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  • Graduation: Masters degree in Computing and Project Management
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Regis DUBOIS. .Net Consultant

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Regis Dubois
Tel: +33(0)7 85 16 65 85
E-mail: reg.dubois@gmail.com
41 years old
Regis is an experienced developer who has spent over 10 years developing multi-threaded real time Client-Server systems using the .Net framework at top tier banks in London.  He is a highly motivated self-starting individual with excellent technical skills.
    • DESS in Computer Science and Project Management.   Toulouse University, 2002.  (5 years of study, equivalent to UK Masters degree)
    • Irish National Diploma in Computer Sciences (DKIT, Dundalk, 2001)
    • Cambridge Certificate in Advanced English, Grade A (Dublin, 2001)
Computing Skills:
    • C# .Net Server, low latency, multi-threading (10 years)
    • WPF, Rx, MVVM, Prism (10 years)
    • C# Winforms (6 years)
    • Agile, Certified ScrumMaster PSM I
    • WCF, REST
    • SQL Server, SSIS (6 Years)
    • Strong OO understanding, Design Patterns
    • Performance and memory profiling (Perfmon, DotTrace)
    • GIT, Subversion, CVS, Clearcase
    • TDD, Unit Testing, Mocking
    • JIRA
    • IoC, Dependency Injection (Unity, Spring, Castle Windsor)
    • ASP.NET
    • Cross platform development, Unity game development, Xamarin
    • Java, Javascript
Financial Experience earned in a front office environment:
    • Algorithmic Trading including cash equities and equity derivative hedging (6 years)
    • Execution algorithms design and implementation (6 years)
    • FIX messaging (6 years)
    • Market Data Feeds (Reuters, GL, BBG) (6 years)
    • Fixed Income, Swaps, Bonds, FX (4 years)
    1. HISTORY
Déc 17 – Jui 18                                                                                                        Groupe SNI
.Net Consultant
Part of the IT head division of Société Nationale Immobilière, I worked as a .Net consultant.
My role included:
  • Project management of the project “Mass import of energy diagnostics” for the entire group (350,000 properties nationwide). This is a project made in ASP.net which works through the group’s intranet and the www
  • Specification gathering, planning set up and management, application development and support
  • Set up of « Good practices » regarding source control, testing and production deliveries
  • Introduction of Agile management techniques to the team
.Net, ASP, SQL Server, Git, Project management, Scrum
Avr 15 – Oct 17                                                                                                        ARGO GROUP
Real Estate Developer
As a franchise partner of the ARGO Group www.argo.fr, I invested and took charge of the group development for the French department of Hérault (Montpellier area)
During this experience, I learnt to the 4 main aspects of real estate development:
  • Development:
Search of lands through studies of PLUs (local regulation) and area maps. Meeting with important actors of real estate (Mayors, Urban planners, Architects, …), and land owners
  • Construction:
Ordering and following construction plans to Architects. Negotiation and improvement of building potential in order to improve the programs’ net income.
  • Business:
Met the private and public council estates that are willing to invest in real estate programs through 100% VEFA (Vente en Future d'Achèvement) – (sold on plan)
That is, agree to pay for 100% of the program, through a payment scheme.
  • Finance:
Setting up the financial sheet and establish credit lines with banks in order to get the programs out.
Fev 14 – Sept 14                                                                                                     GFI, Toulouse
Technical Architect
At GFI, I worked as Technical Architect for the group, being the .Net specialist for the Toulouse site (400 people).
My tasks included replying to tenders for .Net projects, architecture and design of the systems as well as training and supporting the development teams.
March 10 – September 13                                                                                        RBS, London
Freelance Developer
At RBS I have been working on setting up and designing a new Notes management, Pricing and monitoring system for the structured notes team.
As a senior developer, I’ve worked on the architecture and implementation of the application.
The system interacts with many other subsystems so this role has involved a lot of cross-team interactions. The end result makes use of many different technologies, including web services, multi-threaded server, and rich client applications.
The architecture is built around unit tests and takes advantages of inversion of control (Dependency injection) in order to minimize the coupling.
C# 4.0 server, WPF (MVVM), SQL Server 2008, Unit Testing, IoC, Subversion, TeamCity, Rx, Tibco, DevExpress
Oct 08 – March 10                                                                                        Credit-Suisse, London
Freelance Developer
I have been working in the Quality of Service Team of the bank's Order Management System. The OMS is using C# Winforms and is used buy over 500 users worldwide. The business set us an objective to improve the throughput and capacity of the system by 10. In conjunction with the team I have been using a wide variety of performance tuning techniques in order to achieve our goal. Some of my achievements include:
  • Putting metrics in the code and setting up automated throughput measurement in order to monitor our progress on a daily basis
  • Participating to the design and development of a server used to remove some load out of the OMS' GUI
  • Development of a server monitoring tool in WPF in order to display the server inbound and outbound status as well as issuing simple commands via remoting
  • Validating the server in order to ensure it was not corrupting the flow sent to the OMS
  • Profiling the application using Jetbrains Resharper in order to spot and fix potential bottlenecks, as well reducing memory usage
  • Production of performance improvement reports
  • Handling of the Production rollout process, creation and implementation of the rollout plan
C#, Winforms, SyncFusion, WPF, Client-Server, Multi-threading, Profiling, Performance tuning, TDD, Spring
Nov 07 – Sept 08                                                                                                      Sabbatical Year
I have updated my skills for .NET 3.5. This included using WPF to write a GUI for an auto-trading system. The auto-trading system in question is a personal project that I use to experiment and harness new techniques.
WPF, .NET 3.5, Linq, Subversion, Client-Server, Multi-threading
Oct 2006 – Oct 2007                                                                         Nomura International, London
Freelance Developer
At Nomura I was the lead GUI developer for an algorithmic trading platform written in C#. I performed a hybrid analyst/developer role and had direct contact with the traders on a daily basis.  I was responsible for my own requirements gathering and specification writing.
This role furthered my knowledge of GUI design and coding principles.  In addition to developing new functionality for the business and reporting applications, I fixed over 450 existing code defects during a 12 month period.
C#, Multi-Threading, Winforms 2.0, SyncFusion, Tibco, market data connectivity, Sql Server, TDD
Sept 2003 – Sept 2006                                                                                        JP Morgan, London
Freelance Developer
At JP Morgan I was a senior developer on a high volume equities auto-trading system written in C#.  During the 3 years I worked extensively on all aspects of the system.  I developed particular expertise in the following areas:
      • Auction trading algorithms and auction phase detection
      • Delta/gamma hedging strategies for the Equity Derivatives desk
      • Creation of a generic container to route orders to an external rules engine (APAMA)
      • Adapting the system for Asian markets.  This included 6 weeks on-site in Tokyo
      • FIX protocol and support for custom tags
      • Generic market compliance rules for use in all algorithms
      • GUI development for the derivatives trading desks to support portfolio hedging
Some of my achievements include:
  • Design and implementation of TWAP, VWAP and Participation algorithms
  • AIF3 detection for the London Market
  • Auction Detection
  • Refactoring and improving the market simulator
  • Adapting the system to accept orders coming from APAMA, an external algorithmic engine
  • Adapting the existing recovery to support APAMA targets
  • Adapting the system for ASIA:
        • 6 weeks onsite in Tokyo
        • Adapted the Market Data Feeder component to get the market data feed for Osaka and Tokyo via TEK adaptors
        • Provided a mean of calculating missing market data (such as last traded volume)
        • Modified the FIX inbound and outbound to support custom tags
        • Ensured GMT compliancy
        • Modified the Market Simulator to support Tokyo and Osaka
        • Implemented the compliance rules (min/max order size, tick size)
        • Managed the development plan, deployment and testing
      • Gamma Hedging Support
        • Made the full architecture and design to fit the functionality in the current system
        • Implementation of the Gamma Hedging support, server side. (Risk Data processing and publication, Gamma Hedging algorithm creation, multiple algorithms support, …)
        • Enhanced the GUI to support the Gamma Hedging functionality. (Client Message Handling, MVC design pattern, …)
Technology wise, I have greatly increased my skills in the following areas: Client-Server design and optimisation, real-time messaging handling and optimisation, memory management using .net profiler, market data handling and connectivity.
I have also developed my capability to work in a fast paced front office environment and to handle urgent situations in contact with the support team and the traders.
April 2002 – June 2003                                                                                         Valtech, Toulouse
Case study and development of an application based on the new set of standards: ebXML (http://www.ebXML.org), for a European project. Technologies used: Java, JSP, Servlets, Tomcat, Soap, XML, UML, SQL.
I worked on the implementation of a system for electronic business and exhibit exchange between participating museums using ebXML (Electornic Business using eXtensible Markup Language) defined rules.  I was responsible for both the feasibility study, design using Rational Rose, and full implementation of the system from scratch using JSP and Java Servlets.  The system runs on two Tomcat servers and backs onto a mySQL database server and is integrated into the REGNET network.
See above.
Western Europe with part time remote work