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  • Graduation: PhD Computer science
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  • Languages: English (Full Professional)
  • Last update: 13.04.2019
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  • Data Scientist with strong math background and 10 years of experience using predictive modeling, data processing, and machine learning algorithms to solve challenging business problems. I have design & coding skills, as well as an ability to build data pipelines for training models and serving them. I am constantly learning and never say "I can't.
  • I apply different kind of data manipulations, statistics and machine learning techniques to extract knowledge from market data and generate ideas for algorithmic trading. Ideas are transformed into models which I prototype via Python, R and then - implementation on c
  • ++ new strategies for trading. Also, I create different tools and dashboards for data visualization, manipulation, analysis, analytical tools, parsers, scrapers, different "working horses", which works on daily basis with different data sources. Developing, integration and maintaince of new software functionality. Implementation of web interface for different tools, visualization via Shiny or Jupyter dashboards.  Developing simulators, backtest systems.

National Technical University of Ukraine 'Kyiv Polytechnic Institute'(Kiev)
Год окончания 2012
Thesis - Economic-mathematical modeling of insurance net premiums on the Ukrainian market, by the quantile regression method.
European University at Saint-Petersburg(Saint-Petersburg)
Год окончания 2008
Faculty - Economics, Specialty - Machine Learning., Магистр
Saint-Petersburg State University (Saint-Petersburg)
Год окончания 2005
Faculty of Applied Mathematics and Control Processes, Specialty - Theory of probability and mathematical statistics., Специалист
  • Big Data School 3.0(Киев)
  • Coursera
(Convolutional Neural NetworksSequence Models)
  • 10+ online (Coursera) and offline courses on Machine Learning, Management, Operations, Finance and Statistics.
1. Python Computer Vision Engineer
Aug 2018 - present time (7 months)
2. Full Stack Developer
Aug 2017 - Aug 2018 (1 year 1 months)
Smart IT
3.Data Scientist / ML Developer
Feb 2016 - present time (3 years 1 months)
“Consulting US clients”
Data Scientist / ML Developer
Nov 2014 - Mar 2016 (1 year 5 months)
БМС Практик

Data Scientist
Jul 2014 - present time (4 years 8 months)

Head of Analytical division
Mar 2014 - Jul 2014 (5 months)
over 500 співробітників FMCG
Artificial Intelligence Software Developer
июн 2017 - ноя 2017 (6 мес)

8.System Architect consultant (Devops and Machine Learning)
дек 2016 - апр 2017 (5 мес)
Querygo Tech S.L.

I have a 3 years of web and software development experience. Have a comprehensive knowledge of Python, C++ and Javascript programming languages.
Strong familiar with Mac OS, Linux, Windows.
Experienced with Git, Docker for CI/CD.
Deep understanding of OOP concepts, data structures and algorithms.
Have experience in design SQL and NoSQL databases (MySQL, NoSQL, Redis) and usage message brokers (RabbitMQ).
Have experience in projects in the field of Computer Vision and Machine Learning:
  • recognition of objects
  • image processing
  • neural nets usage
Experienced with OpenCV, Dlib, Keras, scipy, numpy.
Worked on prototype of face system recognition.
Worked on CCTV system for parking slots recognition.
Proficient in server web application development using: Node.js (Express), Python (Flask, Tornado

Work experience with:
Python, SQL, R.
Understanding of various ML algoritms (Neural Nets (RNN, CNN), Forest classifiers, XGBoost, CaatBoost etc).
Experience with python packages: Pytorch, Scikit-learn, Pandas, SqlAlchemy, Numpy, FastText, Word2Vec and others.