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Mobile Apps | Android | iOS | UWP | Xamarin |C#/.NET/.NET Core | Software Architect | Technical Lead

Profileimage by Avram Florichescu Mobile Apps | Android | iOS | UWP | Xamarin |C#/.NET/.NET Core | Software Architect | Technical Lead from Muenchen
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Profileimage by Avram Florichescu Mobile Apps | Android | iOS | UWP | Xamarin |C#/.NET/.NET Core | Software Architect | Technical Lead from Muenchen
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Tech-Lead| Marsner Technologies ( www.marsner.com )                           Jul 2017 – present
Select Contributions:
Project 1
―    Development of a cross platform client app prototype for one of the biggest real estate company in Germany.
―    Technologies used: Xamarin Forms, Xamarin Native, ReactiveUI, Syncfusion Controls, Azure, DevOps, MS App Center, Visual Studio.
―    Development of Custom Xamarin Forms controls based on existing Xamarin Forms controls and Syncfusion Controls.
―    The app runs on iOS, Android and UWP and is connected to the company internal data and to its SAP system throw a ASP .NetCore API.
Project 2
―    Development of a cross platform warehouse picking mobile app.
―    Technologies used: Xamarin Forms, Xamarin Native, Reactive UI, DevOps, MS App Center, Visual Studio.
―    The app runs on Android and UWP and it is connected to the companies SAP system, it also uses a Bluetooth barcode scanner.
―    Using this App the productivity of the warehouse piking employees increased a lot.

Project 3
―    Worked on the development of a production line involving devices like conveyor belts, lasers, barcode/QR scanners, printers, encryption certificate generators, disposers and stackers.
―    The entire software was written in C# using .Net Core and ASP.Net Core and TPL Data Flow.
―    For the controlling components of the lasers and encryption certificate generators, I was also responsible for the architecture.
―    The software runs on multiple Revolution Pis (an industrial Raspberry Pi).
―    Worked on the development of a production logistic software for matching different product parts at the end of a production line. This involved scanning product labels and “printing” a final label containing all the scanned information in text, QR and on an RFID chip. The software was written in C# and Razor with ASP.Net Core.
―    For the development we used both Visual Studio Code and Visual Studio.
―    Both the development as well as the production environment included both Windows and Linux.

Project 4
―    Concept and architecture (System/Hardware/Software) of an IoT platform composed of a main device and multiple shield devices.
―    Created the requirements for each domain together with the team members.
―    Managed the development process.
―    Software and hardware development.
―    Developed a simulation of the system so that we can test the software of all devices in situations that are hard to reproduce physically.

Project 5
―    Rewriting and enhancing the data and command transmission protocol for an embedded radar sensors project. This involved the protocol implementation on both the ST uController on the sensor, using C++ as well as implementing the protocol in the Web Control GUI using JavaScript. The communication was done over a serial connection and WebSockets.  

Project 6
―    Technical interface for clients of our IoT platform customization services offered through www.CustomRPi.com
―    System and Hardware concepts for the CustomRPi projects. Some examples include: User interface smart device of a medical application for an US client, controller and sensor monitoring device of an Energy Storage Unit, automation smart devices for industrial sewing machines based on Windows 10 IoT Core.

 Tools and Technologies: Xamarin, Xamarin Forms, Reactive UI, C#, .Net Core, .Net Standard, ASP.Net Core, Razor, JavaScript, Enterprise Architect, Jira, Confluence, Visual Studio, VSO, Visual GDB, Visual Micro, WebStorm, UML, WebSockets, C, C++.

Freelance Software/Hardware Developer | ABB Gomtec Seefeld, Germany         Nov 2015 – Jun 2017
Select Contributions:
  •  Designed and developed a safety system for the ABB Roberta robot to make it collaborative, the system’s software, along with its hardware
  •  Planned, architected and created the simulation of the safety system in Robot Studio
  •  Hardware development, then obtained suppliers for the hardware components and for the production
  •  Collaborated with the production team to build the first prototype.
 Tools and Technologies: C++, C#, OpenCL, Enterprise Architect, Robot Studio, Visual Studio, Quartus, Visual GDB, Eagle, Altium, Windows, Altera Cyclone V
CTO/Co-Founder | www.CustomRPi.com , Munich Germany                                   Apr 2014 – Jun 2017
Select Contributions:
  •  Technical interface for clients of our IoT development services and IoT platform customization services offered through www.CustomRPi.com
  •  System and Hardware concepts for the CustomRPi projects.
  •  Software development C, C++, QT.
  •  System integration.
  •  Some examples of IoT projects include:
    • ¡ A system for smart buildings, composed of multiple touch panels and designed to allow the users to control devices like heating and air conditioners, but also to provide video/audio streaming and advertisement distribution. The hardware was based around the Raspberry Pi CM3 and the software was developed using QT.
    • ¡ Remote monitoring and control device using 2G.
    • ¡ Smart kitchen device concept and prototype. The system had multiple BLE slave devices and a central management device serving also as BLE to WiFi gateway. The slaves had a lot sensor: weight measurement, light, color and acceleration.
 Tools and Technologies: Enterprise Architect, Jira, Confluence, Visual Studio, Visual GDB, Visual Micro, C, C++, QT
Freelance Software Developer| Continental - Ingolstadt, Germany                         Apr 2014 – Jan 2016
Select Contributions:
  •  Played a critical role in the development of software for Daimler seat control units, from conception, requirement specification, design, implementation, testing and support
  •  Collaborated with the development team in Singapore and a QA team in Romania to troubleshoot, optimize and debug/fix bugs of software modules
  •  Developed and architected features that leverage the latest software technologies, implement new features and optimize existing ones from draft to implementation
  •  Performed unit test-coding for robustness including edge cases, usability, stability and general reliability
  •  Initiated new software solutions, analyzed software performance and resolved software defects
  •  Architected and built a common shared lib for the Daimler seat projects; as well as the Fails safe Module.
 Tools and Technologies: C, CAPL, CAN, Vector CANoe, Candela, GENy, Eclipse, Ideas, SWATT, Doors, MKS, IMS
Freelance Hardware Developer | Freelance - Gräfel?ng, Germany                          Jun 2015 – Jun 2017
Select Contributions:
  •  Conceptualized and developed Gripss – a smart power-saving switch for hotel rooms that works with RFID cards (the normal hotel cards.
  •  Conducted hardware architecture, design and development of a custom Raspberry Pi board that uses the new Raspberry Pi Compute Module, but behaves like a Raspberry Pi A board
  •  Researched on detecting the insertion and removal of the hotel card faster using infrared, magnetic and other methods
  •  The new detection method should be done under the current size constraints of the device but also based on the arrangement of the internal PCBs, with little change
  •  Documented hardware development specifications and upheld design/acceptance documentation
 Tools and Technologies: Eagle, Cadence, Raspbery Pi, and Arduino
Freelance Software Developer| BMW - Magneti Marelli - Unterschleissheim, Germany              Jul 2013 – Apr 2014
Select Contributions:
  •  Accountable for requirements gathering, designing, developing implementing, testing and providing support for the network (CAN, MOST) component in BMW car head units
  •  Performed bug fixing on the network layer and carried out system analysis, code modifications, and functional testing to troubleshoot application issues
  •  Developed network profiling and analysis plugin for an internal tool, as well as a complex testing framework (called Amalfi) for the network layer. This included: development of components written in different languages and technologies, and also interfacing between these components and the already existing tools
  •  Devised MOST Core Compliance tests and a code generator that produces C code from the MOST function catalog
  •  Crafted critical software components
  •  Maintained existing software solutions by resolving software defects.
 Tools and Technologies: C++, C# with WPF, QT, CAPL, Python,CAN,MOST,Vector CANoe, TAF, Optolyzer G2 Suite, Eclipse, QT Designer, Visual Studio
Freelance Software Developer| Lenting Gemeinde, Germany                              Sep 2015 – Feb 2016
Select Contributions:
  •  Architected and built a library app, developed with Xamarin and PCLs so that the logic is completely cross-platform and only the GUI is native, enabling the app to be easily ported to other platforms
  •  Partnered with a web developer for the backend services of the software
  •  Applied Rx Extensions and Data Flow lib to make the app work smoothly, without any lag
(The current version runs on Android but there will be also a release for the iPhone).
Tools and Technologies: C#, Android, Visual Studio, Xamarin, Rx Extensions, Data Flow lib, Android API
Freelance Software/Hardware Developer | Freelance – Munich, Germany            Jan 2015 – Sep 2015
Select Contributions:
  •  Designed and created GSM Remote, a device that enables powering on the PC with the ease of the smart phone, without routers, nor internet connection. When the PC hangs GSM Remote restarts it or shuts it down
  •  Architected and developed the PCB, and conducted the integration of the GSM module on the PCB
  •  Tested the GSM Remote device along with other computer system components to establish compatibility
  •  Designed custom cables for the power supply and the connections to the reset and power buttons of the PC
  •  Devised the embedded software that runs on the device, communicates with the GSM and allows communication encrypting
  •  Built an Android app for easier control and incorporated a "Debug mode" that is used when the device is under test
  •  Enabled multiple ways of communication from the mobile app to the device: GSM calls, text messages, web requests, etc.
  •  Secured and provided oversight to the suppliers that build prototype PCB and custom cables
 Tools and Technologies: Eagle PCB, Arduino, Visual Studio, C and Java
Freelance Software Developer | Freelance – Unterschleissheim, Germany           Aug 2013 – Sep 2014
Select Contributions:
  •  Executed the planning, architecture and development of the LOL Reader, an app for online fun on all of devices, whose current version has obtained a rating in excess of 4.5 out of 5 star-rating, and has had no crashes.
  •  Developed the interface of the app natively on different platforms; making the app the best possible on all the platforms including Windows, Windows 8 Metro, Windows Phone, MAC, IPhone and Android
  •  Designed the app with Xamarin and PCLs to make it crossplatform; and created supporting backend server to facilitate the push notification systems for the varied platforms, providing fallback logic in case the app needs a fast update
 Tools and Technologies: C#, JavaScript/HTML, Xamarin, WinJS, Visual Studio, and PHP
Freelance Software Developer| Audi’s e-Solutions - Ingolstadt, Germany              Aug 2012 – Jul 2013
Select Contributions:
  •  Conducted requirements analysis to gain an understanding of client needs, then carried out Infotainment software design and development, unit testing, performing design and code reviews, including development of technical documentation for high end car units
  •  Interfaced directly with the responsible Audi project leads/department heads, project managers from other brands that are part of VW group, as well as the suppliers, on technical issues with respect to the modules I worked on
  •  Created the DVD Changer controller software, Gracenote Service, Online traffic router for the Gracenote Service as well as the Album Browser Cover Flow
  •  Introduced new software solutions delivering on business requirements and processes, and best practices for efficient software development.
Technologies Utilized: C++, Multithreading, OpenGL, Asynchronous communication between different modules and apps, Client-Server Architecture, IPC (inter process communication), MOST, QNX, Eclipse, Optolyzer G2 Suite, Perforce
Project Manager| BitDefender SRL, Bucuresti                                                           Apr 2012 – Aug 2012
Select Contributions:
  •  Spearheaded the BitDefender Safebox project along with a suite of common modules used across BitDefender products
  •  Safebox is a cloud storage solution with the added security of Bitdefender Antivirus. This is a cross platform project, having clients on all the major desktop and mobile clients (Windows, Mac, IPhone, and Android) and also a web client
  •  Steered project planning, resource allocation, status reporting, risk mitigation and timely project completion; delivering on time, within budget without compromising quality
  •  Led the requirements gathering, functional and technical design efforts on BitDefender Safebox project initiative, and planned user stories with the product owner
  •  Conducted bug tracking and trimmed down project risk through constant hands-on project management
  •  Guided the project teams in the architecture and development as and when necessary.
Technologies: Agile PM, Jira, Confluence, FishEye, C++, C#, Java, Win API, Boost, MFC, COM, IPC (inter process communication), Visual Studio, SVN
Lead Software Developer| BitDefender SRL, Bucuresti                                           Oct 2011 – Aug 2012
Select Contributions:
  •  Wholly accountable for strategic leadership, task allocation, project direction and oversight of the Windows Phone team
  •  Devised training programs including training tools and delivered effective training programs to my team
  •  Researched on the initial project concept, architected and led the application development on the Windows Phone, and a remote control tool that enables controlling all of devices that have BitDefender on them, from one place
  •  Development on the Bitdefender desktop antivirus
  •  Delivered high quality technical designs with high performance, scalability, flexibility and maintainability
  •  Defined product requirements, user stories and the product backlog.
Technologies: Agile, Scrum, C++, C#, Win API, Boost, MFC, COM, Silverlight, FireBreath Framework, Multithreading, IPC (inter process communication), Client-Server Architecture, SVN
Freelance Software Developer| Continental Automotive Romania SRL, Timisoara                    Apr 2011 – Oct 2011
Select Contributions:
  •  Built the car head units for Audi, Volkswagen, Seat and Skoda cars, including developing embedded applications controlling the connected devices.
  •  Designed and developed the Phone Manager application; PDC (parking distance control) application; Wiper application - used for controlling the wipers; SIA (Service Interval) - used to help the driver to keep track of things like oil change and services dates; and also the Doors-Windows software for controlling the settings of the doors and windows of the car
Technologies: Embedded C++, Embedded C, Multithreading, CAN protocol (and other Continental internal protocols on top of the CAN) for communicating between different devices and the head unit, MOST, Vector CANoe, µITRON, Eclipse, IBM Rational Synergy, IBM Rational Rhapsody, Doors, Visual studio
Freelance Software Developer| RapidSolution Software SRL, Timisoara                                    Sep 2010 – Apr 2011
Select Contributions:
  •  Built the business logic and the user interface (GUI) of the “Save Music” and “Save Video” Tabs (formally known as the “Capture Tab”) of Audials released in 2012
  •  Introduced software solutions delivering on business requirements and processes, and best practices for efficient software development
  •  Responsible for development of new software, analyzed current software and processes and made recommendations which yielded a more cost effective product
  •  Analyzed software programs including performance, diagnosis and troubleshooting of problem programs, and designed solutions to problematic programming
  •  Maintained existing software solutions by resolving software defects/bug fixing.
Technologies: C++, C#, CLI, WPF, Boost, Win API, MFC,QT, COM, IPC (inter process communication), Scrum, SVN, Agile, A lot of windows hooks for controlling and responding to events of other applications like Apple ITunes and Windows Media Player from inside of our application; Multithreading on a large scale and complex synchronization to make all the applications activities run as efficient as possible; Inter process communication also used for controlling other application; DLL injection used in combination with hooks also to control other apps then ours; Socket Programming (Network Programming)
Software Developer| Continental Automotive Romania SRL, Timisoara                  Jul 2009 – Sep 2010
Select Contributions:
  •  Pioneered the conceptualization, architecture, design, project planning, development, testing and implementation of the Grid system for speeding up car crash simulations
  •  Conceived the software concept owing to the slowness of running car crash simulations on one PC, and therefore the idea of modifying the algorithm to run on all the PCs in the office, utilizing only the unused PC-power in the network
  •  Conducted periodic demos to the managers to report on project progress, demonstrate software functionality and respond to any queries they may have had
  •  Sped up the car crash simulations with the available hardware resources in the network
  •  Enhanced the system to make it fault-tolerant so that if a part of it turned off (or has problems) on one PC it can recreate it on another PC
  •  Split a simulation in small parts so that it can be efficiently distributed in the network.
  •  Resulted in the car crash simulation algorithm running 50 times faster on a heterogeneous grid of 40 PCs in the office
Technologies: Visual C++, C#, MFC, QT, Win API, Network Programing, Visual studio SVN, Multithreading, Client-Server-Manager Architecture, Asynchronous communication between all the network components of the system; IPC (inter process communication)
Freelance Software Developer| Personal Projects                                                 Jan 2004 – Jun 2009
Select Contributions:
  •  Captained the designing, development and implementation of highly complex projects including the a system for sharing RAM Memory over the network; a framework for automatic C++ code parallelization on the network and a distributed file system.
  •  Developed and architected features that leveraged the latest technologies, implemented new features and optimized existing ones from draft to implementation
  •  Devised new software solutions delivering on business requirements; analyzed software performance and resolve software defects
  •  Delivered high quality technical designs with high performance, scalability, flexibility and maintainability
Projects Description:
  1. A system for sharing RAM Memory over the network.
  •  This system was based on the idea that not all of the PCs in a network use all of their ram memory at the same time
  •  Utilized this system to fake 9 GB of RAM on a PC with 1GB of ram, using the memory of 2 other laptops and another PC
  •  Main differences to other systems are: ease of use, allocation size starts at 1B and can go up to the maximum continuous memory available in the system
  •  The system has 3 main components: Manager holding the mapping of the shared memory name-space to the real ram on the different PCs on the network; A Memory Server on each PCs that is part of the system, responsible for allocating locally the memory and handling read and write requests from other memory servers on other PCs and from programs running on the same PC and using the system.
  1. A framework for automatic C++ code parallelization on the network.
  •  The system was based on the idea that C++ code parallelization over the network should be done automatically
  •  The system uses the network shared RAM system in order to transfer code and resources in the network; and further runs threads at the same time but on different PCs and also solves the variable and code sharing automatically
  •  Main difference to other systems (CORBA, RPC or RMI) is that this one provides everything out of the box. Normal Win API threads are created and some macros used to highlight them and the system does the rest
  •  Because of the high degree of automatism the system only runs across PCs with Windows OS.
  1. A distributed file system
  •  The system works like Google File System (GFS).
Tools and Technologies: C/C++, C#, Visual Fox Pro, Win API, Multithreading, Network Programming, IPC (inter process communication), Client-Server Architecture