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Experienced Microsoft Access and Office solutions developer for businesses.

I provided services at prestigious companies like Credits Swiss First Boston, AIG, Paine Webber, Salomon Smith Barney, and J.P. Morgan Chase Bank in the New York and New Jersey areas. For 35 years, he has distinguished himself as a programing expert and a top solution developer. I have consulted teams of programmers and provided education as a Microsoft Certified Trainer, Microsoft Certified Solution Developer and a Database Administrator.

Currently working primary as a web developer and designer in Puerto Rico.

Development Skills: Access, Excel, Word, VBA, SQL Server, C#, Visual Basic, .Net, HTML, PHP, CSS, and Javascript.

Digital Marketing Specialist                                                  September 2016 to Present
  • Web Designer and Marketing Consultant. (HTML, CSS, Javascript, Bootstrap, Google/Facebook Ads)
    Develop website properties for diverse clients.
  • PPC Ad Campaigns. Implement digital marketing campaigns specially designed to maximize website visitors and conversion to clients.
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Marketing Consultant
Consulting, Developer and Trainer                                     August 2008 to August 2016
  • Network Trading Solutions. (Visual Basic.Net, C#, SQL Server, ASP.Net)
    Developed applications for investment clients; portfolio management, trade reconciliation, financial and risk reporting.
  • IFSvs Inc. (Access/SQL)
    Developed a freight brokerage system and integrated multiple offices.
  • LMGO International Brokerage (Visual Basic.net, Access, and Word)
    Developed a system to track freight business and produce necessary documents and reports.
  • Hunziker, Jones & Sweeney (Access, and SQL Server)
    Developed a legal practice system with case management, document management and time billing.
  • IT Trainer
    Taught courses in software development tools and Microsoft Office applications.
  • Web Developer (HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript and Bootstrap)
    Developed commerce websites for a number of clients
Perry Capital Group, Consultant/Developer      December 2002 to November 2008
  • Real-Time Portfolio (ASP.Net, SQL Server, Report Services, Visual Basic, C#)
    Designed and developed a website for the company’s holdings.  The site organizes multiple reports by multiple groups and drill downs.  The portfolio data was extracted daily from the accounting system and the data was then processed and enhanced with Bloomberg, Portfolio Science and proprietary calculations.  Historical, statistical and analytical data was stored into an analysis database and used by multiple applications and departments.
  • Portfolio and Data Series Analyzer (C#, SQL Server and Report Services)
    Designed and developed an application to analyze real and historical data from multiple sources.  On request, the system generated reports and analysis by funds, portfolios, strategies, positions, special groups, security types, sectors, currency, regions, etc.  A number of reports and charts were automatically generated and distributed.
  • Financial Reports and Tools (Visual Basic.net, C#, Excel/VBA, SQL Server, Report Services)
    Multiple projects were developed as a result of the above systems; weekly commentary, office reports, data extraction, risk analysis, accounting reconciliation, business activity monitoring and hedge tools.
Salomon Smith Barney, Consultant/Developer                  February 00 to August 01
  • Pitchbook Financial Presentation (Visual Basic and MS Office)
    Built, tested and deployed global tools to produce investment banking presentations and financial reports.  Project included requirement gathering, full development cycle and interaction with business groups and management.  Experienced in handling global, regional and multilingual development.
  • Best Books (ASP, Word, Excel, HTML and CSS)
    Developed a website to exhibit successful financial documents, charts and reports and allow users to extract sections to be reused in current projects.
  • Image Library (Visual Basic and SQL Server)
    Designed and developed a library to manage and distribute standard images, charts and logos to users.
Paine webber, Consultant/Developer                             September 99 to February 00
  • Portfolio Financial Publications (Visual Basic, SQL Server, Word, and VBA)
    Developed a system to automatically produce a monthly publication for the clients based on the current holding and its performance.
Credit Suisse First Boston, Consultant/Developer                     March 98 to June 99
  • Pitchbook Financial Presentation (Word, Excel, VBA and Visual Basic)
    Built applications and tools to produce consistent investment banking presentations and reports.  Experienced in handling global, regional and multilingual development.
  • Document Management (Visual Basic, SQL Server, Word and Excel)
    Department-wide document management solution consolidating all documents created with Microsoft Office applications and improving the usage and workflow of documents.
American International Group, Consultant                September 97 to February 98
  • Enterprise Work Management (Visual Basic, MS Office, Exchange and Eastman Software)
    Development of an insurance processing prototype using Eastman Software for document and workflow management.  The prototype was then deployed for testing and connected to multiple systems.
Putnam Publishing Group, Manager/Developer               September 93 to August 97
  • PC Application Development Manager (Visual FoxPro, Visual Basic, and MS Office)
    Responsible for the software development team for PC based applications.  Designed and managed development of major system for accounting and management; electronic order processing, plant & advertising (cost accounting), production scheduling, capacity planning and accounting and managerial reporting.
  • Sales Force Automation.  Designed and managed the deployment of contact manager, catalogs, order processing, standard applications integration and management reports to the sales force.
Monarch Information Systems, Owner/Developer                         June 85 to April 92
Started a consulting business to assist clients with accounting, sales and contact managements.
  • Accounting Systems (Macola, SBT, Real World, AccPac, FoxPro and Crystal Reports)
    Provided clients with full integrated accounting solutions based on their requirements.  Built managerial reports and adaptation of the system to multiple industries.
  • Contact Management (TeleMagic, Clipper/FoxPro)
    Authorized TeleMagic software reseller.  Customized software for order processing, accounting and inventory systems.
I have a business in Puerto Rico.  I welcome the opportunity to work remotely in projects.  I need to schedule task together with my regular client's work.  I am available for about 2-3 days per week.  I would consider special projects if they don't require a full week of tasks.
For the last 3 years we have been creating websites for all kinds of businesses.  We hand code the websites in pure HTML, CSS and JavaScript.  I am a specialist optimizing for SEO and the Google PageSpeed.  If you want a website that could be easily found, then I am your man.