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CV - Max Brokhman

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7 years I worked in the field of law. Since September 2018, I became interested in layout and since then I have been studying front-end development daily. Realized that the frontend is mine, I changed my profession.

I’m in love with frontend and programming in general, and I really found myself in this profession.
Quickly learn new technologies or frameworks.
I have extensive professional experience in different teams. Used to work in multitasking.

Finished projects are available via the github link in my profile. For each project in the repository there is a link to github pages.
Brief summary of projects and technologies used:

0) AR Gallery Best of 90s
github pages:
Technologies used: JavaScript, Typescript, Three.js, JSArtoolkit, dynamic imports, wepback bundle.

1) Star Wars Data Base.
github pages:
React single page application, data base of Star-Wars universe.
In addition to React, bootstrap CSS, React-router are used.
Educational project of React-redux Udemy course.

2) Todo-list on React.
github pages:
React single page application, ES6 modules. Bootstrap CSS.
Educational project of React-redux Udemy course.

3) Re-Store.
github pages:
React single page application. Simple representation of online store. State control with redux and
react-redux. Routing on React-router. Bootstrap CSS.
Educational project of React-redux Udemy course.

4) Keksobooking.
github pages:
Booking service imitation. Getting data from the server using fetch and async/await.
Sending data to the server using fetch.
When you fill in the form in input type="file", you can load images that will be displayed as a
preview using File reader.
Implemented filtering of the array of ads on all of the available characteristics.
Implemented drag'n'drop for the main label on the map.
With the use of CustomEvent and SetCustomValidity interrelated inputs of the number of rooms
and the number of guests are implemented.
Vanilla JavaScript, webpack, es6 modules.
Educational project of HTML Academy course "JavaScript level 1".

5) Calculator of terms of stay for foreign citizens in Russia.
github pages:
The application is unique, as the theme is quite narrow. The network has only one similar
application using an outdated counting system, now not used in practice.
Adaptive layout, Webpack, vanilla JavaScript.
Simple svg’s i have written in html myself.
ES6 modules used.

6) To-do list.
github pages:
To-do list with saving the list to local storage.

7) Nerds.
github pages:
Implemented a slider with animation and automatic slide switching using recursive setTimeout call.
On the catalog page, a slider for selecting a range of product cost with the ability to select the
minimum and maximum values, as well as synchronizing the position of the slider switches with
the values entered in the inputs.
Pixel perfect layout, vanilla JavaScript, CSS modules, gulp, sass.
Educational project of HTML Academy course "JavaScript level 1".

8) Data visualization page.
github pages:
Completed without frameworks test task on page layout with data visualization. Layout Pixel
perfect on the Figma template.

9) Manhattan 3D map.
github pages:
Completed test task.
A prerequisite was the use of geojson files with the ability to enable/disable layers.
Stack: Cesium, React, Craco-cesium and vanilla JavaScript.

10) Keksby.
github pages:
Pixel perfect layout without frameworks.
Educational project of HTML Academy