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Android & iOS Developer

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  • Graduation: B.Tech
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  • Languages: English (Full Professional) | Hindi (Native or Bilingual)
  • Last update: 02.01.2018

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  • Worked on variety of android applications as Ecommerce application, classified posting/display application, Offer display application, Quiz application, fitness application and small kind of games as puzzles etc.
  • Worked on IOT applications
  • Worked on ConnectSDK for Chromecast
  • Worked on MQTT, XMPP, HTTP protocols
  • Worked on Socket Programming
  • Worked on JavaFX
  • Worked on Spring MVC, Hibernate
  • Worked on Web service integration (REST and SOAP)
  • Excellent debugging and optimization skills.
  • Worked on JSON and XML parsing
  • Worked on using social media APIs (Google, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn etc)
  • Worked on integrating GPS services
  • Worked on various functionalities like push notification, QR code scan etc
  • Worked on UI design using most of the widgets available in android and also worked on dynamic UI
  • Good understanding of OO programming
  1. Project Name: PO-Teamspace Android Application
Description: A project management software tool with dynamic form creation and content management..
Tools & TechnologiesAndroid, .Net REST API
  1. Project Name: PO- Teamspace iOS Application
Description: A project management software tool with dynamic form creation and content management..
Tools & TechnologiesiOS swift, .Net REST API
  1. Project Name: PO-Dashboard Android Application
Description: A project management software tool with graph integration.
Tools & TechnologiesAndroid, .Net REST API
  1. Project Name: PO-Dashboard iOS Application
Description: A project management software tool with graph integration.
Tools & TechnologiesiOS swift, .Net REST API
  1. Project Name: Needful Android Application
Description: A project management software tool with to-do management.
Tools & TechnologiesAndroid
  1. Project Name: Needful iOS Application
Description: A project management software tool with to-do management.
Tools & Technologies:  iOS swift
  1. Project Name: Smart Lightening Solution
Client Name: Intel
Description: IOT lightning system, with smart bulbs having capability of edge analytics and cloud connectivity. In this solution bulbs are capable of accepting and executing commands from cloud and tablet. Cloud communication is based on REST API and tablet communication is based on MQTT protocol. One stand alone application is also developed for configuration of bulbs.
Tools & Technologies:  Java, Socket communication, JNI integration, REST API integration, JavaFX
  1. Project Name: Pixel Lab
Client Name: Panasonic
Description: Web application for cloud computing where cloud manages User and camera content on server. It helps in uploading, downloading, streaming, editing media on server. User uploads video from camera or web browser .Web interface will accept user request and send it to cloud server .Cloud server will manage requests and send large requests to cluster for processing. Cloud manages camera analytics and provides web services for communication among mobile, camera and cloud.
Tools & Technologies:  Java, Android, REST API integration, Push Notification, Spring MVC, Hibernate, FFMPEG
  1. Project Name: Step Calculator
Description: Steps Calculation mobile application in which steps are detected on the basis of accelerometer data calculation. This application also calculates distance travelled and calories burned on the basis of steps detected.
  1. Project Name: Know Quo
Description: Know Quo is a puzzle with multiple hints. Know Quo is a game full of everyone's favorite brands slogans, movie, TV and celebrity quotes!! Fill in the correct letters to answers with the boxes provided under each question throughout the game.
  1. Project Name: Istabeli
Description: Istabeli an ecommerce app
  1. Project Name: itimes Interest Network
Description: Itimes is based on Social Network. Decide what topics interest you and itimes will help you stay updated. Simply follow Interests & people to build a community around your passions from the world of Sports, Politics and Entertainment. Also log on for opinions, debates and hottest issues that matter. If its buzzing on the Internet, Its on itimes!
itimes has over a Million posts around Interest categories such as Lifestyle, Showbiz, People, Places, Passions & Brands.
  1. Project Name: Cup Cake Maker
Description: Cup cake maker  provides the facility to make and decorate cupcake
  1. Project Name: Network Info
Description: Provides information as Device Info­ Phone model, operator ID,location(country), IMEI, android version, Roaming status etc. Wifi info­ MAC, SSID, link speed, IP address, Server address,  Bluetooth info­ Device name, Bluetooth hardware address, list of paired devices Location Information­, IPV4 and IPV6 information and much more.
  1. Project Name: NearBy Buddy
Description: Displays near by places/ custom location places as per your preference or categories like market, hospital, atm etc. It also provide routes to that place.
  1. Project Name: Qibla Direction
Description: Shows Qibla direction, prayer timings and near by mosque.
  1. Project Name: Kids Schoolie
Description: Kids education app for learning alphabets
  1. Project Name: Unit converter
Description: Converts units of weight, height, temperature, pressure, work, force, angle, data or even fuel consumption etc
  1. Project Name: Mood detector
Description: Displays mood with finger scan
  1. Project Name: Dress Up Doll
Description: Dress Up Doll Maker provides the facility to dress up the doll and play with it using gesture recognition
  1. Project Name: Chidiya Udd
Description: Small game of childhood
  1. Project Name: Love calculator
Description: Calculate love on the basis of finger scan and name inputs
  1. Project Name: CenterAct
Description: Application provides features of all application in a single application it provides a direct interaction between the hiring session and the employer of the CenterAct organization via web services
  1. Project Name: Where's This From
Description: Where's This From is a free App that gives shoppers more information on the food we buy in UK supermarkets.
  1. Project Name: Zapify
Description: Zapify is an application in which user can check deals in his location or any other location. Deals can also be received from server via push notification.
  1. Project Name: Deals Plus
Description: The Deals+ app brings great Deals at Your Fingertips! We offer great local and national deals across different tastes of life such as Food, Beauty, Leisure and Shopping;
  1. Project Name: Girl For Hire
Description: Hire the candidate (girl or boy) for a job. In this application a user can post add for a job and users can hire them as per their requirement.
  1. Project Name: BBQ
Description: Bible Bronze Quiz is a quiz based on bible, which is basically a online/offline application. For offline playing the game data is managed in this application via sqlite and content provider and online syncing of database is also implemented.