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ReactJS Front-End Developer

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I started off in graphic design 20 years ago working as a graphic designer for a manufactoring plant.  This was my first opportunity to work on a website using html, css and flash.  The company opted to use an e-commerce platform which I headed and maintained.  After a couple of years I took an offer as a sign designer and spent 4+ years working in Adobe Illustrator and designed architectural signs and banners mainly for real estate clients.  After being laid off because of the 2008 real estate disaster I took a job offer to work in a manufacturing plant building widgets.  So I was out of the design scene for several years. 

Flash forward to 2014 and I taught myself a bit about online marketing.  I found work as an Adwords/Google Campaign Mgr/Web Designer for a company and spent 2 years on the php lampstack learning php, wordpress, and codeigniter before deciding to commit to doing web development.  During 2016 I taught myself javascript, nodeJS, and Angular I.  In 2017 I switched frameworks from Angular I to ReactJS because of the complete overhaul of Angular I and I felt ReactJS was better.  I continued to work on personal projects for 2 years with more knowledge and experience with redux, apollo graphQL, mongoDB, mongoose, and NodeJS.  I still spend a little time keeping up with php and the laravel framework just to broaden my options.  I also try and learn some java in my spare time.  I believe I have a well rounded skillset and I'd love to take it beyond personal projects to production apps out in the wild.  

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