSphere Application Server, Message Broker (IIB), ESB, WPS and Weblogic using IBM WSAD/RAD, Jdeveloper. Integration of enterprise applications – document and process centric workflows with PeopleSoft. Knowledge of IBM Connectors, experience in CRM, Financial/Banking, Brokerage/Wealth Management, Health Care, Manufacturing, Retail and Oil industries.
Design and development of EJBs/Servlets, ActiveX components. Implementation of software running under AIX, Windows, ZOS using Java, .NET, TSO, DB2, Oracle, Informix, MS SQL Server, Dynamic Data Exchange with IBM mainframes.
Always current on emerging technologies, IT trends and best practices.
Experienced as a team player and leader (onshore and offshore). Self-starter, enthusiastic, innovative, quick learner.
Work Experience
Advanced Mobile Payments, Toronto, Ontario                                                                   Mar. 2017 – Nov. 2017           
Integration Solution Architect/Lead
  • Design and development of technical architecture of Core Banking Solution based on SOA and SOMA methodology.
  • Design and development of IBM BPM and IIB integration patterns, development of several POCs (REST and SOAP based) related to Core Banking Solution redesign
  • Development message flows using JCN (Java) and Compute (ESQL) nodes for message transformations and database communication
  • Design and development of IIB message sets DFDL, XML schemas, web services, message flows representing service layer of Core Banking
  • Design development of ODM business rules, integration of IIB with developed business rules in ODM
  • Presenting Core Banking Solution redesign  to business and technical teams at Client Workshops
  • Mentoring junior developers on design and development of WebSphere MQ based applications
  • Installation, administration and maintenance of IIB 10 and WebSphere MQ 8
Deloitte Canada, Toronto, Ontario                                                                                         Jun. 2014 – Feb. 2017
Integration Architecture Consultant
  • Providing guidance in development and delivery of integration solutions WSIB ACES between Guidewire and backend systems of WSIB using WebSphere MQ 7.5 Message Broker 8 / IIB 10               
    • Number of integrations 63 – number of flows 250+
    • Systems integrated – Guidewire PC/ BC/CC, WebSphere Message Broker / IIB 10, PeopleSoft Financials 8.9, Curam, Kofax.
    • Platforms – LINUX, AIX, IBM Mainframe
  • Development of  Technical Blueprint and Detailed Technical Design documents for Monitoring, Audit And Exception Handling Common Framework, Security Framework and High Availability compliance  implementation roadmap
  • Design and development of patterns for Guidewire real time integration with CICS zOS programs. Co-Authoring of Deloitte white papers related to CICS real time integration and event based logging framework.
  • Design and development of Security framework for WSIB ACES according to WSIB security infrastructure requirements using X.509 Certificate Authentication Tokens, trust stores.
  • Administration and support of WMQ 7.5 and WMB 8, creating scripts for queue,  publication topic creation and updates, creation and association of them with nodes, configuring identity propagation, configuring policy sets for consumer and provider nodes
  • Providing pre and post implementation 2-nd level production support of portfolio of integrations WSIB ACES running in WMB 8 environment
  • Analysis and modification of  TCM (OpenText) integration (GW->WMB->OpenText) to resolve threading issues related to JCN nodes
  • Development  DFDL, XML message sets, XSD schemas, message flows
  • Development of POCs (message sets, flows) for Exception Handling, Security and HA implementations, Database locking risk mitigation (DB2, SQL Server 2008)
  • Performing code reviews with onshore and offshore developers, advising on privacy (PHPA) and non-functional requirements, mentoring developers and BAs, recommending integration patterns and code optimization
  • Performing gap analysis and identifying approaches and options to address them
  • Leading/Coordinating new implementations and deployment to production environment.       
407 ETR, Toronto, Ontario                                                                                           Jun. 2012 –Mar 2014 
Integration Architecture Consultant
  • Development of solution architecture, technical blueprints for IBM Content Manager decommissioning
  • Development of integration architecture patterns between SharePoint 2013 as document repository, and back end systems using SOAP, JSON, REST and MQ messaging.
    • Systems integrated –
      • Kofax,
      • J2EE applications in WebSphere Application Server
      • WebSphere MQ Workflow
      • WebSphere MQ
      • PeopleSoft (DB2 zOS)
  • Development and modification of Kofax validation and export scripts.
  • Development of historical document retrieval and migration technical blueprint (UML notation), logical, physical and deployment diagrams for migrating from IBM Content Manager to SharePoint 2013.
  • Design and development of Integration Solution  POC and final services for communication between SharePoint and backend systems using C#. Security protocols used/implemented  oAuth, Kerberos.
  • Design and development of POC and final SSIS/ETL packages for porting historical documents.
  • Reviewed WebSphere MQ infrastructure, identified possibility for potential upgrades and created MQ Upgrade roadmap
  • Reviewing, troubleshooting and redesigning existing ESB, mediation flows, web services and message transformations in ServiceMix/JBoss Fuse using Java, Microservices, REST. Updated class and transition diagrams using UML to reflect redesigned state.
Ministry of Environment - LRC cluster, Toronto, Ontario                                         Jun. 2011 – May 2012
Senior J2EE Technical Designer
  • Produced identified artefacts for Zachman Rows 3 and 4. Worked with solution designers and technical architects to produce MofA Physical Application Deployment Model document.
  • Designed and developed Notifications Service J2EE Web Services application, XSD schemas based on SOA architecture using jQuery, HTML5.
  • Designed and developed XSD schemas, message sets and WSDL files for CAMS Web Services.
  • Designed and developed common exception handling framework for CAMS, EASR, Notification and PIW applications
  • Produced software architecture and physical design documents, class and sequence diagrams  as per the templates provided by the Cluster using UML
  • Technologies being used: WebSphere Process Server, WebSphere MQ, Oracle 11g, Solaris, SOAP messages.
ISTCL/WSIB, Toronto, Ontario                                                                                               Apr 2011 – Jul 2011
Application/Integration Architect
  • Development of eForms Portal Based Application Architecture, specifications and Detailed Technical Design documents using UML for WSIB using Sybase PowerDesigner 15 for Weblogic WCI portal.
  • Ensuring solution design compliance with  WCAG 2.0 standards.
  • Development of application logical and physical architecture documents, class, interaction state transition, data flow  and sequence diagrams using PowerDesigner 15 UML notation.
  • Analysing business requirements and transforming them to technical functional and non-functional requirements, producing Application and Technical Architecture documents.
  • Worked with WSIB team to produce eForms Application Integration specifications for communicating with the host server applications (Curam, Employee Source) using WebSphere Message Broker.
  • Technologies being used: WebSphere Application Server, Websphere MQ, Oracle 10i, Oracle WCI Portal, WebSphere Message Broker, Solaris.
CGI, Toronto, Ontario                                                                                                              Sep 2010 – April 2011
Middleware/Architecture Consultant
  • Development of technical architecture, specifications and Detailed Technical Design documents for Manulife SOA framework and middleware for infrastructure upgrades.
  • Analysing and providing hands on troubleshooting to the upgrade process of MQ Workflow, WebSphere Message Broker 7,  Siebel and Filenet integration components.
  • Development and modification of business process/workflow models using WebSphere Modeller.
  • Technologies being used: WebSphere Application Server, Websphere MQ, WebSphere Message Broker, WebSphere MQ Workflow, Filenet, Solaris.
Deloitte & Touche , Toronto, Ontario                                                                                       July 2010 – Nov 2010
Senior Middleware Consultant
  • Design and development of technical architecture and specifications for SOA solution of exchange of health-care data (via HL7 messaging) between Public Health Labs, OLIS (Ontario Labs Information System) and CMDS (Chronic Disease Management System) for eHealth Ontario.
  • Development of Detailed Technical Design and Technical Blueprint documents for OLIS solution
  • Development of ORM^001, ORR^002, ORU^R01, ACK, ZBR, PID, ZPD  HL7 message sets for OLIS-PHL integration
  • Development of message flows in WebSphere Message Broker for transformation of above mentioned message sets in ESQL
  • Development of logging and auditing message sets and sub-flows
  • Development of logging and auditing specifications,  message sets and sub-flows for OLIS-PHL integration
  • Technologies being used: Datapower ,  WebSphere Message Broker 7.0, Websphere MQ, HL7 messaging.
Ministry of Government Services - GSDC cluster, Toronto, Ontario                            Aug. 09 – July 2010
Senior Application/Middleware Consultant
  • Working with technology architecture, applications, servers in the federated framework in an N-tier, Intel/Solaris platforms. Installation, configuration, performance tunning, troubleshooting of Microsoft IIS, IBM WebSphere Application Server/NDM, IBM WebSphere Process Server/BPEL, Crystal Enterprise Reporting System, Message Brokering/Queueing, Portal Services, JMS/MQ Series, SOA, SOAP, Web Services, Oracle 10i.
  • Participating in preparation of design documents of application portfolio for planned move/upgrade of infrastructure
  • Middleware software installation, configuration, deployment tuning and administration of J2EE applications and WebSphere Application Server, MQ and IIS
  • Maintaining and implementing changes to MQ Clustering configuration
  • Design and development of J2EE utilities  in Rational Software Architect.
  • Using Zachman Framework , Service Ontario structured methodologies checkpoints and gating processes for architecture design, development, implementation and maintenance of applications and RFCs.
  • Creating and managing change requests, following up until completion of the changes.
407 ETR, Toronto, Ontario                                                                                                   Mar. 05 – Jul. 09
Enterprise Integration Architect / Technical Lead
  • Assessing and recommending technologies to be used for Enterprise Application Integration
  • Providing guidance in development and delivery of document and process centric workflows, execution of processes that orchestrate services and related document management business solutions
  • Providing guidance related to Enterprise Architecture Governance for projects initiated by business requirements(SDLC, SOW) 
  • Initiating JAD sessions,  pre and post implementation reviews for application portfolio, to ensure technical solution meets business requirements 
  • Defining overall logical and technical architecture of enterprise application integration SOA framework. Methodologies used – RUP.   Systems integrated - IBM WebSphere MQ Workflow, PeopleSoft Financials 8.9, IBM DB2 Content Manager
  • Implementing MQ Clustering configuration for MQ Workflow and PeopleSoft
  • Development of Business Requirements, Capacity Planning, Security, Technical Blueprint and Detailed Technical Design documents for each release based on Business Requirements related to above mentioned J2EE applications and integration
  • Development of logical and physical database models infrastructure diagrams, class and use case diagrams for workflow, reporting data warehouse and other J2EE applications.
  • Development of object models based on UML Use Cases using Rational Application Developer.
  • Identifying and addressing all integration points between Workflow and ERP Systems.
  • Development and implementation of key mechanisms, reusable application components and reporting using Rational Application Developer. Technologies/platforms used – JSP, Java.
  • Development of refinements of existing interfaces with MTO (Ministry of Transportation) in compliance with Ontario Privacy requirements PIPDA.
  • Performing unit, integration and functional tests for J2EE applications, process models.
  • Planning development activities and assigning them to development resources
  • Development of corporate data and process (service orchestration) models using IBM WebSphere MQ Workflow 3.5/3.6 Buildtime, IBM WBI Modeller (BPEL/BPMN).
  • Development and coding of PeopleSoft Components and Component Interfaces in PeopleCode, java interface classes and ActiveX objects using PeopleTools 8,2 8,4, BEA Tuxedo 8.1, VB.NET , Microsoft SQL Server and java for purposes of MQ Workflow – PeopleSoft – Content Manager - Kofax integration
  • Design and development of MQ client applications in java
  • Development of validation and release scripts for Kofax Capture 10, KTM using .Net VB script
  • Setup and configuration of PeopleSoft 8.9 Integration Broker and JMS messaging for communication between PeopleSoft Financials 8.9, PeopleSoft HR 9.0 and WebSphere Mq 5.3/6.0. Development of PeopleCode to trigger messages using PeopleTools 8.4.
  • Development of Web Services and XML schemas for integration of PeopleSoft components with MQ workflow and Content Manager messaging.
  • Upgrade of WebSphere MQ 5.3 to 6 and patches running on AIX servers.
  • Implementation of WebSphere MQ Workflow product migrations/upgrades from 3.5 to 3.6 and patches running on AIX servers.
  • Development of  WebSphere Message Broker message flows, ESQL nodes for integration with PeopleSoft through PeopleSoft integration APIs.
  • Setup and configuration of PeopleSoft 8.2 connectors for communicating with MQ Series through XML messages and Web Services.
  • Installation and configuration of WebSphere MQ Workflow 3.5, WebSphere Application Server 5.0.2, 5.1.1.
  • Upgrading WebSphere Application Server from 5.0.2 -> 5.1.0 -> 6.1.0.
  • Migrating existing J2EE applications from WebLogic 6 and WebSphere 5.0.2, 5.1.0 to WebSphere6.1.0.
  • Development of detailed migration and release notes documents of applications to be migrated.
  • Organizing and managing code drops and releases.
  • Administration and maintenance of WebSphere Application Server 5.1, 6.1, WebSphere MQ 5.3/6.1 and MQ Workflow 3.5/3.6 applications including migration of MQ 5.3 –> 6.1.
  • Creating and deploying J2EE application deployment packages for WebSphere 5/6
  • Performing gap analysis and identifying approaches and options to address them in SDLC and business process models.
  • Leading/Coordinating new Workflow implementations and deployment to production environment.
  • Leading/Mentoring support staff to resolve current production issues.
  • Working with IBM Global Services to install IBM WebSphere MQ Workflow 3.5, WebSphere Application Server 5.0 and 5.1, AIX 5.2, DB2 8.1, HACMP 5.2 in production environment.
CGI Canada/407 ETR, Toronto, Ontario                                                                             Jan. 03 – Mar 05          
Application Designer / Technical Lead
  • Responsible for Design and development of Visual Exception Processing (VEP) application architecture
  • Development of VEP for CGI client 407ETR using DB2/OS390, Weblogic 5.1, 6.0, J2EE, JAI (Java Advanced Imaging), Oracle 9i/PLSQL, Apache Tomcat, Jasper reports.
  • Leading/Coordinating and mentoring developers in using of the client controllers, key mechanisms and GUI development according to business requirements
  • Design of Use Cases and Class Diagrams for VEP according to business requirements using JDeveloper 9.0
  • Development of key mechanisms, middle tier multithreaded and singleton classes and servlets for Weblogic Application Server using JDeveloper 9.0
  • Development of client controllers for VEP application using JDeveloper 9.0
  • Development of logical and physical data models for VEP application using Sybase Powerdesigner
  • Design and development of DB2/OS390 stored procedures, ESQL for VEP.
  • Development of VEP Routing Engine using JDeveloper 9.0 and DB2 stored procedures and ESQL.
  • Definition of Business and Technical Requirements and Specifications documents for VEP based on  RUP.
  • Assessment and recommendation of technical platform for VEP design and development
Health Canada, Ottawa, Ontario                                                                                          Feb.02 – Apr. 02
WebSphere Technical Advisor
  • Reviewing of the existing MTRS (Health Canada Travel System) application architecture for IMSD Health Canada
  • Reviewing of the object and data models for MTRS application
  • Configuration and Administration of Websphere Application Server for BC4J integration purposes
  • Deployment of MTRS BC4J components to Websphere Application Server 3.5 and IBM HTTP Server on Solaris 7.0, Oracle 9i.
  • Optimization, performance tuning of MTRS application on Websphere including configuration and parameters setting through load testing
  • Development  of PL/SQL stored procedures for DB operation performance improvement purposes
  • Making recommendations for architecture and technical requirements for future MTRS application
Ministry of Environment, Toronto, Ontario                                                                       Dec. 01 – Dec. 02
WebSphere System Analyst
  • Review of the existing DWIMS (Drinking Water Information Management System) application architecture based on GO Enterprise Architecture Process & Methods Handbook.
  • Review of the object and data models for the application against established UML Use Cases
  • Verifying application Data Model against Business Requirements using Erwin modelling tool.
  • Performance tuning of the existing Websphere components (EJBs and Servlets) for DWIMS
  • Modification of the backend and middle tier (servlets, EJBs and SQL scripts) components for DWIMS application in IBM Visual Age for Java (VAJ) 3.5 using entity and session beans, Oracle 8i
  • Development of PLSQL scripts for DWIMS.
  • Design of the XML export mechanism for the DWIS application in IBM VAJ 3.5.
  • Coordinating QA activities and processes
  • Development of test cases and scripts for performance and functional testing using HP Quality Centre
  • Liasing between UAT and Vendors teams for UAT accomplishment
Sears Canada, Toronto, Ontario                                                                                         Feb. 00 – Nov. 01
Senior Programmer Analyst
  • Requirements analysis, definition and recommendation of the technical architecture for the Store Planning Application Conversion
  • Design and development of prototype/proof of concept application in Java  using entity and session beans, Informix Database Server
  • Design and development of key mechanisms (i.e. caching, configuration, business rule and validation engines) and services for Store Planning Application
  • Modelling of logical and physical data models for business rules, making suggestions and implementing data model changes for efficiency and performance purposes using ErWin/ERX
  • Making adjustments to Use Cases according to system requirements
  • Development of stored procedures for Entity Beans in Informix SQL
  • Leading/Coordinating and mentoring team of 4 developers in using of the key mechanisms and GUI development
  • Recommending and establishing corporate standards on EJB/Servlets development and deployment in Websphere environment.
  • Mentoring junior staff on conversion of the existing database from SQL Server 6.5 to Informix 7.3
  • Restoring Websphere 3.02 configuration to 3.5 by the means of XML import and export
  • Administration of IBM WebSphere Application Server (WAS) 3.0/3.5 running on AIX 4.3 and DB2, Installation of JDBC drivers to AIX and WAS 3.0/3.5, Creating Data Sources and Application Servers in WAS 3.0/3.5, Deployment of the Entity and Session Beans to WAS 3.0/3.5
Royal Bank Action Direct (Royal Bank Wealth Management/Brokerage House)          Mar. 99 – May. 00
Senior Programmer Analyst
SHL System House, Toronto, Ontario                                                                          Apr. 98 – Feb. 99
Senior Data Modeller/Lead Programmer Analyst
Footmaxx Corporation, Toronto, Ontario                                                                          Nov. 96 – Apr. 98
Database Administrator/Modeller/Technical Architect
Ward Associates, Toronto, Ontario                                                                                    Feb. 97 – Mar. 97
Database/Programmer Analyst
Signature Vacations, Mississauga, Ontario                                                                         Sep.96 – Nov. 96
Programmer Analyst
Wellesley Central Hospital Toronto, Ontario                                                                    Apr. 96 – Nov. 96
Programmer Analyst
Procter & Gamble Canada, Toronto, Ontario                                                                     Mar. 96 - Apr. 96
Programmer Analyst
Syncrude Canada Ltd. - Fort McMurray, Alberta, Canada.                                              Mar. 95 - Dec. 95
Programmer Analyst
  • Development Risk assessment simulation model for the utilities plant in "C" language
Responsibilities included conversion of last years statistics file from the Dragline Computer format into Dos Text format. Coding in Turbo C++ 3.0, testing, debugging and documenting.
SCIA NV (Scientific App. Group), Herk-de-Stad, Belgium.                                            Mar. 93 - Nov. 93
Software Engineer
  • Development of Steel Profile Library for Autocad, GUI interfaces using WNDX multiplatform graphic library in C and C++ . 
  • Compilers used: Watcom C 9.0, Turbo C++ 3.0 and High C 3.1.
Available upon request
Available for travel, flexible on location