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I am a creative thinking marketer, who conveys in pixels. Design is a hobby for me, and it makes my living standards higher. I like to learn something new and to share my knowledge. I’m of those people whose dishware is placed with hierarchy. I am quite good at printing industry, and even can tech courses of Book Anatomy. I have experience of taking part in huge projects, where a price for a mistake could be counted of a dime a dozen of paper. I began from graphic design, and I’ve made a pretty tough path with it. I believe that the first question, which is to be asked of a customer, is “What the run do you consider and what it is to be printed at?” After that, we can start to the layout sheet development. I can advise what equipment suits better for every task, for example, what will suit better for printing of solid plate without stripes at run of 200 pcs. I am a self-taught web-designer. I finished cources and read a lot of books about it. I also pay an interest to user psychology. A combination of all these was strengthen with practice, more and more practice. So, I have concluded that design is not flowers and sparkles. It’s a world where laws of composition, typography, color balance, modularity rules. Hundreds of hours were spent to see a beauty, to build up own style and to make a product recognizable and unite. This job needs a continuous growth of thinking and requires periodic aligning of skills and approaches. I design and visualize UIs. I also solve UX-problems. I take my responsibility for understandability and convenience of interfaces. If you need a colleague, who lives not only with vibe of inspiration, but also has practice knowledge about CMYK, Pantone, RGB and Grid, I will be glad to discuss some details with you.

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Behance - https://www.behance.net/pravdam27f910
Web design - http://nova-solutio.com/
Web design - https://friends.life-house.com
Web design - ??????-??????-???????.in.ua
Web design - http://vector-digital.net/ 
3D logo - https://exis.com.ua/
Identity - http://irisbyprimrose.com/
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