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Software Engineer - Ruby on Rails - Elasticsearch - Javascript - React - Google Cloud - AWS - Heroku

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Profileimage by Fabian Kuebler Software Engineer - Ruby on Rails - Elasticsearch - Javascript - React - Google Cloud - AWS - Heroku from Lemgo
My superpower is Ruby, and I am equally comfortable with building smaller apps with Sinatra and larger projects with Ruby on Rails. GitHub lists me as one of the most active contributors in Germany (github/Shigawire). 
In the past 5 years I have worked on several Ruby on Rails projects, in- and outside of a software development agency. I've worked with projects with huge legacy codebases that required entire re-launches and sophisticated testing patterns to match existing functionalities.
In addition, I've lead a compact team of 4 people, designing and implementing a customer project from the ground up.

Previous freelance-projects include the relaunch of a customer retention program of a large German hotel group and a sophisticated e-commerce store for a last mile delivery startup.

Over the past 10 years, I have done myself or accompanied client projects of many sizes, from single Freelance-sized jobs up to collaborative work in teams of up to 8 people.
In the past 12 months, I was the Interim CTO of two different startups and responsible for creating scalable infrastructures, in line with the strategic directions of respective companies. Also, in both cases, I was responsible for building and launching each company’s first products. 

Due to the nature of my work, I am familiar with the entire lifecycle of a digital business model, from Idea Generation over Requirements Analysis, Project Management, Implementation, Testing, and Deployment. I acquired extraordinarily strong skills in communicating with non-technical clients and stakeholders. A majority of my previous projects took place in non-IT environments and it was necessary to communicate accordingly, exposing possibilities and limitations in an easy-to-understand manner to all project associates. I am applying Domain Storytelling to understand the nature of your business properly and leave no assumptions unchallenged when implementing your case.

Despite my ability to be the „jack of all trades“, depending on the project size I prefer to work with a designated Project Manager. Many projects had grown in costs and complexity while having a subpar quality due to the lack of a person responsible for the entire development process. I can take the role of a Project Manager, but this will impair my time and efficiency as a developer on the project.

I have been working with both, AWS and Google Cloud. For smaller projects, I prefer to use Heroku, as it offers the quickest time-to-market when bringing a product to the users.

Previous work includes a customer retention program for a hotel group, several smaller APIs, a heavily customized e-Commerce platform and a data analytics platform.
For a German hotel group we re-launched a customer retention program. Hotels must pay up to 25% in commission fees for incoming hotel bookings. With their own booking engine, the hotel group was able to significantly reduce these external fees and foster the market position of participating hotels.
The customer is an absolutely non-technical stakeholder. In initial onboarding meetings we identified high-level requirements. In subsequent recurring meetings, together, we worked out a fine-grained requirement map.  For the project, an external designer was hired to deliver screen designs and HTML / CSS resources. I was the Project Manager and the sole implementing Developer.   The project is built with Ruby on Rails and includes: - Multi-Language - A CMS for content curation and hotel administration - A customer portal - An "admin" portal for connected hotels.

Derzeit lebe ich in Deutschland und Portugal. Für neue Projekte kann ich mich kurzfristig auf einen Standort festlegen.