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IT System Engineer - Network Consultant - System Administrator

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  • Graduation: Bachelor Degree in Computer Science
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  • Languages: German (Elementary) | English (Full Professional) | Serbian (Full Professional) | Albanian (Native or Bilingual)
  • Last update: 22.11.2018
Profileimage by Gezim B IT System Engineer - Network Consultant - System Administrator from ITSystemEngineer
Gezim Berishaj CV

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As an experienced network and system engineer, I offer you majority of qualification and skills in the field of ICT, and then some.
As my resume illustrates, I possess the track record, technical knowledge, and expertise to effectively:
  • Design, implement, troubleshoot, plan and optimize network architectures.
  • Identify, diagnose, and resolve network problems. 
  • Create and maintain comprehensive documentation for all implemented networks.
  • Daily maintenance and problem resolution, operating system patches and software upgrades and routine hardware configuration.  
  • Expertise Cisco, Juniper, Coriant, platforms which include routers, switches, and Network Management systems.
  • Implementation and upgrade of Linux Operating systems and web services in Redhat, Ubuntu and CentOS versions.
  • Test and configure LAN/MAN technologies including OSPF, BGP, EIGRP, ATM, Frame-Relay and LAN technologies including Ethernet and VLAN. 
  • Develop and study high quality network configurations for the implementation of mobility and Voice Solutions, including Label Switching (MPLS) Layer 3 VPNs and ATM Layer 2 VPNs (L2VPNs).  
My eight-year experience on the Telecommunication industry, allowed me to apply the best that today’s networking and operating system technologies and IT industry has to offer. As a result, I have an unusual talent for turning challenges into solutions that can yield profitable results. The benefit of giving professional service for top worldwide telecom companies gave me the opportunity to handle a range of responsibilities. 

I would be pleased to provide you with more information.

IT System Engineer
LOXABE-IT GmbH, Leipzig, Germany
February 2018 - Present
As IT System Engineer engineer I was responsible for configuration, migration, deployment, and monitoring of the different middleware platforms. I have been dealing with different technologies including here AWS, Windows, Linux etc. Some of the tasks that I work on daily-basis are:
•   Installation of the Windows Server 2016
•   Configuration of the Windows Server 2016
•   Configuration of different AWS products
•   Virtualization
•   Configuration of firewalls
•   Configuration of Load Balancers
•   Configuration and installation of SSL certificates
•   Installation and configuration of different monitoring tools
•   Testing and Deployment of different software patches

Deployment engineer & CA API integration specialist
February 2016 - May 2018, Remotely
Since the beginning of Inmarsat project, I am leading the team of five engineers who are working on development and deployment of Inmarsat Service Enablement Platform releases via Cisco Systems. My team and I are involved on daily basis in the upgrade of middleware Inmarsat applications. Also one of our main duties is to troubleshoot L7 API's in Inmarsat testing environments and deliver RCA for JIRA tickets related to L7 SEP releases. For each Layer 7 SEP release production deployment, I lead my team on preparing Release Note and Method of Procedure Documentation. In less than two years we have solved more than 400 Jira Tickets related with Layer 7, and also deployed 5 Layer 7 SEP releases. Also, last six months I have been responsible for maintenance and troubleshooting of Oracle database servers in three Inmarsat testing environments.

Senior Network Migration Engineer
COMCAST- Network Modernization, USA
February 2015 - January 2016 Remotely
I lead the team of 4 engineers who worked in USA central market in network modernization of Comcast Corporation. In collaboration with Comcast Project Managers, Comcast Commercial Engineers and Comcast field engineers my team and I planned and attended meetings related to port migration. Based on the network migration planning report, I worked with my team in generating configuration scripts for each commercial port services (EPL, EVPL, ENS, EDIA), and creation of MOP’s for migration nights. For almost one year we achieved to successfully plan, migrate and submit final migration reports of more than 1000 Comcast commercial ports (Metro-E, CBH) in newly installed Cisco ASR 9K and Juniper Mx960 core routers.

Amazon Web Services Deployment Engineer
January 2015 - January 2016
I worked Part-time for Frakton LLC for almost two years as deployment system engineer. Frakton has developed a couple of web-based applications, where my role was to plan and deploy those web applications on Amazon Web Services. Most of the web applications were developed in PHP/MySQL, and I have deployed the same in AWS cloud for easier management and maintenance by using services such as AWS OpsWorks and AWS Elastic Beanstalk. For must of our products, I was responsible for the installation of third-party SSL Certificates in EC2 Instances. Also, I have been requested- ed by Frakton development team to prepare a scalable AWS environment via AWS Auto Scaling for some of their Mobile APP’s. By using AWS Auto Scaling I have build scaling plans for resources including Amazon EC2 instances and Amazon DynamoDB tables and indexes.

Network Engineer Core Operation
VODACOM, Johannesburg, South Africa
February 2014 - March 2014, Johannesburg, South Africa
For more than two months I was part of the team of Network Core Operation Engineers in VODACOM South Africa. I was involved in the expansion of 3G and LTE packet core network. We have integrated 11 new Cisco ASR5K within Johannesburg and Pretoria region and did the software upgrade from software release 12.0 to 15.0 for other 20 CISCO ASR5K nodes in all South Africa. Some of my daily tasks where Card installation and initial configuration of newly integrated Cisco ASR5K based on Vodacom Packet Core network design; Preparation of MOP documents for software upgrade, and PSC card changes on SGSN/MME in CISCO ASR5K. Even though this was only two-month project, the scope of the project was achieved and all the client requirements were met based on their detailed plan.

Vodafone UK, Remotely
Network Integration Engineer
June 2013 - January 2014
I worked remotely as Integration Engineer for the Vodafone UK IP Converged Packet Network in LTE network. Our team of 4 remote engineers and 1 on-site engineer managed to design, configure and integrate more than 120 sites of Vodafone UK CPN Network with 2xCisco 7613 Wireless Security Gateway (WSG) per site via 2x10GE links, which were used to encrypt/decrypt voice and data traffic. On daily basis I worked on the configuration of:
  • Cisco 7613 Wireless Security Gateway via CLI and Cisco Prime Network;
  • EtherChannel between Cisco WSGs and CPN PE routers;
  • HSRP for redundancy between Cisco WSGs and CPN PE routers;
  • Inter-chassis stateful 1:1 redundancy between Cisco WSGs (active/standby);
  • Cisco’s Service and Application Module for IP (SAMI) to run Wireless Security
    Gateway software;
  • Policy Based Routing (PBR) for load balancing voice and data traffic across multiple
    WSG/SAMI cards;
  • BGP Reverse Route Injection (RRI) between Cisco 7613 RSP and WSG/SAMI module
    to re-distribute routes from WSG to RSP;
  • IPSec with pre-shared key (PSK) and PKI Certificates for traffic encryption.
    Also, I was involved in troubleshooting of production nodes and Node Ready for Use (NRFU) tests after Cisco WSG configuration and acceptance certificate sign-off. After the NRFU test was completed my team and I worked on the preparation of test results report documents. The project has been completed on time, and all the client requirements have been met.
Yoigo Mobile, Madrid Spain
Senior Network Engineer and Network Consultant
September 2011- April 2012
I lead for six months in Madrid Spain a team of 6 network engineers who worked in modernization and optimization of 2g and 3G backhaul network of Yoigo-Spain mobile operator. For this period of time my team, and I were actively involved on daily-basis with local Ericsson team of engineers in troubleshooting and solving relevant issues in different network protocols and transport technologies such as OSPF, BGP, MPLS PWE3, Ethernet, ATM, etc. We were also responsible for planning, expansion, and migration of 2G to 3G services. For this short period of time we integrated more than 150 new aggregation routers with a couple of thousand L2VPN's and Layer3VPN's. Our expertise turned the project around from paying penalties for delays and failures (before we joined the project), into completing it in record time. Saving this project from complete failure did not only saved a hundred thousand euros to Ericsson but helped them to get the better rating to all mobile operators in Spain on offering professional mobile services.

Network Test Engineer
Tellabs EMEA R&D, Helsinki, Finland
September 2010 - June 2011
On British Telecom request, I was part of a testing team in Tellabs R&D in Espoo Finland on designing and building Scalability Lab based on BT test scenarios for testing 2G and 3G services in Tellabs 86x0 routers. I have also participated in installation and testing of Tellabs 8000 INM draft version based on BT test scenarios. During the scalability testing plan, we wave configured tested and delivered scalability testing results for the ATM/TDM/ETH MPLS-TE PWE3 scenarios on 8600 Tellabs Devices, and how these devices interact with the Tellabs 8000 NMS. There has been configured more than 800 RSVP tunnels, 400 MSP/ELP Protections, and more than 4000 ATM/TDM/ETH MPLS-TE PWE3 to prove that Tellabs 8660 hardware and software can scale up and handle all these configurations even in the worst case scenario. In meantime, during the testing, we have found bugs and workarounds which has been reported to Tellabs 86x0 software development team. The testing results have been also presented to the British Telecom high management, and those results have played a key role for Tellabs to sign a new couple of million USD contract with BT for the next two years.

Tier 1 Support and Network MVCT Testing engineer
British Telecom, Ipswich, United Kingdom
February 2010- August 2011
I have worked for 18 months as a Tellabs Tier1 support engineer and MVCT testing engineer in British Telecom test environments in MEAS (Mobile Ethernet Access Service) - 21CN project. The 21st Century Network was a multibillion-pound project British Telecom network transformation project for data and voice. As part of the team of 21CN MEAS project, I have supported the Tellabs team to gain BT test approval and network live delivery of Tellabs MPLS core and access network equipment to support BT’s UK customers EE (MBNL), O2 and Vodafone. On daily basis we troubleshot different IP service issues that BT Network engineers faced during the FP code testing of Tellabs Access and Core nodes, and also prepared the RCA for the reported bugs. For 18 months I was involved in testing of 6 FP Router software releases and solving of more than 200 hundred bugs. I worked closely with Tier2 and Tier3 Tellabs support engineers on reporting and solving the device bug fixes. On the customer request, I also worked with a team of engineers who did different testing how Huawei CX600-X8 core routers interwork with Tellabs Edge routers during different BT MVCT functional test scenarios. For more than half a year during 2011 we worked closely on different scenario configurations such as: RSVP-TE; BFD for RSVP-TE; re-configure RSVP Timer; LDP PW & MD5; RSVP-TE; Protec- tion Convergence; Physical failure and Logical failure; LSP Ping; ETH OAM; Y.1731; Access Lists; QoS Priority Mark; VLAN Shaping; Forwarding Performance etc. At the end of this project, I prepared the documentation report of Tellabs test results during the Multi-vendor customer testing (MVCT) and presented the same to the customer.

Network Migration Engineer
AT&T, USA, remotely
November 2009 - February 2010
I have been part of network migration team who has prepared and configured more than 300 hundred access node routers on AT&T UMTS network in USA market. On Daily basis my main duties were to initiate and prepare scripts for Engineering Design Package (EDP); Provision, Configure and Troubleshoot network components and/in Tellabs Multi-Service Router 8860 based on customer requirements using CLI in UMTS network architecture; Provision network components and/in Tellabs Access Switch 8605 based on customer requirements using CLI and troubleshooting the relevant protocols in transport technologies used in the implementation such as OSPF, MPLS PWE3, Ethernet, ATM etc. for AT&T network. Even though the project was continuing for two more years, after 4 months for good performance I have been moved to British Telecom MEAS project as Tellabs Tier 1 engineer.

I am available and flexible at the 1st and second shift. Also, I can work on weekends and holidays if needed.